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Gluten Free Shopping Guide To Singapore – Best Gluten-Free Groceries And Products

Where To Buy Gluten-Free Food

Guide To Gluten-Free Food In Singapore

The trend of people eating less meat, less dairy, and less gluten is on the rise. Whether it’s for healthier choices, following a vegan diet, or because of celiac disease, Singapore sees the increase of delicious gluten-free offerings in restaurants, cafés, takeaways, and shops. Gone are the days when gluten-free bread had the texture of sawdust; there are now endless delicious offerings popping up all over the city. Let the Little Steps Asia ‘gluten-free’ guide help you find some of the best-kept secrets in Singapore. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier and tastier way of eating while being kinder to the planet.


Gluten-Free Restaurants In Singapore:

Gluten-Free Singapore Hawkers In Singapore:

  • Lau Pa Sat – There are options, but beware of cross-pollination and ask for no sauce and ask it simply as Gluten-Free might not be a term used.

Gluten-Free Singapore Pizza: 

Gluten-Free Halal Singapore:

  • THE WHOLE KITCHEN: Gluten-Free Bakery In Singapore

    Healthy Isn’t Tasteless - Hot Cross Buns, Breads, Cakes, Muffins

    Founded by a classically-trained chef and a health coach, the founders joined forces to satisfy their need for healthy and tasty foods that they were struggling to find themselves. They proved that gluten-free and healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless, and tasty doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. Together, Susan and Anne combined their knowledge and formed The Whole Kitchen. You’ll enjoy much of Susan’s food; she’s worked worldwide and is inspired by whole food ingredients and various flavor combinations.

    The Whole Kitchen, multiple locations in Singapore, www.thewholekitchen.com.sg

  • The Living Cafe Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    THE LIVING CAFÉ: Gluten-Free Cafe In Singapore

    Superfoods And Raspberries

    With a focus on raw food, The Living Café could well be one of the healthiest cafés across the city. Start your day with their superfood smoothie bowl that's bursting with maca, lucuma, raw cacao, and bananas, topped with maple buckwheat granola, fresh raspberries, chia seeds, and roasted coconut. The chefs painstakingly blend, soak, marinate, slice, dice, and incorporate fresh herbs and spices into each dish for depth of flavor while retaining the food's integrity. Their dishes don't contain dairy, white sugar, preservatives, additives, or artificial coloring. There are plenty of gluten-free dishes on their delicious raw menu.

    The Living Café, 779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, https://thelivingcafe.com/

  • GLUTENFREESG: Grocery Platform For Gluten-Free Products In Singapore

    Family Gluten Free Foods And Products In Singapore

    A bunch of health-conscious friends started GlutenfreeSG because they were struggling to find a good range of gluten-free products in Singapore. Each of the founders was on a strict gluten-free diet. They were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the diet successfully, so, inspired by their struggles, they founded GlutenfreeSG, an intelligent platform so that customers can quickly and easily find the products that they desire. The easy-to-navigate website takes you to all the essentials (and goodies) for your family's cooking, baking, and pantry essentials. They also have products that complement other dietary needs, such as halal, high-fiber, or yeast-free. They have some delicious recipes on their website too. If you spend S$50, delivery is free.


  • Kitchen By Food Rebel Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    KITCHEN BY FOOD REBEL: Gluten-Free Workshops + Gluten-Free Grocery In Singapore

    Scrummy Smoothies

    The Food Rebel serves up all sorts of delicious goodies, plant-based healthy food, and it's all gluten-free. There's a hearty range of delicious cakes, filling breakfasts, tasty lunches, toe-tingling coffees, scrummy smoothies, and even gluten-free beer and organic French wine. Their dishes are without MSG, artificial colorings, additives, and flavorings. Kitchen By Food Rebel offers educational workshops for those that seek a healthier lifestyle, catering solutions, and delivery services.

    Kitchen By Food Rebel, 28 Stanley Street, Telok Ayer, Singapore, https://www.facebook.com/kitchenbyfoodrebel/

  • Ryan's Grocery Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    RYAN’S GROCERY: Gluten Free Online Grocery In Singapore

    Boutique Grocery In Singapore

    The story behind Ryan’s Grocery is a relatively simple one; Sebastian and Wendy Chia learned that their son was intolerant to dairy products, gluten, nuts, soy, egg, and yeast. They embarked on a journey to source food for him which proved to be nigh on impossible. They founded their boutique grocery and butcher in 2015. The two stores stock the highest quality products that cater to a range of diets, including paleo, raw, low sugar, and gluten-free. Their online store is intelligently designed and has filters to make your shopping experience easy. There is even a carbon-neutral section for those keen to make informed decisions about their food. Chat to their friendly staff who are brimming with ideas for tasty dishes.

