Guide To Top 25 Meat And Seafood Online Delivery Companies In Singapore *UPDATED

Get Your Freshest Meat, Fish, And Seafood Delivered Right To Your Doorstep In Singapore!


Looking for a quality protein that’s reliable and fresh, delivered right to your door? We’ve got the scoop on Singapore’s best meat, fish, and seafood specialists that deliver. Stock your fridge or freezer with top-quality cuts for family meals that are nutritious and delicious!  From roast beef and steak to fresh-cut chicken, organic marinated meat, seafood, and fresh oysters too – this guide will have your next dinner or BBQ in Singapore sorted.  We have also included Singapore halal butchery options.

Key Resources In This Guide:

  • Best Online Meat Online Delivery In Singapore
  • Best Fish, Oysters, And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore
  • Frozen Meat Delivery Options In Singapore
  • Halal Meat Delivery In Singapore
  • Same Day Meat Delivery Options In Singapore!
  • BBQ Packs For Parties And Families
  • Fish Platter The Fishwives Singapore

    THE FISHWIVES: Fine Seafood And Meat Delivery Known For Respected CLEAN Brands In Singapore *Cluny Court + Online Delivery

    No Additivies, Chemicals, Genetic Modification

    As a big believer in good-for-you, wholesome food, The Fishwives maintains a strict code of no additives, chemicals, or genetic modification, and quality animal welfare. The Fishwives exclusively retails some of the world's most respected 'clean' brands in Singapore, including sea-reared king salmon from Akaroa (one of the world's smallest commercial salmon farms based in New Zealand), Cape Grim beef from Tasmania (finest quality cattle), and Te Mana Lamb (high in omega 3 and served in some of Singapore and the world’s finest restaurants). Free delivery is available for SG$100 spent or a SG$15 flat fee island-wide. They also offer a rewards program where you can earn points when you shop, for your birthday and you also receive SG$10 when you refer a friend!

    The Fishwives, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #01-05B Cluny Court, Singapore 259760, +65 8809 0938 (WhatsApp),,

  • Ryan's Grocery Best Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    RYAN'S GROCERY: Meat Delivery In Singapore *Online Orders

    Paleo, Gluten-Free,, Organic Meats Online Grocery In Singapore

    The founders of Ryan's Grocery discovered that their son had a food intolerance. They set out to find quality food for him. Along the way, they met people who were trying to source delicious, high-quality food for raw, low sugar, paleo, and gluten-free diets. They source organic meats, gluten-free products, delicious spray-free macadamia nuts, goat's cheese, raw honey, hand-churned butter, relishes, and pickles from Australia. Ryan's Grocery has three stores in Singapore and one in Ho Chi Minh City. Order online for next-day delivery. Free deliveries for orders over SG$100. There are various events throughout the year, an interesting blog on why sustainable food is good for your family and the environment, and many yummy recipes.

    Ryan’s Grocery, 29 Binjai Park, Singapore, +65 6463 3933,,

  • Butcher Box Best Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    BUTCHER BOX: Imported Meat Delivery In Singapore From NZ And Australia *Online Orders

    Sustainably Sourced For All BBQ Essentials

    Butcher Box is a partnership with a butcher, chef, and seafood specialist. They import premium, sustainably sourced meat from renowned New Zealand and Australian farms. They supply the finest hotels and restaurants across Singapore. Their shop is on Joo Chai Road and stocks the finest farm-fed beef, lamb, poultry, pork, and veal. They also have an extensive array of deli items, including sauces and dressings, rubs and herbs, pasta and sauces, BBQ essentials, and wine and spirits. They have pre-set boxes and kit meals, or you can custom build your own box. They deliver six days per week, and you can select your delivery time. They offer free deliveries for orders over SG$150. If you sign up for their newsletter, you'll get 10 percent off your first order.

