Best Christmas Buffets, Dinners, And Teas In Macau

Top 10 Places To Go For A Big Feast!

Christmas Buffets And Teas in Macau

People have always gathered around food but rarely is the occasion as special as the winter holidays. Whether you like to play it safe or go all extravagant, revel in resort luxury or get lost amongst street food stands, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger on this list of the best places for Christmas and New Year’s feasts in Macau!

This guide will be updated soon for 2019!  Send [email protected] information in the meantime.

  • DRAGON PORTUGUESE CUISINE @ Broadway Macau: Family Style Christmas Menu

    A Macau trip isn't complete without a proper Portuguese meal. The historical and iconic Portuguese restaurant in San Ma Lo, Dragon Portuguese Cuisine at Broadway Macau, will be serving a tempting Christmas menu from December 16-26, 2018. Book now to enjoy the most authentic and family-friendly Macanese Portuguese cuisine in Macau!


    Dragon Portuguese CuisineWebsite

  • HOLIDAY DINING @ Grand Lapa Hotel: Xmas New Year's Eve Buffets, Tea & Turkey

    Grand Lapa offers diverse ways to taste the holidays and celebrate both Christmas and New Year's with your taste buds. Their restaurant provides Christmas and New Year's Eve and Day Buffets (which include a lucky draw), but also different Christmas hampers and a (secret) saucy traditional festive roast turkey to take home with you. Kids under and including 18 enjoy special prices (i.e., you do, they enjoy the food), and you can enjoy a free-flow of soft drinks and wine for an extra MOP200!


    Grand Lapa MacauWebsite

  • GRAND LISBOA: Decadent Xmas & New Year's Menus + Private Party Options

    Grand Lapa is going all out; for a start, the hotel is home to Macau's tallest chocolate Christmas tree—250 pounds of chocolate, you guys. Therefore, you know their dining offer is going to deliver. Their renowned Robuchon auDôme restaurant will serve not 3, 4, 5, nor 6, but 7-and 10-course dinners on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve and The Kitchen will serve decadent, specially crafted menus as well.


    PRIVATE PARTY OPTIONS: Grand Lisboa has you covered whether you like your parties big and small. Casa Don Alfonso has a special menu for 6 to 10 people, and the Grand Ballroom can host up to 100 and feed them with one of the two amazing menus they have prepared for the occasion.


    Grand LisboaWebsite

  • TERRACE @ Hotel Okura: Christmas & New Year Semi Buffet (Lunch & Dinner)

    You can't go wrong with Terrace—this year, they offer over 35 truly international holiday favorites, from appetizers to deserts, for lunch and dinner both! The menu features the classics our palates have come to expect, but the mastery of the execution and versatility of the offer will make this gourmet experience far more exciting than your classic holiday meal. Kids aged 5 to 12 eat for half the price! The terrace can also hook you up with a tailor-made menu for 25 to 40 people if you are looking to celebrate at a private Christmas Gathering!


    Terrace, 6th Floor, Hotel Okura, Macau, Website

  • TAIPA VILLAGE @ Local Eateries

    Macau is not all about supreme luxury, though. There are vibrant culture and long-standing traditions outside of the shiny resorts! If you want to explore the city more in-depth or want to feast, but you're on a budget, we've got you covered either way! Head to Taipa Village to taste Macau's authenticity—Chinese delicacies alongside Portuguese-inspired continental dishes. Taipa Village is a popular gastronomic destination perfect for families looking to embark on a tasting journey!


    Taipa Village, Macau, WebsiteStart planning—check out our guide to Taipa Village dining here

  • GALAXY MACAU: Variety of Restaurants & Cuisines

    Galaxy Macau offers nothing short of a galaxy of holiday dining options. Let's break it down!


    INTERNATIONALMerrily Sumptuous Feast @ Festival brings you lunch & dinner Christmas buffets that show of their chef's skill. They promise classic savory dishes, but there's also a sea of seafood prepared in styles ranging from the Mediterranean to Chinese, and popular Indian and Chinese dishes are always on offer as well.


    Santa Clause is Coming to The Apron Oyster Bar & Grill. For this special occasion, they have chosen to bet on proven winners—their meaty lobster from the US and dry-aged premium beef. The notion of the grill has that special family time quality to it, so if you're meat or meaty seafood lovers, you know where to take the fam!


    ITALIAN8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA offers lunch & dinner on the most festive days, and every celebration gets a boost when you add a bit of that Italian flavor to it. Celebrate while enjoying exquisite seafood, handmade Italian pasta, fine meats and the gourmand jewel—the Alba White Truffle. The menu showcases the best seasonal ingredients and especially savors and takes advantage of the rare fact that the White and Black truffle season overlap at this time!


    An Italian Celebration @ Terrazza Italian Restaurant offers an Italian dinner menu that's a bit less on the extravagant gourmand and a bit more on the traditional gourmand side. The restaurant was listed as “Golden Q” by Ospitalita Italiana 2015–2016, proving that they pick only the freshest ingredients and meet the highest of standards in Italian hospitality! They are also, fittingly, wine heaven!


    FRENCH: Café de Paris Monte-Carlo is Asia's first cafe of it's kind that freshly opened this summer at Galaxy Macau! They provide guests with an authentic French-style cafe experience, both visually and gastronomically. Their French Festive Sensations program features different lunch and dinner menus for Christmas and New Year's, comprised of fresh classics made up of exquisite festive flavors!


    PORTUGUESEPortuguese Festive Fare @ Gosto is here with signature heart-warking and mouth-watering Portuguese dishes like salted cod prepared to perfection! Their selection of festive specials is ideal for families, and their cuisine of choice for families visiting Macau!


    Galaxy MacauWebsite

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