EZ-Charms For Public Transport Access In Singapore

New BT21 Designs Launched!

With super cute designs being launched periodically, taking public transport with these EZ-Charms is such a treat! The EZ-Charms series is a special ez-link card in the form of a trinket. It is the newest form of contactless technology designed by EZ-Link to make using ez-link smarter and trendier. Functioning in exactly the same way as an ez-link card, EZ-Charms can be used on buses, trains, taxis, river taxis, shopping, and dining and topped up at all ez-link card channels.

All you BTS fans can get your hands on the BT21 EZ-Charm Wearables now! A collaboration between Shopee and EZ-Link, these charms feature 8 adorable BT21 characters and retails at SG$19.90 on Shopee HERE. Get yourself ready as fans will definitely be virtually queuing up for this exclusive collection!

For more information on the EZ-Charms, visit www.ezlink.com.sg/ez-charms-faqs.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Small, cute, and oh so handy, these EZ-Charms add a little cheeriness when traveling with public transport.

Who It's Perfect For:

All public commuters! You can even keep these charms as collectibles and start a new hobby!

What Else:​

Do note that the validity of the EZ-Charms is three years from the date of encoding.

Additional Info:​

Visit www.facebook.com/myezlink for updates on the latest designs and where to purchase them. Currently, the BT21 designs will be available on Shopee HERE.

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