Guide To Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari

Embrace The New Norm With Over 900 Animals!

Do you miss journeys into the wilderness at Night Safari? Well, we have good news! Night Safari is finally open from Thursdays to Sundays, as well as the eve of and on public holidays. Operating hours are from 7pm to 11pm. To ensure everyone’s safety including the staff and animals, the team has put in place the necessary Safe Management Measures, so everyone can enjoy a meaningful wildlife experience in a safe and healthy environment. Do expect some changes to the parks and embrace the new norm for a greater good. While not all activities will be immediately available, there is still much to enjoy in the wide-open spaces of the parks with our animal family. The Night Safari which is the world’s first nocturnal zoo is currently operating at 25% of its usual capacity. Time slot bookings are subject to availability.

The Night Safari currently houses over 900 animals representing over 100 species, of which 41% are threatened species. In line with its mission to promote biodiversity, the park focuses on the captive breeding of threatened species. Over the years, it has bred Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, fishing cats, red dholes, anoas, markhors, bantengs, Malayan tapirs, and Asian lions, among other threatened species.

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The world’s first nocturnal zoo finally reopens and for the safety of all, it is currently operating at only 25% of its usual capacity.

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