Jubilee Park And Playground At Fort Canning In Singapore

Playground With Slides And Swings At Fort Canning

Located on the western slopes of Fort Canning Park lies Jubilee Park, a fam-friendly recreational space with slides and swings to entice everyone! Occupying the spot where the Van Cleef Aquarium and River Valley Swimming Pool used to be, this locale is indeed nostalgic for most of us. This natural playground is fitted with equipment that blends in with the surrounding. As you approach the park from the Fort Canning MRT station, you’ll be greeted by a series of old school swings as well as bucket swings for young kiddies. There are also inclusive swings for wheelchairs users too. Beyond that is a series of logs laid out in an abstract fashion for tots who love to climb. Walk further on and you’ll find seesaws and a wobble board that can accommodate up to four persons at a time!

The main highlight of the park is definitely the slides that are crafted out of the naturally hilly terrain. There are straight slides as well as curvy ones to add to the challenge. A signature piece of the park is the little cocoon-like hideout above the slides. Accessible only by a rope bridge, this is the perfect space for little tikes to clamber about and view the whole park.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Jubilee Park is free for everyone to enjoy and a wonderful entrance for those embarking on an adventure into Fort Canning Park.

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids aged 4 and above, plus even grown-ups who love the nostalgia of the place. Great way to start or end your visit to Fort Canning Park.

What Else:​

There are even sheltered escalators fitted into the hilly terrain, which are great for those who need a little helping hand.

Additional Info:​

Jubilee Park, Fort Canning Park

From Fort Canning Station - Exit B, turn left to Jubilee Park

River Valley Rd

Singapore 179037

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