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The Best Child Psychologists, Therapists, And Counsellors In Singapore

Supporting Your Child Every Step Of The Way

Ensuring the well-being of our children encompasses both their physical and mental health. To support their mental well-being, finding the best child psychologist in Singapore is crucial. Free child counseling services are also available. For children with specific behavioral challenges, dedicated child behavioral therapists offer specialized interventions. One notable institution in Singapore is the Child Psychologist KKH, which provides comprehensive mental health services for children and teens.

Play therapy is widely recognized as an effective approach in Singapore, creating a safe space for children to express themselves, explore emotions, and develop coping skills. Those interested in studying child psychology can pursue courses in Singapore to gain expertise in the field. Singapore offers diverse resources and services, including reputable professionals and institutions dedicated to promoting children’s mental health and well-being.

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  • KALEIDOSCOPE THERAPY: Turf Club Road *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Suited For Children And Adolescents

    Kaleidoscope Therapy's approach is child-led and family-focused, and focuses on harnessing children's strengths. They also provide formal psycho-educational assessment and their psychologists are also experienced in conducting Autism and ADHD assessments for both children and teenagers. Their methods of therapy aims to help children with things like emotional regulation, flexible coping skills, social skills and more.

    Kaleidoscope Therapy, 200 Turf Club Rd, #07-05/06, Singapore 287994, www.kaleidoscope.com.sg

  • SACAC COUNSELLING: Orchard Road *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    For Children, Adolescents And Families

    SACAC Counselling provides counselling and psychotherapy to children, adolescents and families. The team caters to children as young as two and a half years old, and they believe in early intervention, before the issues that kids face create deeper damage. They work closely with parents as they believe that a collaborative approach is most effective. Family issues can also be hard to navigate, therefore the team at SACAC Counselling can provide the appropriate tools to guide and improve troubled family relationships. They also have psychometric and personality assessments for both children and adults, if that's something you're looking for.

    SACAC Counselling, 15 Scotts Rd, #09-12, Singapore 228218, www.sacac.sg

  • PSYCHOLOGY BLOSSOM: Tanglin *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Children, Teen & Family Counselling

    At Psychology Blossom, the team specializes in identifying the needs and strengths of children. They aim to also guide kids towards improving their ability to cope with emotions like stress and anger, and work closely with parents every step of the way. Besides children and teenager counselling, Psychology Blossom also offers other services such as clinical assessments, couples therapy and family therapy. This makes it pretty suitable if you're looking for a mental health clinic to assist with therapy for family members of different ages.

    Psychology Blossom, 308 Tanglin Rd, #02-15, Singapore 247974, www.psychologyblossom.com

  • SAFE EXPANSE: River Valley *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Therapy For Both Kids And Teenagers

    Safe Expanse provides therapy services for both kids and teenagers. They mainly use play, art and other media to help children and teens understand and express their emotions and needs. They also work closely with parents and other adults who are important in the child's life during the process. Gladys Hu, the director and lead therapist at Safe Expanse has more than 8 years of experience as a social worker with clinical training, and has helped patients work through issues such as depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem and attachment difficulties, among others.

    Safe Expanse, 4 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #02-01, Singapore 238955, www.safeexpanse.sg

  • MINDFULBEAR: Kallang *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    A Large Team Of Experts

    MindfulBear uses play therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to help children with any issues that they may be facing. They utilize the 4A method, which includes Awareness, Activation, Adjustment and Advancement. The team at MindfulBear is also pretty large, with a selection of counsellors, Behavioural Therapists and Psychologists that you can choose from. Each member of the team has their qualifications and specialization listed on the site, making it easier to find the therapist that'll be most suitable for your kiddo.

    MindfulBear, 2 Kallang Ave, #11-17 CT Hub, Singapore 339407, www.mindfulbear.sg

  • FAMILY SOS: Science Park *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Specializes In Therapy For Kids And Teenagers

    Family SOS is dedicated to helping children and their families through tough times, and provides tools to assist with issues such as playground difficulties, self image, and even problem solving. They're also able to guide neuro-typical children that have autism, Asperger Syndrome, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, and more. Sessions don't necessarily have to be one-to-one, as the team can work with children either individually or as a group.

    Family SOS, 87 Science Park Dr, #03-01 Oasis, Singapore 118260, www.family-sos.org

  • SERENDIPITY CENTRE: Tanglin *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Offers Sessions In English And French

    The Serendipity Centre is a multi-modality centre focused on well-being. It's a good option if you're looking to explore therapy in a more casual way, and the centre provides services such as sand play and dance therapy. They also cater to different age groups; the team does focus on children, toddlers and teenagers, but they also have therapy sessions for adults and pregnant women. There are five professionals at Serendipity Centre that you can book sessions with, and some even offer sessions in French - if that's a language that you or your children are more comfortable with.

    Serendipity Centre, 19 Tanglin road, Tanglin Shopping Center, #06-46, Singapore 247909, www.serendipitycentre.com

  • PSYCH CONNECT: Newton *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Specializes In Child Development

    Psych Connect is a specialist psychology clinic with child development and wellness services. They offer holistic and comprehensive therapeutic intervention, as well as assessment for children, teenagers, and families. Under services, you'll be able to find a wide variety of therapies available, such as behavior therapy, educational therapy, trauma specialist program, and many more. They also have a diverse team of professionals covering different areas, such as art psychotherapists, speech and language therapists, and educational therapists, among others.

    Psych Connect, 10 Winstedt Rd, #03-12/13, Singapore 227977, www.psychconnect.sg

  • RISE KIDS & TEENS: One-North *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Occupational And Speech & Language Therapy Services

    Rise Kids & Teens believes that everyone is unique and remarkable and have the potential to thrive. They specialize in Occupational Therapy and also Speech And Language Therapy. Occupational Therapy looks at fine motor skills, attention and focus, sensory processing skills, and more. Their Speech And Language Therapy focuses on treatment and support for children and teenagers who have difficulties with communication, eating and drinking and swallowing. If you find that these therapies and solutions resonate with your child, you might want to consider booking an appointment to check Rise Kids & Teens out.

    Rise Kids & Teens, 8 Biomedical Grove, #01-08-10, Singapore 138665, www.risesingapore.com


  • RELATIONSHIP MATTERS: Beach Road *Best Mental Health Clinics For Kids In Singapore

    Specializes In Family Therapy

    If you're looking for a mental health clinic that focuses more on the family aspect of things, then you may want to try Relationship Matters. Their aim is to empower clients to create meaningful connections with the people in their lives, and the team consists of a stellar group of therapists that specializes a lot in family therapy, couples therapy, parent-child therapy and more. You'll find a safe space with them should you feel like you're in need of therapy that might potentially involve the entire family.

    Relationship Matters, 7500A Beach Rd, Singapore 199591, www.relationshipmatters.com.sg

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