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Why is Clinical Yoga helpful pre and post-natal? Many join yoga classes and are quick to adopt the ‘yogi’ title associated with this. The definition of ‘yog’ is ‘joining’. When we combine all of the elements of yoga, which include Asana (physical postures) and Dhyana (meditation), we can strengthen mind and body.

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How does yoga help pre-natal women? During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is released, which results in the ligaments of the body becoming more stretchy. The joints are not as supported, as the muscles around them are weaker. This can lead to problems like pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac joint pain or back pain. As pregnancy progresses, the weight of the bump becomes heavier, further increasing pressure on particular structures.

As current physiotherapy research suggests, the best way to stop pressure and pain from postural positions is to move and strengthen the body. A ‘perfect posture’ does not exist; it’s more likely that the length of time we stay in a position is the reason why particular structures become tight and painful. Counteracting this with exercise and movement is the best way to stop the tension from getting worse. There are many postural changes during pregnancy, so if we adopt a regular exercise routine to engage the weaker muscles, this will help inhibit the pain.

Yoga is made up of a series of held postures called ashtangas. When we hold these postures, muscles involved contract and increase in endurance. Yoga’s Pranayama (breathing aspect) allows us to better control our breathing rate, to avoid the stress response of the body. There are many stresses during pregnancy: bodily changes, birth and increased fatigue. Yoga provides us with more energy to go about our everyday lives, which is essential in pregnancy.

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This well established physiotherapy clinic conveniently located at Raffles Place is one of the most respected in the city.

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Women looking to prepare their body for pregnancy, or strengthen their core post-pregancy.

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In Touch Physiotherapy offers a host of other services, including treatment for sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. Here's a full list of what's on offer.

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