You can have a straight-A student on your hands, but that doesn't guarantee anything out in the real world. Hands-on experience that comes outside of the comfort zone of the classroom, is invaluable for a student's personal and professional growth. Whether it’s a paid or volunteer position, internships offer opportunities that prepare your teens for the next stage of their life by helping them get to know and develop their unexplored, professional selves better! International students must have a Work Holiday Program Visa and be between 18 and 25 years old to work as an intern in Singapore. Internships are mainly offered during the summer from May to August for university students, from January to June for Singaporean men that have completed their National Service and are waiting to enter a university, and September to December for polytechnic students doing industrial attachments. Part-time job opportunities for teens can be found throughout the year. Little Steps has compiled a list of networking sites, platforms and additional opportunities to get you started with this whole business of internship.