Best 5 Massage Chairs In Singapore For Relaxing After A Long Day!

Best Massage Chairs In Singapore For Health And Wellness

best massage chair in singapore

Even better than going to the spa for a massage, is having your very own quality massage chair to unwind at home anytime. Besides the convenience this offers for instant self-pampering, there are many health benefits to having a massage chair at your disposal. From stress reduction and relaxation, to chronic pain and muscle tension relief, a massage chair is a worthwhile investment for your health and wellness. Most of the massage chairs on the market today are stylish too. Some massage chairs even come with innovative features like surround sound bluetooth speakers, heat therapy functionality, and zero-gravity recline.

Here’s our list of the top massage chairs available in Singapore. Even though it is a luxury, you should consider investing in a quality massage chair. Your body will thank you!

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    STERRA MASSAGE CHAIRS: Amazing Massage Chairs In Singapore

    Singapore’s Most Affordable Premium Massage Chair By Sterra

    Many high-end massage chairs with all of the bells and whistles usually come with a hefty price tag. Prices start at SG$999 and are Singapore's only premium full-body massage chairs with high-end features at 50% OFF traditional brands, these are great for relieving your chronic pain, body aches (including neck pain, back pain, and leg pain), stress, inflammation, and muscle tension effectively. This helps with sleep, and recovery, and is an excellent form of relaxation. One of the Sterra Massage chairs that Sterra offers is the Sterra Air Massage Chair which is not only high-end with top features, but it’s affordable too. This massage chair provides a comprehensive and accurate full-body massage for kids right to the elderly. It massages more muscle groups than many other massage chairs. With a trendy design, sustainable 100% vegan PU leatherette cover, and stone color with rose-gold trim, it will blend seamlessly into your home. We love that you can play your favorite songs with the Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker!


    • Adjusts at the footrest based on your height
    • Advanced Heat Therapy on the waist area for the lower back
    • Low, medium, or high CompressPro™ airbag squeezing massage on shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, calves, and feet
    • NASA-Backed Zero Gravity technology with a 135° weightless recline for deep tissue massage
    • SpinSonic™ Sole Rotation Technology for foot massage
    • Immersive surround sound capability with built-in Bluetooth speaker
    • Compact and space-saving, only needing to be 5cm away from a wall
    • Ergonomic Ultra-Long SL-Track maintains the S-curve of your spine
    • Has wheels for easy movement
    • Upright dimensions: 128cm (L) x 68cm (W) x 102cm (H)

    Best for:

    • Improving blood circulation
    • Chronic pain anywhere on your body
    • Body aches
    • Stress relieving
    • Knots, muscle tension, and spasms
    • Relaxation and comfort
    • Improving sleep

    Sterra, UB ONE, 81 Ubi Ave 4, #01-22, Singapore 408830, +65 3165 0198,,

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    UDREAM PRO WELL-BEING CHAIR: Massage Chairs In Singapore

    The World’s First 5-Senses Well-Being Chair By Osim

    The award-winning Osim uDream Pro Well-Being Chair takes your massage experience to another level. It’s capable of stimulating all five senses through innovative AI-powered technologies and the ability to measure, monitor, and manage your body tension. It pairs with Osim’s VR Headset, sold separately, for a virtual reality experience. Immerse yourself in deep relaxation with massage from head to toe. Available in iridescent purple or iridescent orange. This luxurious massage chair is on the pricey side, but with all it offers, it’s worth it!


    • Body Tension BioSensors to measure overall body tension
    • Measures heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability
    • uDream App to monitor body tension trend
    • 5-Senses Well-Being Experience to manage body tension daily
    • Sight - uDream Mood Light for light effects
    • Sound - 3D Surround Sound speakers with 45° tilt towards you for best resonance
    • Smell - Aromatherapy DreamScent Aroma Pods release signature scents (Aroma Tea, Lavender, and Mandarin Blossom)
    • Taste - Complimentary uDream Lavender Dark Chocolate with purchase
    • Touch - Head massage, V-Hand™ Pro Massage for neck and shoulders, 4-Hand Pro Massage for back,
    • Arm Airbag Massage, Power-Hips Massage, and Leg-Reflex Massage for calves to feet, provides ultra-realistic knead and grip motion massage with enhanced roller-design for more fluid massage
    • Soothing warmth function
    • Comprehensive suite of massage programs available
    • Upright dimensions: 131cm (L) x 78cm (W) x 126cm (H)

    Best for:

    • Improved well-being
    • Stress reduction
    • Body tension
    • Relaxation and comfort

    Osim, Various store locations in Singapore, +65 6741 1538,,

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    OTO CYBER SENSE MASSAGE CHAIR: Massage Chairs In Singapore

    Multiple Massage Capabilities In One Massage Chair By Oto

    When looking for the next level in massage chairs to release body tension and induce ultimate relaxation, check out Oto’s newest Cyber Sense Massage Chair. It’s equipped with multiple auto-massage programs such as Neck Focus, Thai Massage, or Yoga modes. What’s great about this chair is its voice control function emabling you to manage your massage without lifting a finger. Choose between granite or pearls colours. Also more expensive than other massage chairs, but you’re getting exceptional massage capabilities with Cyber Sense.