    Ryan's Grocerywww.ryansgrocery.com

  • SuperNature Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SUPERNATURE: Gluten-Free Products At The Forum In Singapore

    Passionate About Organic

    SuperNature is one of Singapore’s leading retailers of natural and organic products. The SuperNature team is passionate about sourcing organic or naturally-reared ingredients from the best farmers in the world. They believe in supporting various diets by providing a range of specialty items to make it easy for everyone to be inclusive and live healthily. Their products include fresh produce, groceries, meats, beauty and wellness, baby and children's needs, and household products. Even their shopping baskets are made from renewable willow, and their shopping and café bags are 100% recyclable or bio-degradable. Their 3,000 square feet store is at Forum The Shopping Mall on Orchard Road, or you can order online.

    SuperNature, 583 Orchard Road #B1-05/09 Forum The Shopping Mall Singapore 238884 https://www.supernature.com.sg/

  • GLUTEN-FREE STORE: Small Batch Groceries In Singapore Online!

    Gluten-Free Brownies, Snacks, And Drinks In Singapore

    The Gluten-Free Store was born out of the founders' desire to source healthy food for their son, who is intolerant to dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, eggs, and yeast. They traveled the world and sourced a delicious selection of products from Japan, Australia, Europe, and America, including pasta, soy sauce, oats, and even gluten-free brownies. They wanted to share their well-researched and curated products with other diet-restricted individuals in Singapore. The well-formatted website is easy to follow and provides a one-stop-shop solution for those facing dietary constraints. The website gives you lots of interesting information about celiac disease or gluten intolerance so that you can make it more manageable.

    Gluten-Free Storewww.glutenfreestore.sg

  • Brown Rice Paradise Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    BROWN RICE PARADISE: Online Grocery And Tanglin Retail Location With Gluten Free Diet Products

    All Dried Foods

    Brown Rice Paradise specializes in dried organic foods, wellness, and body products. There is a cacophony of ingredients ranging from wheat, oats, rye, millet, and other grains. Choose healthy cornflakes, oat bran, dried banana slices, raisins, apple, and pineapple cubes for your breakfast, or peaches, plums, apricots, and pears to enhance your diet. They also have bars filled with fruits, nuts, and oat bran for an immediate energy boost. Their well-considered collection of products helps you support gluten-free and dairy-free diets. There's a gorgeous range of beauty products to choose from too. Pop into their store in Tanglin Mall or order online.

    Brown Rice Paradise, 163 Tanglin Road, #02-35 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933 (located in the level 2 annex), +65 6738 1121, www.brownriceparadise.com

  • Tianne's Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    TIANN’S: Gluten-Free Dairy Bakery In Singapore For Cakes And Desserts

    So Much Chocolate

    Tiann’s is a dainty but delicious gluten-free dairy bakery. The Tiannian’s describe themselves as a bunch of beautiful, greedy, and nerdy people that got together to share notes on eating. They use the best ingredients that they can find and create divine baked goods with as few carbs or sugar as possible. Their creations are freshly hand-crafted each day and contain no refined sugar or gluten. They encourage you to enjoy your food guilt-free, eat well every day, and cheat well on your cheat day. Try their triple chocolate chocolate roll. Yup, it’s got that much chocolate!

    Tiann’s, 71 Seng Poh Rd, Tiong Bahru, Singapore, https://www.tianns.com.sg/

  • Cocowhip Gluten-Free Restaurants And Shops In Singapore Little Steps Asia

    COCOWHIP: Gluten-Free Ice Cream In Singapore

    Treat On The Street

    They call themselves the most delicious, healthy, and nutritious treat on the street! And they’d be right. Cocowhip is a vegan and dairy-free ice cream made from delicious ingredients such as coconut oil and water. The soft-serve ice cream is minus the lactose and calories. This gluten-free offering is so light and refreshing you can also have it for breakfast. Try the divine cacao, matcha, or maqui berry flavors.

    Cocowhip, Sarnies Telok Ayer, 136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore, https://www.facebook.com/cocowhipsg/

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