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Best outdoor playgrounds in Singapore

There are tons of outdoor playgrounds in Singapore; In fact, there’s typically one amongst several blocks of flats and several in every neighborhood. Little Steps has rounded up our favs that will have you and your family thrilled, challenged, engaged and entertained for a full action-packed day out. Pack a picnic basket, slather on loads of sunscreen, and stock up plenty of water and you’re all set!

This guide covers it all – playgrounds with swings, playgrounds for toddlers, old-school playgrounds, and more!

  • Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, 481 Bukit Timah Road (Botanical Gardens), Singapore


    Located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas is a great park for your little ones. Best part, it's been newly revamped with a whole lot of play areas including a fairy den, wheelchair trampoline and even flying fox! We love the old favs as well, like the sand pit, treehouse, water play area, and maze. Trot over to Food for Tots for a quick bite and recharge before checking out the rest of the garden. Head there in the morning as afternoons can get a little busy.

    Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, 481 Bukit Timah Road (Botanical Gardens), Singapore, +65 6465 0196, Website

  • Children's Garden, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953


    Located at the Gardens by the Bay between the Cloud Forest and Satay Club, this state-of-the-art playground includes 4 sections: Adventure Trail, Toddler's Play, Water Play and Fish Fountain. By having different sections for different age groups, i.e. under 6 year olds and 6-12 year olds, there's no need to worry about the little ones' safety. There's even staff from Gardens by the Bay keeping a watchful eye over the kids!


    Children's Garden, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953, www.gardensbythebay.com

  • Marine Cove Playground East Coast Park, Car Park C2&3, Singapore


    The playground is 3,500sqm and was designed to suit children of all abilities. A three-story play tower at the center has three slides of different levels and a rope bridge. The inclusive play area features include a swing set that stimulates a child’s sense of balance, sensory play panels, and a quiet corner. The outdoor playground also comprises inclusive elements to encourage children of different abilities to play together. The inclusive play equipment is designed with a range of motion, such as spinning, rocking, and swinging to improve muscle control.

    Marine Cove Playground East Coast Park, Car Park C2&3, Singapore

  • Admiralty Park, Near the junction of Woodlands Avenue 5 and Riverside Road, Singapore


    With 26 slides including the adrenaline-pumping 32-meter High Adventure Roller Slide equipped high motion-sensor LED lights, Admiralty Park is by far the largest found in Northern Singapore. This 7-hectare urban park boast of 3 distinct play areas - Adventure Play, Family Terracing Play and Junior Play, to cater to kids of all age groups and diverse backgrounds. What's more, the inclusive facilities at the park, like the wheelchair swing and inclusive merry-go-round are also noteworthy and encourages play amongst kids with and without disabilities.

    Admiralty Park, Near the junction of Woodlands Avenue 5 and Riverside Road, Website

  • West Coast Park Playground, 71 West Coast Highway, Singapore 126844,


    West Coast Park is known as the "Play Center of the West", and for good reason. The Adventure Play Area caters to toddlers up to young adults and is at the heart of action-packed West Coast Park. The western portion of the park is a haven for park visitors who enjoy adventurous activities, or for a more relaxed break, take a trip to the Marsh Garden.

    West Coast Park Playground, 71 West Coast Highway, Singapore 126844, Website

  • Aeroplane Playground, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, 2 Park Lane Singapore 798386


    Set amidst black and white colonial buildings, lush green open spaces and right next to Seletar airport is The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park. And yes, that's exactly where you will find the aviation-themed playground! The playground is divided into sections for older (5 to12 years) and younger kids (2 to 5 years) - with plane installations fitted with slides, a 'control tower', tunnels, monkey bars and even a climbing wall. If your little ones are up for it, there's also a life-sized Ludo (called Aeroplane Chess at this playground) game board on the playground floor. There's plenty of open spaces around too for a picnic too!

    Aeroplane Playground, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park, 2 Park Lane Singapore 798386, +65 6262 0001

  • Canberra Park, Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 750325


    Canberra Park is home to a ton of swings and play structures that cater to all kids of all ages. As one of the few inclusive playgrounds in the North, it includes swings with a wider seat and safety bars for kids with disabilities. There's also an AeroGlider where wheelchair users can join in the swinging fun! For toddling tots who love ramps, this playground has plenty to choose from. These ramps also accommodate wheelchair users. The rope obstacle course here will also be a hit with bigger kids who want to challenge themselves. There's also a huge dino fossil play structure where kids can weave in and out of.

    Canberra Park, Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 750325, Website

  • Westgate Wonderland, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532


    Going shopping with the kids in tow is more than doable with Westgate Wonderland, the mega outdoor playground on top of Westgate Mall. Step into a whimsical fantasy garden, teeming with gigantic insects, giant replicas of flora and fauna, and a ten-meter high tree house as its centerpiece. Interactive elements include: a large watering can with an active spray nozzle; musical flowers with flower bud steel drums; bluebells that respond to touch with musical sounds and lights; and large flowers with spinning canopies that create a kaleidoscope of light patterns on the ground!

    Westgate Wonderland, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532, +65 6826 5450, Website

  • Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Adventure Playground, Along Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569981


    The Adventure Playground at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park features a wooden turquoise and blue fort that's great for kids to create their own adventures. Its fitted with look-out points, bubble windows, and even slides. There's also a climbing frame behind the fort and a rope pyramid. Over at the River Plains side of the park is an inclusive playground with swings and merry-go-round to accommodate wheelchair users. Next to it is a sand-based area with climbing nets and also a metal digger with 2 levers where kids can operate like an excavator.

    Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park Adventure Playground, Along Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569981, Website

  • Old School Playgrounds In Singapore


    Set in sandpits rather than plastic or rubber flooring as seen today, old school playgrounds of the yesteryears echo our childhood days and are truly icons of Singapore's bustling landscape. These playgrounds were built to be functional, convey a sense of Singapore's identity and depict local heritage. Head out with the kids to these remaining old school playgrounds to celebrate our little island's heritage and relive your childhood memories. Check out our Little Steps Guide To Old School Playgrounds here!

  • Alexandra Canal Linear Park, Singapore


    The Alexandra Canal Linear Park is arguably one of the best scoot and play options right in the heart of the city. Linking Commonwealth Avenue to Tanglin Rd, this 1.4km strip starts at Queenstown MRT station and ends at Tanglin Road. Littered from one end to the other are several different play areas for kids to stop and explore. Starting at the entrance closest to Tanglin Road, you’ll find colorful playgrounds more suitable for younger children. As you move on you will encounter more challenging play areas such as the rope playground which is better suited for older kids.

    Alexandra Canal Linear Park, There are entry points all along the park. We like to start at Margaret Drive Blk 248, Website

  • Changi Beach Park Playground, Changi Village Road, Changi, Singapore


    A hidden gem on the East Coast for those in the know! This park is unique as it has a three-tier playground, climbing areas, poles and slides for whizzing up and down. A perfect play area for kids who like some action.

    Changi Beach Park Playground, Changi Village Road, Changi, Singapore, Website

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