Morning workouts and fishing reinvented! When in Singapore, get a glimpse of the fishing-life with FEVER! Even if you’ve never caught a single tiny wee-Nemo or paddled by the shoreline, these guys will make you a pro! Be sure to claim your bragging rights afterward!

Offering three different types of Kayak Fishing experiences, each one caters to peers with different levels of fitness and skills. ‘The Playground’ is all about getting an easy start close to the shore, whereas the ‘Big Boat Small Boat’ will take you on a 3-5 km route among vessels anchored by the coast -perfect for fishing-enthusiasts. Skilled folks in for a thrill should choose the ‘Island Hopper!’ In any case, you’ll be soaking in the views of Singapore skyline while having a blast with your expert guide.

To ensure an amazing time, groups are a maximum of 4 people! If you want to gather a bigger crew, you can arrange this with your guide in advance. Keep in mind kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the same kayak!