Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

Making The Air Clean & Breathable For The Whole Family

Best Air Purifiers For Kids And Families Singapore

With the haze situation in Singapore being a yearly affair, having a top quality air purifier is essential for the home. For some, more than a single air purifier is required, one for each room! Those who are on the go, air purifiers for the car or portable air purifiers are also handy to have especially on super hazy days when the PM2.5 (fine particulate matter that affects the respiratory tract) readings hit the roof.

The key component for a high-quality air purifier is the true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter that can remove nearly all airborne particles, has affordable operating and filter costs, and cleans your air without making a lot of noise. Here’s a rundown of the top air purifiers that’ll help you and the kids breathe a whole lot better.

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  • STERRA BREEZE AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    High Grade Air Purifier

    Make the air at home fresh, clean, and healthy for your family and eliminate up to 99.97% of all airborne pollutants at home using the most powerful, medical-grade, 3-in-1 HEPA Filter you can only find in Sterra Breeze™ Air Purifier. This filter traps 99.95% of all particles including viruses and bacteria that are 0.1 μm in diameter. And it’s nearly 100% efficient for those with a diameter larger than 2.5 μm. It’s why even hospitals use the same filter grade to decontaminate their rooms and make them safe, comfortable, and clean for people. Another reason we love the Sterra Breeze is its modern, minimalistic design – it'll fit right into your home!


  • LG PURICARE™ 360° HIT AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Control Your Air Purifier Remotely

    LG's PuriCare™ 360° Hit Air Purifier is able to provide enhanced deodorization and air purification. Its PuriCare™ solution contains a multi-filtration system that effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, allergens, harmful gasses, and 99.99% percent of ultra-fine dust particles. Its Ionizer is also used to remove harmful bacteria. The air purifier is incredibly convenient to use and can be controlled by the LG ThinQTM app. It allows users to change device settings via smartphone, and to turn the air purifier on and off remotely, and you're also able to monitor your home's indoor air quality with the smart LED panel.


  • Dyson Air Purifiers In Singapore

    DYSON PURIFIER COOL FORMALDEHYDE AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    New Sensing Technology To Destroy Potentially Dangerous Indoor Pollutants

    Dyson unveiled its latest generation of purification machines with new solid-state formaldehyde sensing technology, designed to capture ultrafine dust and allergens, even destroying potentially dangerous VOCs including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas pollutant, released by furniture and wooden products containing formaldehyde-based resins like plywood and fibreboard, insulating materials, and do-it-yourself products such as paint, wallpapers, varnishes, and household cleaning products. Being 500 times smaller than particles the size of 0.1 microns, it is particularly difficult to capture and if left undetected can lead to prolonged exposure due to continuous release of airborne chemicals, known as off-gassing.

    This latest series of air purifiers are re-engineered to achieve fully-sealed HEPA 13 standard filtration – not only ensuring that no air bypasses the filter but blocking any potential leak points through which dirty air might enter the airflow. This means these purifiers remove 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. Improvements in the airflow journey have made the Dyson Pure Cool and Dyson Pure Cool Formaldehyde 20% quieter, without any compromise on purification performance to reduce unwanted noise at home.

    Also check out the latest Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde, delivering HEPA-purified air in large spaces up to 100 meters squared, quietly.

    Dyson Singapore,

  • ECOM 030+: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Medical Grade Air Purifier

    This medical grade air purifier from ECOM is one of the leaders in the product category. It's a 4-in-1 machine and the world’s first CIO2 air purifier. Besides a large CIO2 filter, it contains a primary anti-bacterial filter, HEPA filter (world’s longest at 12m), and a negative ion plasma generator, helping it actively detect pollution levels in any room so as to adjust filtration levels. Rest assured that the ECOM 030+ is effective enough to help eliminate, deodorize and humidify a space of up to 1,000 square feet.

    ECOM Singapore,

  • VOVO IMUNSEN AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Eco-Friendly Air Purifier

    This Vovo Imunsen Air Purifier is one of the world's first luxury air purifier that uses a completely natural cypress wooden filter, and it dispenses purified and phytoncides-charged air with non-chemical advantages. It also contains a medical grade HEPA-13 filter, and has an automatic light sensor and smart sensor adjustment. Other major functions of the natural cypress wooden filter include removing 34.38% formaldehyde, reducing 50% of cortisol concentration which in turn decreases stress and improves immunity, reduces 80% of dust mites, and more. It's also pretty compact, and can easily be transferred from room to room in your house whenever you please.


  • 3M VEHICLE AIR PURIFIER PLUS: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Purifies The Air In Mere Minutes

    When traveling to and fro in your family vehicle during the hazy season, a car air purifier is a must. The 3M Vehicle Air Purifier Plus, an advanced four-layer filtration system, purifies the air in your car in just minutes! Small and compact, it can be installed virtually anywhere in your car and protects you and the kiddos against harmful PM 2.5 dust particles and gases. It has a highly efficient formaldehyde removal and for those with sinus, it reduces allergic reaction from dust inhalation.


  • LUNA UV AIR PURIFIER: Futur Living *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Includes 5-Stage Air Filtration

    The Luna UV Air Purifier contains Acci-Sonic Technology that helps purify air very efficiently. It drastically improves indoor air quality by eliminating 99.97% bacteria, pet dander, and allergens. It uses a 5-stage air filtration via a medical grade HEPA 13 Filter and UVC Sterilisation. Its pre-filter and pre-allergen filter gets rid of dirt, dust, lint, animal fur and allergens. The HEPA 13 filter eliminates pollutants and harmful particles at the size of 0.3 μm in diameter, while the purifier's activated carbon removes odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Each filter is effective for a period of about one year, depending on the environment and how long it's used per session.

    Futur Living,

  • DAIKIN STREAMER AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Perfect For Haze Protection

    Daikin's Streamer Air Purifier has the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of influenza viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollen, helping to create the ideal living space for everyone in the family. It's also a good solution during the haze season, caused by the presence of fine particles and pollutants in the air. This air purifier uses special features to combat haze and effectively capture and remove fine particle matter that's present in the air, providing you with a cleaner, safer environment, free from airborne pollutants.


  • PHILIPS AIR CLEANER AC2887/30: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Doesn't Contain Ozone And Plasma

    Philips is always the go-to brand when it comes to electronics. Within its air purifier range, the AC2887 stands out as it is powered by the VitaShield IPS, which is natural and doesn't contain any of ozone and plasma (bad stuff!). What's more, it cleans the air efficiently with its NanoProtect filter and is superbly quiet. There are 3 different modes, General, Allergen, Bacteria & Virus, that you can choose from depending on your needs. For daily use, the General mode is sufficient.


  • COSMO PRO AIR PURIFIER: *Top Air Purifiers For Kids And Families In Singapore

    Contains 5-in-1 Air Filtration

    One of the most potent air purifiers in Singapore, the Cosmo Pro Air Purifier contains an incredible 5-in-1 HEPA filter and an AI-powered PM2.5 Sensor, with a filtering power that's second to none. The 5-in-1 filter includes a medical grade H13+ HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, cosmo anti-bac shield to prevent growth of bacteria, photocatalyst filter which eliminates harmful substances, and pre-filter. The air purifier also uses a unique AI laser that is able to detect fine particles at an increased accuracy of 99.9%. Its impressive inner chamber UVC Lamp also eliminates microbes and disinfects the air efficiently.


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