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Short-Haul Family Cruises From Hong Kong

4 Fun & Exploration-Filled Getaways

Short Haul Family Cruises From Hong Kong

Feel like getting away from Hong Kong but can’t plan a big trip? Just want a couple of days away? A weekend? What better way to escape the hustle and bustle than to sail into the sunset… on a cruise ship with the capacity to keep you and your family both entertained and relaxed to the max, as required. These short-haul family cruises are packed with things to do and see, eat and try out both onboard and off-board. What’s more, they’ll both pick you up and drop you off in Hong Kong!

  • Chan May Cruise

    4-NIGHT BEST OF CHAN MAY CRUISE: Voyager & Spectrum

    The Royal Caribbean offers a 4-night cruise set to Vietnam's May Cruise port from where you can explore the culturally rich cities of Hue and Da Nang. You can get there by cruising on their magnificently fun-packed Voyager of the Seas or opt for the Spectrum of the Seas instead. The former will let you enjoy mini-golf with the whole fam and climb 40 feet above deck on a rock-climbing wall, while the latter's highlights include gravity-defying fun with an air machine and taking advantage of the largest indoor active space at sea where you can do everything from enjoying bumper cars to trying trapeze school! Check out the itineraries below and suit yourself.  Here is the full guide by Little Steps!


    Royal Caribbean, For English Bookings:  Visit or call +852 3018 3464

    Royal Caribbean, For Chinese / Cantonese: Visit or call +852 3018 3464

  • World Dream Cruise


    Sail away into a literal dream world with Dream Cruises' cruise ship of almost the same name. World Dream is a wildly versatile, luxurious playground that features 35 restaurants and bars for you to store up energy by munchin' on fine cuisine before going rock-climbing, trying out watersides and zip-lines or testing the connection between your body and mind through VR simulators before recharging again in one of their three kinds of spas. Sail out from Hong Kong and return to Hong Kong after a weekend packed with fun!


    Dream Cruises,

  • Da Nang Discovery World Dream Cruise


    Dream Cruises also lets you escape to the extraordinary Vietnamese city of Da Nang. There you can immerse yourself in all the colors of the city, its shores and its cultural and culinary pleasures, visit the nearby Hoi An, one of Asia’s best-preserved colonial port towns, or venture into exploring the magnificent Marble Mountains and the altars carved in its caves. Not to mention that all these expanding experiences come on top of all the fun you can have while cruising on the World Dream as you travel from and back to Hong Kong.



  • Royal Caribbean Vietnam Cruise


    Another popular short-haul cruise from Hong Kong is the Best of Vietnam cruise where families will spend 4 nights aboard a ship with visits to Hue and Danang!  This cruise is offering special events on an ongoing basis including the upcoming Musical Theatre program.  All children aged 3-11 sailing onboard August 21, 2019 Voyager of the Seas 4-Night Vietnam Cruise are eligible to join Class @Sea "Musical Theatre Class." Here is the full guide by Little Steps!


    Royal Caribbean, For English Bookings:  Visit or call +852 3018 3464

    Royal Caribbean, For Chinese / Cantonese: Visit or call +852 3018 3464

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