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BabyNes Infant Formula Capsules In Hong Kong

Innovative Formula Feeding

Hot off the press! Wyeth® Nutrition, pioneers in infant nutritional science, are taking formula feeding to a new level! Check out this sneak peek inside the BabyNes, a technological first in the market to change the way we buy, prepare and feed our babies’ formula.

Using the same method of how we use espresso machines with a capsule system, BabyNes is a gadget that uses formula capsules to create the ‘perfect feed’. You simply insert the capsule, which is categorized by age group, into the machine, and boom…baby is served a perfectly warmed formula feed in less than a minute. This groovy product combines high technology with the modern needs of parents! George Clooney stand back…here’s the scoop!


*FORMULA:  Wyeth® BabyNes has developed a range of formulas tailored to the evolving nutritional needs of your child. Choose capsules with perfectly measured amounts of formula for little ones up to 3 years old.

*CARE-FREE PREP:  The BabyNes Machine recognizes each formula capsule by its unique barcode and provides a perfectly measured feed at the touch of a button.

*HYGENIC:  Each single-serve capsule has a precise quantity of milk powder and a filter that eliminates bacteria from the water.

*FOR PARENTS ON-THE-GO:  Whether for a trip to the store, a checkup, or some grandparent time, it’s easy to prepare capsules on the go. You can simply use the capsule opener to make feedings by hand. No need for measuring and storing.

*WI-FI ENABLED:  Download the MyBabyNes App and preparation and feeding via your phone. You can also track and share, set replenish reminders, and enable feeding alerts. Smart…we think so!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

An easy and innovative way to buy, prepare, and feed formula. Press and go!

Who It's Perfect For:

While it is recommended that breast is best, this solution is for parents looking at formula options.

What Else:​

Invite alert! You are cordially invited to "Experiencing BabyNes" where parents can try out the product for themselves. Click here for details and sign up (note, details and event are in Cantonese). Or, if you prefer, click here and buy it now!

Additional Info:​

Wyeth® BabyNes

Click here to register for the "Experiencing BabyNes" event

Click here to buy BabyNes now!


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