    • 10 Auto Massage Programs
    • 6 Massage strokes
    • 36 Airbags for airbag massage all over body
    • 3 Massage-width fits (10cm/15cm/25cm)
    • 133cm Extended L-shape massage track
    • 3 Zero-gravity positions
    • 3D Massage rollers for rolling massage
    • Unique Thai Back-Stretch function
    • Smart body scanning
    • Complete leg and foot massage function with calves rubbing and kneading, legs and heels air-press, and soles scrapping
    • Graphene heat therapy on waist, arms, palms, and feet
    • Voice control capability
    • LCD Controller
    • LED mood light
    • Bluetooth and USB charging port
    • Forward-sliding with only 1cm space needed from wall
    • Upright dimensions: 138cm (L) x 76cm (W) x 117cm (H)

    Best for:

    • Body aches anywhere on your body
    • Stress relief
    • Knots, muscle tension, and spasms
    • Rejuvenation
    • Relaxation and comfort
    • Stimulating blood circulation
    • Improving sleep

    Oto, Various store locations in Singapore, +65 6745 5381,,

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    EMPIRE MASSAGE CHAIR: Massage Chairs In Singapore

    Compact, Relaxing, And Comfortable Massage Chair By Empire

    The well-loved and popular Empire Massage Chair from Singapore’s home-grown brand Empire, is an affordable premium massage chair suitable for any home. Enjoy comprehensive 10-Hands Sensation full-body massages while listening to your favourite soothing tracks through the in-built speakers. It’s designed with Singaporean living in mind, unlike traditionally bulky massage chairs, the Empire Massage Chair space saving design takes up significantly less space in your home. This stylish and durable charcoal colour massage chair is covered in premium-quality PU leather.


    • 10-Hands Sensation full-body massage capability
    • Enhanced Compression Therapy with whole-body airbags
    • Leg and Sole Reflexology with 3D acupuncture massagers
    • In-built bluetooth surround sound sphere speakers
    • Heat therapy at the calve areas
    • Advanced 180° recline angle for Zero-Gravity sensation, spine support, and deeper tissue massage experience
    • Upright dimensions: 150cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 100cm (H)

    Best for:

    • Tired and aching legs
    • Muscle relief and recovery
    • Improving blood circulation
    • Nerve function improvement
    • Body aches
    • Stress relief
    • Relaxation and comfort
    • Improving sleep

    Empire, Showroom: 2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub, #09-19, Singapore,,

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    MIUJOY MASSAGE CHAIR: Massage Chairs In Singapore

    Joy-Bringing Massage Chair By Miuvo

    The MiuJoy Massage Chair by Miuvo is an affordable massage chair with a truly compact design. With zero wall recline space needed and smaller size dimensions, it’s easy to fit this massage chair into your lounge. It comes with a body scanning function to ensure an optimal massage for the user in terms of body measurements and requirements. From cupping, kneading, and tapping modes, to shiatsu and rolling modes with adjustable strengths, get a comprehensive full-body massage daily. Available in mint green or blue grey.


    • User-customizable massage capability
    • 6 professionally designed auto-massage programs
    • Shoulder and arm airbags with dynamic air wrap
    • Leg airbags with vibration
    • Feet airbags with accu-rollers
    • Adjustable strength functionality
    • Extra long L-track
    • Heat therapy
    • Body scanning function for optimal massage
    • Extendable footrest to fit user height
    • Zero-Gravity recline
    • Zero wall recline space needed
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • Upright dimensions: 128cm (L) x 68cm (W) x 102cm (H)

    Best for:

    • Easing muscle tension
    • Stiff shoulders
    • Soothing tired arms and legs
    • Aching feet
    • Leg toning
    • Comfort and relaxation

    Miuvo, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street, 62 Link@AMK, #04-12, Singapore, +65 6522 2696,,

Additional Info:​

Additional Massage Chairs In Singapore

  • Novita Massage Chair B11 - Novita, Customer Care Centre: 8 Tagore Drive, #04-00, Singapore, +65 6552 1023,,
  • Ogawa Luxury Series - Ogawa, 27 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5, T5 @Tampines, Singapore, +65 6846 8588,,
  • Fleece Full Body Massage Mat - Iuiga, Various store locations in Singapore,,
  • Zero Gravity Massage Recliner - Ergoworks, Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-140/141, Singapore, +65 6837 3370,,
  • Aibi Vita Chair M1 - Aibi, Various store locations in Singapore, +65 6533 8555,,

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