    Butcher Box, 414 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, +65 8137 4320,,

  • Baggies Deli Best Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    BAGGIES DELI: : Meat And Biltong Delivery In Singapore *Online Orders

    Biltong In Singapore!

    Baggies all started because the founders couldn’t find good quality biltong in Singapore. They started to make their own, then making the same for friends and a mere six months later opening their shop in the Fortune Centre. Their shop stocks the South African specialty sausages and boerewors. They procure and produce meats for everyday cooking, focusing on quality and value. Their mission is to be the best damn deli that anyone has ever been to! Baggies is the place to go for unique produce, cured and fresh meats and delicious condiments, and wine. They deliver six days a week across the island; orders over SG$100 have free delivery. Baggies has some great recipes, including making a keto-friendly biltong cake!

    Baggies Deli, 236 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore, +65 8430 4065,,

  • The Meatery Best Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE MEATERY: Meat Delivery In Singapore And Halal Meats *Online Orders

    Pinch Of Jest, Hala Meats, No GMO Meats In Singapore

    The Meatery evolved with a pinch of jest. The husband and wife team once said as they struggled to find quality halal prime meat, “Let’s just quit our jobs and curate our dream collection ourselves." The Meatery was formed. They import halal-certified prime meats from internationally-renowned farms that practice ethical farming methods. They only sell what they trust and allow for their family, which means no GMO, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no-nonsense. They have all the staples, including dry-aged meats, beef, lamb, poultry, delicious ready meals, and the butcher box for hungry families. You can enjoy 10 percent off your first online purchase by using the code GIMMEMYMEAT.

    The Meatery, 41 Sunset Way, #01-08, Singapore, +65 6815 3561,,

  • Straits Market - Best Meat And Seafood Delivery Singapore

    STRAITS MARKET: Fish And Meat Delivery From Sustainable Farms *Fast Meat And Seafood Delivery In 24 Hours

    Premium, Fresh, And Organic Farm To Table Food In Singapore

    If you are after premium, fresh, and organic farm-to-table food, then Straits Market is the place to visit. Both the meat and fish are sustainably farmed and free from any growth hormones or antibiotics. What’s more, it is delivered within 24 hours of placing your order (providing you order before 2pm) and includes free delivery for orders over SG$150.

    Straits Market, 2 Kim Chuan Dr, Singapore 537080, +65 9643 5358,,

  • Market Fresh - Best Meat And Seafood Delivery Singapore

    MARKET FRESH: Wet Market Seafood And Meat Delivery In Singapore *Affordable Options

    Skip The Wet Market And Order Online In Singapore

    If you love the produce at the wet markets but hate battling the crowds, then check out Market Fresh, which aims to bring the wet market experience to you online! Here you can find a range of delicacies like black chicken, chicken feet, Shabu Shabu meats, and Japanese Wagyu, as well as a range of fish heads and live crustaceans. What’s more, they have a rewards program where you can earn points by shopping and/or referring friends. The points can then be redeemed for vouchers towards your next purchase helping you save some dollars!

    Market Fresh, Singapore,,

  • NEW ZEALAND FRESH: New Zealand Hormone Free Meat and Seafood Delivery In Singapore

    Exotic Meats, Bone Broths, Turkey, More In Singapore

    Specializing in grass-fed meat and fresh Seafood, New Zealand Fresh is the place to shop if you are after quality cuts of beef, lamb, venison, chicken (organic & halal certified), salmon, and fish. The products are all antibiotic and hormone-free and have been ethically farmed. There is free delivery for orders above SG$100 and delivery on some items can be as quick as 60-90 minutes - so there is no need to order take-out again! To save some dollars it is also worth checking out their value packs!

