10 Unique DIY Craft Activities For Kids

Unique Craft Activities In Singapore For Home!

10 Unique DIY Craft Activities For Kids

With the school holidays here, there’s no better time to bond with your kiddo at home! Other than watching TV shows together, exploring educational apps, and playing board games, there are also plenty of DIY craft projects to try that are both easy and enjoyable.

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  • Tic Tac Toe


    Up the fun factor in tic tac toe by letting your kids design their own stones for the game! It doesn’t necessarily have to be nature-themed; kids can paint whatever they fancy on these stones to express their creativity. After the whole craft process is over, the family can play a few rounds of the game together. Inspired by @hollowandhoot on Instagram.

  • DIY Animals


    There are so many doable animal craft projects on @makemerryandcreate’s Instagram! Using materials easily found around the house, kids can create a whole slew of animal-themed art pieces such as tiger masks and sea creature puppets. They can even bring their completed art pieces along during their next zoo trip!

  • Recycled Crafts


    Teach your kiddos about recycling by incorporating it into fun craft activities. Recycle Me Play has a bunch of easy-to-make masterpieces that are the result of putting together recyclable items. The Instagram account is a collection of craft ideas from various creative recyclers our there, and this particular one is inspired by @the_stories_of_a.

  • Sponge Popsicles


    Kids love anything that’s colourful — which is precisely why they’re going to be obsessed with this art project! It uses simple materials like sponge, ice-cream sticks and paint to create sponge-sicles of your kiddo’s choice. The activity is great because children can explore whatever crazy popsicle ideas they have in their head! These cute sponge-sicles are from @inspiremyplay.

  • Pasta Play


    Another colorful project you can easily replicate with your kids, this one revolves around dried foods. It’s extremely whimsical, and all it involves is creating colorful bowls of edible goodies by putting together food items in a giant bowl. Use adorably-shaped pastas as a main ingredient and build the landscape around it with dyed beans and rice. Idea inspired by @livethescottcottage.

  • Educational Craft


    Craft can be used as a fun way to get kids to engage in learning. Instagram account @myteachermummyandme is a treasure chest of ideas for craft-related learning tools, such as this “color by counting” activity. You’ll start first by drawing an image of your choice and a number guide, before your kid takes over by coloring in the matching quantities.

  • Finger Puppets


    An adorable two-part craft activity, finger puppets not only challenge your kiddo’s art skills, it also challenges your kid’s creativity by allowing them to come up with fascinating stories. Children can make their mini puppets in the day and then have a cozy story-time session at night with the whole family. These adorable egg carton puppets were made by @julia_arttack.

  • Cardboard House


    Another brilliant idea by @julia_arttack, these cardboard houses may initially look complicated, but all it actually takes is a bit of extra time and work to complete! You can make this one a month-long art project with your kids, assisting them with building and assembling their dream cardboard castle over a span of a few weeks. It’ll be a delight to see the end product once it’s finished, and the kids will definitely love their product more considering the amount of effort they poured into it!

  • Science Chart


    Another activity that can assist kids in their learning journey, this one is for the older kiddos as it partially involves science. To help with memorizing their study material, visual charts can be created in relation to science topics studied in school.

    Since there’s a craft element tied to learning, your kids might be more interested and focused during the process. It doesn’t have to be complicated either — even using simple tools like sticking on colored paper to the chart also works. Find more of these projects on @thomasalm3ida’s Instagram account.

  • Colourful Collages


    This one’s simple but beautiful. You can get your kids to create collages according to themes you’ve set for them. They can be made with colored materials of all kinds, including scrap pieces of felt, magazine pictures and scrap fabric.

    It’s a relatively easy activity, and your kiddo will have fun constantly looking out for recyclable materials on a day to day basis. Inspired by @minimadthings.

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