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Homecooked Tingkat Delivery Meals Singapore

Cooking every day can be quite a hassle, especially when you need to juggle it with other tasks that take up lots of time. Luckily, Singapore has an amazing selection of tingkat delivery services that you can subscribe to, ensuring that you and your family get hearty home-cooked meals on a daily basis.

What exactly is a tingat delivery service? Tingkats are cylindrical containers that hold food, and they’re what is used by these delivery services to store all your awesome homemade dishes when they’re being sent to you. This way, you can conveniently have fuss-free home-cooked meals every day without even stepping into the kitchen!

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  • HomeTingkat Food Delivery In Singapore

    HOMETINGKAT: *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Healthy, Flavorful Dishes

    Experience the convenience and deliciousness of HomeTingkat's wholesome Tingkat meal delivery services across Singapore. With a strong commitment to quality and nutrition, HomeTingkat sets itself apart by omitting added MSG, reducing salt content, and using minimal oil to create healthier yet flavorful dishes. Their extensive menu offers a wide variety of options to cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences, all freshly prepared to maintain optimal taste and quality. Enjoy the goodness of homecooked, healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep, all at affordable prices. Say goodbye to cooking hassles and hello to food at the speed of a click with HomeTingkat!

    HomeTingkat, +65 8138 3957, hometingkatsg@gmail.com, https://hometingkat.com/

  • BAYFRONT CATERING *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Authentic Malay Food

    Bayfront Catering provides tasty and authentic Malay food via tingkat delivery! Whether you're selecting the lunch or dinner tingkat meals, they promise prompt and punctual delivery to your doorstep. However, do note that the tingkat delivery is only available on weekdays. You can choose between 3 dishes and 1 soup or 4 dishes, and there's a change in menu every day so that you won't be bored. Bayfront Catering delivers to most locations in Singapore, but there are some that are excluded - the list can be found via their website.

    Bayfront Catering, www.bayfrontfood.sg

  • SAVOURY CATERING *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    No Added MSG!

    One of the healthier tingkat delivery services, Savoury Catering can cook up a flavorful feast with no added MSG. They also use fresh ingredients to ensure the food is nutritious for your family. You can choose between their Everyday Staples package or The Healthier Choice package, depending on which one suits your family's meal needs more. You can check out their weekly menu and price list via the website, with prices listed per pax for a maximum of five pax.

    Savoury Catering, www.savourycatering.com.sg

  • NEO GARDEN *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Cooked According To Your Preference

    One of the most popular catering restaurants in Singapore, Neo Garden also provides tingkat delivery, and quality is assured. To ensure that the food tastes similar to the home-cooked food you're accustomed to, they're able to tailor to your preferences by adding less salt, oil or MSG - whatever you're used to! They've got different packages and options you can choose from, so you're bound to find one that fits your family's needs and schedule. One interesting thing Neo Garden has is their International Tuesdays, where they'll prepare and deliver Korean, Japanese, Thai cuisine and more each Tuesday.

    Neo Garden, www.neogarden.com.sg/tingkat

  • HAPPY MAMAPAPA CATERING *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Free Trial Available

    If you're looking for affordable tingkat delivery services, why not try Happy MamaPapa Catering? They've got islandwide delivery and meals for as low as SGD$13. They're also available to deliver all year round, 365 days a year - so they've even got your weekend meals covered. Different meal packages are available on their website for you to choose from, and you can even choose between white rice, brown rice or specialty rice for your carbs. There's also a discounted 7 day trial should you wish to take your time deciding on a tingkat delivery service for good.

    Happy MamaPapa Catering, www.happymamapapacatering.com

  • TINGKAT DELIVERY *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    High-Quality Tingkat Meals

    Make your tastebuds happy with Tingkat Delivery by RichFood. They offer high-quality tingkat dishes cooked in a local style, featuring tastes and textures that are uniquely Singaporean. Besides ever-changing menus and fresh ingredients, Tingkat Delivery also curates their dishes to accommodate even children and elderly, with no MSG in any form. They've got a regular menu option as well as a healthy menu option, and the healthy menu never includes any canned or ultra-processed food.

    Tingkat Delivery, www.tingkatdelivery.com

  • KIM PARADISE *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Budget-Friendly Tingkat Delivery Service

    Kim Paradise's tingkat delivery service is an affordable alternative to dining outside, and their meals go as low as SG$6.50 per pax. They rotate among 200 different dishes, so you can be assured that each week's menu is different. Prices for each meal package can be found on their site, and you can also check out the available menus online. To ensure that the dishes they serve are up to par, there are even daily hygiene inspections done by their dedicated officer.

    Kim Paradise, www.kimparadise.com.sg

  • EMPRESS PORRIDGE *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    A Taste Of Home

    With Empress Porridge's tingkat delivery service, you'll get to try dishes made from recipes that have been passed down for generations. It'll not only give you a taste of nostalgia, these dishes are also made with premium ingredients and have no added MSG. They also do a mix of cuisine, alternating between local and international meals so that it's not boring. If you're looking for a trial before committing, they have a 3 day and 5 day premium tingkat trial for customers.

    Empress Porridge, www.empressporridge.com

  • RONNIE KITCHEN *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Meal Packages With And Without Rice

    An efficient meal delivery service in Singapore, Ronnie Kitchen delivers mouthwatering Chinese dishes for both lunch and dinner. They have experienced and passionate chefs that prepare the food daily, with a wide variety of dishes in their line-up - almost 100 different dishes that they regularly rotate. If you're subscribed to their meal service but decide to dine outside for one of your meals, you simply have to notify Ronnie Kitchen at least a day in advance and they'll replace that particular meal by delivering it on another day. They've also got package options that include and exclude rice, and there's even a 5 day trial that you can try if you're still deciding which tingkat delivery company to go with long term.

    Ronnie Kitchen, www.ronniekitchen.com.sg

  • TINGKAT SINGAPORE *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Three Different Meal Types To Choose From

    Tingkat Singapore provides local, home-cooked food that's delicious and efficiently delivered. What's cool is that they have three different meal types. There's the Daily Tingkat, which consists of simple home-cooked meals delivered daily. There's also the Healthy Tingkat, a nutritious and nourishing option for those who are a bit more health-conscious. The last one is the Vegetarian Tingkat, a great option for families made up of mostly vegetarians and are looking for a convenient food delivery service on the daily. There's a 10 day, 20 day, or 30 day meal plan option to choose from depending on which meets your family's needs the most.

    Tingkat Singapore, www.tingkatsingapore.com.sg

  • BEST CATERING *Top 10 Places For Tingkat Delivery Meals

    Affordable Tingkat Meal Delivery

    Another affordable tingkat delivery service, Best Catering offers two different types of meal packages: the Family Tingkat and Healthy Tingkat. They have 10 day, 16 day, and 20 day subscriptions, with an extensive menu that features about 200 different dishes on rotation. Each meal is also curated to be well balanced and also comes with a double-boiled soup. You can also top up for side orders like pastry, cakes, and even dishes like curry fish head! Some of their customers' top favourite dishes include Peach Gum Snow Pear Soup, Baked Salmon With Tropical Fruit, and Herbal Chicken Fungus Soup. Sounds yummy, doesn't it!

    Best Catering, www.bestcatering.com.sg

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