    New Zealand Fresh, Singapore, +65 8157 2024 (Whatsapp),,

  • Best-Meat-Seafood-Tankfully-Fresh-Singapore

    TANKFULLY FRESH: Fresh And Frozen Seafood Delivery In Singapore *Next Day Delivery / Affordable Options

    Fish, Shellfish, Squid, Prawn In Singapore

    Tankfully Fresh is an online seafood delivery service in Singapore bringing you both fresh and frozen seafood. It is a family business that started with a physical stall in 1990 and has now progressed to an online shopping and delivery website to provide convenience for today’s customers. From fresh fish to squid, prawns, crabs, and cockles you will be sure to find something the whole family will enjoy, all at a reasonable price. P.S check out their Golden Deals on the website for their family packs to save some more dollars.

    Tankfully Fresh, 372 Bukit Batok, East Street 31, #01-398, Singapore 650372, +65 8298 4024,,

  • Seafood From Culina Singapore

    CULINA: Fine Seafood And Butcher Offering Oysters, Wagyu, Mussels And More In Singapore

    Fine Foods Delivered Or Pick-Up At Their Locations Including Dempsey In Singapore

    With multiple outlets on the island, Culina is a butcher that can cater to all your meat needs. They have a fabulous butcher on Dempsey where you can order wild oysters, wagyu steaks, and fresh mussels with a chilled glass of wine. There’s also a retail wine section where you can take a favorite bottle home. Culina meats are also available at NTUC's finest stores.  Note, the delivery menu is here (delivered by GRAB).

    Culina, various locations, Singapore +65 6753 6966,,

  • Meats From Angliss Singapore

    ANGLISS: Halal Butchery In Singapore And Meat Delivery In Singapore

    Halal And Non-Halal Butcher In Singapore

    Angliss is a certified halal and non-halal butcher with 28 delivery vans who will be sure to get you your meat fix in no time. No meal is complete without a healthy serving of vegetables and they can deliver this too! As well as supplying the usual meat and fish fare, they can also cater for your next event. From dim sum to yakitori to mini pizzas they’ll look after your every need.

    Angliss, 232 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128420, +65 6778 8787,

  • Meat From Fassler Gourmet Singapore

    FASSLER GOURMET: Sustainable Meat And Seafood Delivery In Singapore

    Fresh And Smoked Salmon, Meal Platters, More In Singapore

    Fassler is known for its fresh and smoked salmons that are available readily in supermarkets. As a company, they are dedicated to supporting safe and healthy food from sustainable sources for responsible fishing and farming. Fassler provides fresh and frozen meats, smoked, prepared soups & sauces, and even caters to your party needs. Their meat platters are perfect and a fuss-free way to host a party - even their sashimi platter is tantalizing.

    Fassler Gourmet, 46 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore 738 459, +65 6257 5257,,

  • Meat From Huber’s Butchery Singapore

    HUBER'S BUTCHERY: Meat, Seafood, Oyster Delivery + Lamb Spit Rentals And Set-Ups *Online And In-Store

    Lamb Splits, Raclette, Unique Meats And Fish In Singapore

    Huber’s Butchery's products are so wide-ranging you’ll be spoilt for choice. With meats, fish, cheese, herbs, vegetables, and beverages you’re every catering need will be covered. Home delivery is available Monday to Saturday and each order is packaged ensuring it arrives in tip-top condition. Their raclette machines and charcoal lamb pits are also available for rental.

    Huber’s Butchery, 22 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249679, +65 6737 1588,,

  • Seafood From Swiss Butchery Singapore

    TASTE.SG x SWISS Butchery: Meat Delivery With 24 Hour Home Delivery In Singapore

    Affordable Meat And Fast Home Delivery In Singapore

    The Swiss Butchery has teamed up with to provide their tasty meats to a wider audience. Offering free delivery for orders over SG$75 you’d be crazy not to order in for the weekend. In addition to the usual meaty offerings, they have Veal, marinated meats, and air-dried products. Order by 5pm and it will be there the next day.

