Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

Different Types Of Cuisines Packed With Nutrients

There are so many things to prepare before welcoming your child, including all the nitty gritty details for your confinement period. This includes confinement meals, especially because nutritious food aimed at nourishing new mothers is important. That’s why we’ve handpicked the best confinement meal delivery services in Singapore, so you can conveniently have nourishing food sent right to your doorstep!

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  • TIAN WEI SIGNATURE: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Traditional Chinese And Fusion Cuisine

    Tian Wei Signature is a great choice for confinement food because they provide a dietician-approved and breastfeeding-friendly menu that’s also customizable. You get to choose between their traditional or fusion menu - so you’re spoilt for choice! One interesting detail about Tian Wei Signature’s herbal soup: they’re all reviewed by Ma Kuang TCM so as to promote recovery and revitalization of the body. This means their menus are not only tasty, they’re also made to be very nourishing.

    Tian Wei Signature,

  • CHILLI PADI CONFINEMENT: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Food That Restores Hormonal Balance

    Chilli Padi Confinement has been delivering delicious confinement meals to new mothers since 2011, and their menus aim to restore hormonal balance and increase breast milk production. They take menu planning very seriously, and regularly include nutritious ingredients like Ginger, Dates, Black Vinegar and Chinese Herbs. Ingredients that boosts lactation, such as papaya, turmeric and salmon are also added. They have various options for their confinement packages, such as a 7 Day option or 28 Day option.

    Chilli Padi Confinement,

  • NOURICHE: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Always Rich In Nourishment

    NouRiche specializes in traditional dishes and tested TCM classics that revitalize the mind, body and spirit of new mothers. Their aim is to provide nutritious meals which promote speedy recovery after childbirth, and their experienced chefs combine nourishing ingredients with traditional Chinese medicine to create perfect confinement menus. They have two types of confinement packages: the regular confinement meal package and vegetarian confinement meal package.


  • HENG FOH TONG: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Confinement Menu With Authentic Medicinal Herbs

    Heng Foh Tong’s specialty is medicinal herbs, so you can be sure that their confinement meals will be packed with lots of nutrients and nourishment. You can find a variety of different confinement packages on their site, so take your time to choose depending on your confinement needs. Their packages are mostly personalized, and the herbs are even selected and picked according to your individual needs. For more information, you can also check out their written and video testimonials to understand Heng Foh Tong’s confinement packages better!

    Heng Foh Tong,

  • MATERNITY ANGELS: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Premium Ingredients Used In Fine Dining

    Maternity Angels uses top-notch ingredients for their confinement meals, providing new mothers with traditional Chinese dishes that are high in quality. They take pride in both planning and preparing each dish, so you can rest assured that your confinement meals will not only be nourishing but also really delicious. Choose from 4 different meal packages available on their site, or simply order their trial meal before deciding whether to commit to a full package!

    Maternity Angels,

  • HAPPY MUMMY: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Wallet-Friendly Confinement Dishes

    Happy Mummy believes that all new mothers need nutritious, healthy food, and are therefore providing confinement meals that are wallet-friendly and affordable. Their dishes contain fresh ingredients combined with complementary herbs, sauces and spices, cooked in a healthy, home-cooked style. Check out their website for an extensive list of different confinement plans, including standard and premium confinement packages. Happy Mummy also provides services for baby’s full month if that’s something you’re also looking for.

    Happy Mummy,

  • YUE ZI LE: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Providing Nourishing Meals For New Mothers To Flourish

    One of the leading confinement catering services in Singapore, Yue Zi Le offers both western and traditional Chinese meals for new mummies. Alternatively, you can also opt for a mixture of both if you prefer. Their menu consists of 31 different nourishing soups, 20 carbohydrate selections, 50 meat options and 42 vegetable dishes - a lot of choices available for your confinement period. Each meal is also delivered with a homemade confinement tea that you can enjoy post-meal.

    Yue Zi Le,

  • THOMSON BABY: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Confinement Meals By In-House Experts

    Thomson Baby’s confinement menu is designed by their in-house experts, so you can expect scrumptious meals that are nutritious for new mothers. The dishes are meant to help with childbirth recovery and improve lactation, and are made with only quality ingredients and herbs. There are many different confinement packages available on their site, including Lunch & Dinner Confinement Recovery Packages, Signature Fish & Papaya Soup Add-Ons, Freshly Brewed Premium Bird’s Nest, and more. If you’re unsure whether to commit to a package yet, you can even order their trial meal for a taste first.

    Thomson Baby,

  • NANNY SOS: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Customized Meal Plan And Menu

    At Nanny SOS, you can choose how many days you’d like your confinement meal plan to be. You can either choose their 7 day, 14 day, 20 day or 28 day meal plan, and the full prices are listed on their website. All confinement dishes are freshly cooked and comes with a complimentary longan red date tea. You also get to choose whether you prefer white or brown rice, and all meals come in sealed microwavable containers. Do note that meals have to be ordered at least 3 working days in advance.

    Nanny SOS,

  • ZUO YUE FOOD: *Top Confinement Food Delivery In Singapore

    Blend Of Hakka And Cantonese Style

    Zuo Yue Food serves nutritious confinement dishes that are MSG-free and low in salt and fat, and are cooked with a blend of Hakka and Cantonese style. Their featured dishes include the Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters (yum!) and Signature Sesame Oil Chicken, both of which are available for order. Their site also contains a compilation of upcoming dishes listed by day, so you can get a glimpse of what to expect should you order from them.

    Zuo Yue Food,

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