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Looking for expert counseling help for you or a family member? All In The Family has been providing therapy for more than two decades and offers individual therapy, sex and intimacy therapy, marriage and family therapy and babysleep fairy for sleep help.

How can a therapist help? 

Therapy is a process – and depending on your needs, the sessions can be held with the individual or the couple. Within weekly 50-minute sessions, the therapist assesses the client, teaches them new coping and communication skills, and makes them aware of their thoughts and feelings. All In The Family’s unique approach of providing face-to-face online therapy allows the greatest flexibility in hours for clients and therapists especially at crucial times (when perhaps it is needed the most) like holidays.

Work Through Your Issues Of Sexual Intimacy

If you are keen to solve your problems around sexual intimacy, then All in the Family can also help. What many couples fail to realize is that the lack of sex in their relationship is a symptom of a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Some of these issues occur after the birth of children where one of the partners can be disappointed or disillusioned with the major changes in their life. Other issues may occur due to one of the partners being relatively more selfish or self-centered, inattentive to the other’s needs resulting in feelings of resentment and discontent on their part.

Sexual therapy is not about the mechanical, physical aspects of sex. Indeed, sexual therapy and sex intimacy therapy is about dealing with people’s beliefs, thoughts, and ideas and overall communication. Through self-reflection, self-awareness, better communication and listening skills, and establishing boundaries, couples can be close and loving again, and maintain hopefully long-lasting relationships.

If you are facing challenges such as poor relationships, trauma, infidelity, anger management, loneliness, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, why not book an appointment? 

Lead Therapist Tammy Fontana is skilled in building relationships and helping people understand their feelings, empathy, connection, self-awareness, emotional regulation and boundaries. All of these are the skills required for a happy healthy life and good, positive relationships.

Whatever your issue, All In The Family provides therapy and 24×7 support that are customized to clients’ needs.

Get the mental health support you need for yourself and your relationships with All In The Family!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

All In The Family offer comprehensive treatment for couple and individuals through group or private sessions, 7 days a week.

Who It's Perfect For:

Anyone struggling with their mental health such as anxiety, depression, parenting issues,  low self-esteem and loneliness and abandonment issues.

What Else:​

They provide a portal, My New Beginnings Club, for education and support between sessions.

Where To Find It:​

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