    Taste.Sg x Swiss Butchery, various locations,

  • Terra Madre Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    TERRA MADRE: Farm Fresh Meat Delivery In Singapore From NZ and Australia *Online Orders

    Premium Farm-Fresh, Special Diets, And More

    Terra Madre supplies healthy and natural products from New Zealand and Australia. They'll deliver to your door everything from delicious snacks, special dietary ingredients and products for gluten and dairy-free and vegan diets, pasta, cold cuts, premium farm-fresh meat and seafood, and even a bottle of wine. They deliver six days per week, and orders over SG$100 are delivered free. They have a market miles loyalty program which gives you substantial discount coupons. When you sign up as a new customer, you automatically receive SG$20 off your first order. Terra Madre regularly features new recipes, including favorites such as mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon.

    Terra Madre, 71 Loewen Road, #01-02 Singapore,,

  • Classic Deli best online meat Little Steps Asia

    CLASSIC DELI: Meat Delivery In Singapore *Online Orders

    Chef-Quality Meats

    Classic Fine Foods has supplied some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Singapore for over two decades. Classic Deli is an extraordinary offshoot of Classic Fine Foods that provides you with quality ingredients only previously available to the city's top chefs. They are firm believers that good cooking starts with the best ingredients. You can now order gourmet and artisanal foods online and have them delivered to your door. Choose from the finest meats, seafood, bread and pasties, essential deli items, yummy frozen veggies, and well-considered hampers for brunch lovers or those that are feeling lazy. Classic Deli has free delivery for orders over SG$100.

    Classic Deli, 7A Chin Bee Drive, Singapore, +65 6501 5555,,

  • Meat From Q.B. Food Singapore

    QB FOOD: Popular Meat And Seafood Delivery Website With Brand Names *Affordable

    Meat, Seafood, And Poultry In Singapore

    QB Food has become a bit of an institution in Singapore. They will cater for all your meat, poultry, and fish needs as well as supply a huge selection of cheeses, pasta, and other gourmet food items. They stock well-known brand names, reminiscent of home. Be sure to keep an eye out for QB discount codes and promotion codes in Singapore as they are regular!

    Q.B. Food Trading Pte Ltd, 8 Chin Bee Crescent, Jurong Singapore 619893, +65 6261 6410,

  • Meats From The Butcher's Dog Singapore

    THE BUTCHER'S DOG: Fine Meat Delivery From Australia And New Zealand To Singapore

    Sausages, Kababs, Ribeye And More In Singapore

    The Butcher’s Dog offers fine-quality meat products that are fresh, delicious, and healthy. They import meat products from the best farms in Australia & NZ. They specialize in party platters from gourmet cold cuts, beef wellington to honey-glazed gammon ham perfect for birthdays and family gatherings.  Order online or order and pick-up at the address below.

    The Butcher's Dog, Self Collection - 10 Admiralty St, #05-61, North Link Building
    Singapore 757695,

  • Meat Co. Best Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MEAT CO.: Meat Delivery In Singapore *Online Orders

    Fermented Hot Sauce, Beef, Pork, Shabu, Chicken

    Meat Co. only works with trusted partners around the world. They firmly believe that making conscious and informed decisions about the entire food and supply chain is as important as eating great meat. Meat Co. butchers, packs, and delivers your selected items straight to your doorstep. You can choose from beef, pork, lamb, shabu and yakiniku, chicken, various cold cuts, and excellent value freezer packs. They have a pantry that stocks a vast array of accompaniments, including fermented hot sauce, salts, and mustards. Meat Co. has free deliveries on orders over SG$80.

    Meat Co., Singapore, +65 9137 5226,

  • Meat From Foodie Market Place Singapore

    FOODIE MARKET PLACE: Popular Butchery In Singapore With Retail Operations *Not Online Website

    Tomahauk, Meats, And More in Singapore

    Located in Tiong Bahru Foodie Market Place, is your one-stop shop for your daily foodie needs! Meat is either fresh or frozen depending on what you prefer. They have staples such as pasta, tinned goods as well as a good selection of cheeses. Prices are very reasonable and the equality of meat is excellent.

