Best Podcasts For Toddlers, Kids, And Teens In Singapore

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Best Podcasts For Kids

Learning to listen not only promotes imagination, it is also vital for developing one’s communication skills. The process can improve one’s vocabulary knowledge and understanding of language, which is useful to help the little ones learn how to express themselves better. Want to reduce screen time or need some entertainment on the go? Opt for podcasts! Featuring a mix of educational and fun-filled audios, here are some screen-free picks catered for young listeners.

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  • Alphabeats-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids

    FOR TODDLERS: ALPHA BEATS *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Learn the alphabet through music 

    Adding a unique mashup to the classic alphabet song, the podcast introduces a fun way to learn about the letters, words, vocabulary and music. Each episode focuses on 1 letter and follows a storyline paired with songs to teach the little tots about the letters and letter sounds. The upbeat music is also great for both kids and adults to sing and dance to.

    Alpha Beats, www.noggin.com/podcasts 

  • Aaron's World-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Science-themed adventure podcast for kids

    Step into a fun and imaginative science-themed podcast curated by the wonderful mind of 6 year old Aaron. The audio drama follows a boy and his trusty computer companion as they travel and explore the prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs, robots, time travel and more! It is a fun and educational alternative to introduce the little ones about the historic world and science.

    Aaron's World, www.app.kidslisten.org/Aarons-World 

  • Little Stories for Tiny People-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Short stories collection

    Created for the little ones, each session features fun audio effects which blend perfectly well with the narration. With over 100 episodes and counting, the stories are thoughtfully written to encourage listeners to tap into their creativity and visualize the story. These fun filled stories will keep your little ones entertained at any time of the day - a great option for busy parents on the go or those looking for fresh entertainment ideas for the kids.

    Little Stories for Tiny People, www.littlestoriestinypeople.com 

  • Sleep Tight Science-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Science Show For Kids

    Paired with a quirky video game-like soundtrack, the podcast integrates science facts with characters, to create an engaging storyline for the kids to learn about anything science related. The podcast covers various topics including the solar system, plants, animals and more. If you have a burning science question, you can also send an email to the team and they may have it featured and answered in the upcoming show!

    Sleep Tight Science, www.sleeptightscience.com

  • Story Seeds-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids

    FOR TWEENS: STORY SEEDS *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Award-nominated podcast 

    Let your kids explore their interests and discover with one of their own on The Story Seeds Podcast. Featuring amazing stories written by children, the platform encourages kids between 6 to 12 years old to tap into their creative juices and share their ideas. Kids can get an opportunity to collaborate with one Story Seeds’ authors to make their imaginations come to life and have their own stories featured on the podcast!

    Story Seeds, www.storyseedspodcast.com

  • The Emotion Motion Podcast-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Mindfulness podcast tailored for kids

    This award winning podcast focuses on equipping kids with tips on how to deal with difficult emotions and navigate transitions across life stages. The podcast follows the main character, Megan the Mermaid, on a sea adventure as she goes about her day. The storyline touches on common events like losing a tooth or competing in a championship game and how the lead feels and reflects about her feelings. This also teaches listeners how to explore practice empathy and self-awareness.

    The Emotion Motion Podcast, www.movethisworld.com/the-emotion-motion-sel-podcast

  • Big Life Kids Podcast-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Promotes social emotional learning 

    Designed to help children develop a growth mindset, the Big Life Kids podcast aims to teach their young listeners how to deal with life’s big changes and grow into confident and fulfilled individuals. The podcast features inspiring stories and life lessons of people from all around the world. Each episode is also reviewed by a licensed therapist to ensure that the tips shared are science backed and accurate.

    Big Life Kids Podcast, www.biglifejournal.com 

  • Short & Curly-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids

    FOR TWEENS: Short & Curly *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Fun-filled ethics podcast for all ages

    The Short & Curly podcast explores various thought-provoking questions in each episode, with the hosts expressing their points of view in the form of a story, so it is easy for young listeners to follow. The show covers a diverse range of topics, including pocket money and smartphone ethics to winning an argument with your parents, who gets the biggest piece of cake and many more! There are also resources available for listeners to expand and discuss with others on the themes covered.

    Short & Curly, www.abc.net.au/shortandcurly

  • The Genius Generation-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Success stories of young inventors 

    Uncover incredible inventions and even better listen to one-on-one interviews with the young inventors themselves during each episode of The Genius Generation. Each episode features a short summary of their success stories and their experiences. Be inspired by these amazing everyday heroes who made a discovery, became an entrepreneur or developed an invention. It is also a great way for kids listeners to learn about how others are tackling issues from around the world.

    The Genius Generation, www.generationgenius.com 

  • Time for Kids Explains-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids


    Kid-friendly news stories led by kids

    Covering a wide range of topics like lab grown meat, olympics, spaceX and other current events from Time Magazine's Time for Kids, the podcasts are led by kid reporters who discuss various news stories from all around the world. Conducted in various engaging ways like quizzes, games and interviews, the episodes also talk about media literacy and how to weed out misinformation. The children reporters are also great role models to teach their target listeners about curiosity and active listening.

    Time for Kids Explains, www.timeforkids.com 

  • Noodle Loaf-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids

    FOR ALL AGES: NOODLE LOAF *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Music-filled interactive podcast

    This interactive music and entertainment podcast has an extensive collection of quirky beats, rhythms and fun lyrics for the little ones and adults to jam along to. Each episode is about 10 to 15 minutes long and packed with tons of fun music to keep the little ones engaged. Featuring multiple types of songs in one episode, the podcast teaches kids about body awareness, freedom of expression and creativity.

    Noodle Loaf, www.noodleloaf.com 

  • FOR ALL AGES: STORYBERRIES *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Extensive audio book collection for free

    Choose from over 4 million free audio books including fairy tales, picture books, short stories, poems and novels curated for children. Their collections are conveniently categorized into age, length of audio and themes, so it is quick and easy for users to navigate - a helpful feature for busy parents. Storyberries also offer ebooks with colorful illustrations designed to engage and encourage children to read.

    Storyberries, www.storyberries.com

  • FOR ALL AGES: MR. BEDTIME STORIES *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Quirky characters and storyline

    From the classic British children’s book series, you can now enjoy the Mr. Men and Little Miss collection on Mr. Bedtime Stories podcast. Well known for naming the characters after their personalities, with names like Mr. Happy, Mr. Clumsy, Mr. Strong and more! Featuring bite-sized episodes that are about 7 minutes long, follow the characters as they go about their day, often full of hilarious and eventful situations.

    Mr. Bedtime Stories, www.mrbedtimestories.podbean.com 

  • What If World-Best-Podcasts-For-Kids

    FOR ALL AGES: WHAT IF WORLD *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Fun and imaginative stories

    The podcast transports listeners into a What If world, where anything and everything is possible. Listeners can also opt to share their ideas and have their ideas morph into stories. It provides a good platform for little tots to run amok with their imagination and express themselves, while they also get ideas and entertainment from the quirky stories from other What If world podcast listeners.

    What If World, www.whatifworldpodcast.com 

  • FOR ALL AGES: SMASH BOOM BEST *Best Podcasts For Kids

    Entertaining debate podcast

    This friendly debate podcast features random everyday subjects like food, animals and fairytales, so even the younger audience can relate to it. In each episode, debaters have to choose one out of the two items to defend. The podcast features debate in an entertaining way for young listeners to learn how to build a cast and consider different points of view. It also provides a suitable discussion topic for families and friends too.

    Smash Boom Best, www.smashboom.org

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