Best Ice Cream And Gelato Spots In KL

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Kuala Lumpur’s ice cream scene has evolved significantly over the last few years. The past was uncomplicated: decisions such as cone or cup, vanilla or chocolate and sprinkles or no sprinkles were as flamboyant as things got. Now you can choose from gluten free cones to pandan flavored waffles and even having cereals in your ice cream! No matter how you roll, here are the iconic homegrown spots serving KL’s best ice cream, gelato and soft serve.

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  • Kind Kones

    KIND KONES *Homegrown Ice Cream Brand KL

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    Kind Kones is here to prove that the plant based label or a healthier option does not mean you have to compromise on taste. Their ice creams are handcrafted in small batches from all-natural ingredients. Every flavor is free from dairy, refined sugar, egg, preservative, and any artificial additives. The shops also serve a selection of desserts that are healthier alternatives to conventional versions usually loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats.

    Kind Kones, Various Locations, my.kindkones.com

  • N.ICE Cream Kuala Lumpur

    N.ICE *Homegrown Ice Cream Brand KL

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    N.ICE is a spin-off brand from Nerdunit providing a healthier alternative to your average dessert. N.ICE serves a wide variety of soft serve fun flavors that will leave you wanting more. They take soft serve to the next level by mixing it with your favorite cereal brand! From dipping french fries in soft serves to drizzling them in chocolate sauce and crunching them with cereals, the fun just goes on.

    N.ICE, 100-P2.013, Level P2, The School, No. 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Jaya One, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, www.jayaone.com.my

  • Inside Scoop KL

    INSIDE SCOOP *Homegrown Ice Cream Brand KL

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    One of the most iconic homegrown ice cream brands, Inside Scoop started as a dream to make genuinely fresh ice cream for Malaysians with premium ingredients. The first Inside Scoop opened in Bangsar late 2013 with 16 flavours, including the best sellers Durian and Valrhona Chocolate. Fast forward today, there are over 24 outlets scattered across Malaysia!

    Inside Scoop, Various Locations, www.insidescoop.com.my

  • Ice Cream Bar Kuala Lumpur

    ICE CREAM BAR *Non-Halal Ice Cream Brand KL (Contains Alcohol)

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    This one’s for the parents! Were you ever curious how well ice creams would go with alcohol?
    If you’re looking for a fantastic selection of handcrafted ice creams, crafted only with the best ingredients and finest liquor around, Ice Cream Bar has certainly raised the bar. The classic Rum & Raisin takes the throne for The Ice Cream Bar and Crunchy Coffee Whisky will whisk you away with the addition of some good ol’ Kentucky bourbon. Many other flavors for you to dig in!

    The Ice Cream Bar, Various Locations, www.theicecreambar.com.my

  • Softsrve KL

    SOFTSRVE *Homegrown Ice Cream Brand KL

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    At Softsrve, we are passionate about creating ice-cream that offers a little bit of sweetness, but a whole lot of happiness. Their philosophy is simple, to use Halal certified ingredients, focus on handcrafted recipes, and make in small batches. You can also choose from over 20 toppings and sauces, which are made in-house, to further elevate the ice cream creation. With their soft serve and ice cream being 50% less sweet compared to market brands, their desserts are undoubtedly worth a cheat day.

    Softsrve, Various Locations

  • Piccoli Lotti Kuala Lumpur

    PICCOLI LOTTI *Homegrown Ice Cream Brand KL

    Best Ice Cream And Gelato In KL

    Tucked away in a quiet row of shophouses in the residential enclave of Damansara Kim, this place serves a weekly rotation of 17 or 18 flavours, having launched over 40 flavours in total to date! Piccoli Lotti’s gelato repertoire is basically egg-free and made with mostly milk, cream and sugar. Besides classics like pistachio and hazelnut, the best-sellers include dark chocolate, chrysanthemum with cacao nibs (another signature) and vanilla.

    Piccoli Lotti, Various Locations

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