    Foodie Market Place, 225 Outram Rd, Singapore 169038, +65 6224 3290,,

  • Meat From ZAC Butchery Singapore

    ZAC BUTCHERY: Popular Halal Butchery In Singapore

    Halal Certified Butcher With Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Sausages, More

    ZAC Butchery is a Halal-certified butcher carrying a wide selection of fresh premium meats (beef, lamb, and chicken), seafood, sausages, cold cuts. They also stock other fine foods ranging from bread and cheeses to ready-to-eat meals, sauces, and condiments. They import meat from Australia, New Zealand, and South America. And for the BBQ kings, they carry a range of BBQ grill sets & accessories.  Go visit them or order on Portopantry here!

    ZAC Butchery, various locations, Singapore, +65 6636 0939,,

  • Interior Of Oh Deli Singapore

    OH DELI: Delicious Australian Meat Delivery In Singapore *Location On East Coast And Online Delivery

    Wagyu, Grass-Fed Meats, And More

    From the choicest cuts of Australian chilled meats to the freshest sun-kissed produce, Oh Deli strives to bring you the finest essential ingredients needed to create exceptional culinary experiences in your own home. Stop by for a cup of coffee or brunch with friends. They have a few tables outside for you to watch the world go by as you relax with good food.

    Oh Deli, 421 East Coast Road, Singapore 429008, +65 6440 4409,,

  • Shabu Shabu Meat From MMMM! Singapore

    MMMM!: International Meat Delivery In Singapore + Spanish Meats *Online Delivery

    Lobster, Oysters, Sausage, Beef, Port

    Mmmm! carries one of the largest meat selections in Singapore. For beef, they have Japanese and Australian Wagyu, USDA Prime and Angus beef, and 150-day Angus Grain-fed beef. They come in a selection of the different cuts. They also have a selection of pork which includes Iberico and Kurobuta pork that is imported from Spain, along with mutton, poultry, seafood, and a wide selection of marinades and spices. Order online and get free shipping with purchases over SG$200.

    Mmmm! Meat Marinates & Much More, various locations, Singapore,,

  • Salmon From The Meat Club Singapore

    THE MEAT CLUB: Fresh Restaurant Quality Meat Delivery In Singapore *Also Offer Boxes With BBQ Ready Meals

    Meats, Salmon, Barramundi, More In Singapore

    The Meat Club offers fresh, restaurant quality, Australian beef and lamb delivered to your door. From their farms in New South Wales and Victoria, direct to your dinner plate, their range of farm-fresh beef and lamb has been specifically selected to be a part of their online meat market. So for restaurant-quality, fresh beef and lamb, buy online and have your package delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Singapore. Perfect for tonight’s dinner or a BBQ on the weekend.

    The Meat Club, 24 Peck Seah Street, Nehsons Building, #06-01, Singapore 079 314,

  • Mogu ShopBest Meat And Seafood Online Delivery In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MOGU SHOP: Japanese Meat Delivery In Singapore *Online Orders

    Mogu Mogu In Singapore

    Mogu Mogu, or もぐもぐis the sound that you make when you munch and enjoy delicious food. Mogu Shop brings you a wide variety of Japanese-focussed products and really good prices. They kindly sample every single offering to ensure that you only get the best quality goods. Mogu brings you the best of Japanese food straight to your door. The well-stocked shop carries everything from fresh seafood and fish, meat including the finest wagyu, rice and noodles, snacks and biscuits, dashi and soups, and even MoguBoxes, including the Little Steps Asia favorite, the Yakiniku Mogu Box. Mogu offers you free delivery on all orders above SG$70. If you refer a friend, you get to give them SG$10, and if they shop in Mogu, you also get SG$10. Wander over to their 'learn to cook page' for some tips and tricks on cooking dishes like Jamie's Cold Soba Noodles with Salmon Teriyaki.

    Mogu Shop, Singapore, +65 8922 0841,,

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