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At Kalodu, they understand the challenges parents face in providing high-quality education while juggling busy lifestyles. Their brand’s core mission is to empower parents and inspire children through fun, engaging, and flexible digital learning experiences.

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Kalodu offers a variety of top-quality digital learning programs from established brand like Marshall Cavendish Education for English, Math, Science, Coding and Chinese that are designed to make learning fun, effective, and convenient for children aged 4 to 12 years.

Examples include English Assessment for Grade 1Xue Le Wang for Primary 3 and Maths Digital Suites For Grade 6.

In today’s rapidly changing world, parents are increasingly focused on preparing their children for future success. They may seek digital learning products that offer a forward-thinking curriculum, teach essential 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy, and provide opportunities for practical application and real-world learning experiences.

Give your child’s learning a boost with Kalodu’s digital learning resources!

  • Kid At Computer Kalodu Singapore

    Quality Education, Enhanced At Home

    The benefits of using Kalodu products is that they promote self-directed learning, independence and lifelong learning skills, while guided practices with immediate feedback let your child know how they're doing.

  • Flashcards Kalodu Singapore

    Spark Curiosity And A Love For Learning

    If keeping your child motivated is proving a challenge, products on Kalodu will provide children with engaging game, animations and real-life scenarios make learning fun and interactive. Watch their curiosity ignite as they explore new concepts and develop a love for learning!

  • Family Kalodu Singapore

    Convenience And Learning On The Go!

    Busy schedules shouldn't limit learning! Kalodu offers flexible and convenient learning opportunities. Your child can access these programs anytime, anywhere and learn at their own pace, making them perfect for busy families on the go!

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