The idea of a family night out at the movies can be a whole lot more idyllic than the reality - as we know from experience. And that's why we are loving MBO Cinema's new family-friendly cinema.  Designed with families in mind and providing huge comfy Kecil sofa beds, bean bags and even a wonderful soft play area situated just below the screen, MBO Cinema's new Kecil Cinema Hall at The Starling will keep even the most fidgety of children happy. There is even a baby-changing facility just outside the main door.

We are assured that noisy children and crying babies are welcome and because little one's ears are more sensitive than those of an adult, the audio is lower. Plus, you won't have to spend your time trying to silence younger movie-goers with popcorn and sweets as the kids are encouraged to run around, shout and have as much fun as they like should they feel like it.