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60 Unique Virtual Field Trips To Take Now

Schools Out, But Learning Continues!

Get ready for some amazing field trips folks! The Little Steps team has gathered up a list of incredible field trips you can take from home with the kids. From virtual reality trips to visiting MARS to going deep inside a volcano, this handy guide offers edutainment galore. We simply can not stop clicking!

  • GOOGLE EXPEDITIONS: An App With Loads Of Trips

    Google does it again with this cool app. Download the Google Expeditions app to your mobile device and explore the multitude of online tours available for viewing in regular format, VR, and also via guided tours. We had fun exploring Da Vinci's Inventions, taking a tour of the International Space Station, visiting Mount Everest, and going underwater in the Galapagos. There is so much here - have fun!

    Google Expeditionsclick here

  • VISIT OUTER SPACE: Go To Mars Or The Moon With NASA

    ey space cadets, NASA has released a very unique program that helps kids get a taste of planet MARS from their own home computer, tablet, or phone. Check out fun facts about this interesting planet, compare your weather with the weather on MARS, check out DIY experiments, and send a postcard to the rover. This website is loaded with edutainment for all ages! There are also cool apps for tracking the sun, stars, and moon. We also love the How Many People Are In Space Apps where you can see who is in space right now!

    Visit MARS with NASAclick here

    Visit The Moon With NASAclick here

    Visit The Sunclick here

    Unique Apps For Budding Astronomers:

    Stellarium - view the night sky in AI

    Sky Guide - makes stargazing simple!

    Sun Seeker - hands-on solar tracking

    How Many People Are In Space Now - Li

  • VISIT A VOLCANO VIRTUALLY: Videos, Virtual Tours, More

    Did you know there are 1,571 active volcanoes in the world? Do you want to visit one from your bed? Google Earth tracks the most volatile volcanoes and you can simply click and start exploring.  We also enjoyed watching the heart-pounding Youtube video by Red Bull which takes you on a 360-degree expedition into the heart of an active volcano.  Wow!

    Google Earth Volcanoesclick here

    360 Degree Expeditionclick here

    More volcano virtual resources:

    Digital Volcano - Descend into one of the world's most extreme environments

  • ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME: Learn All About Music

    Music always soothes the soul! The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is currently closed due to COVID-19 and in response has launched a rather groovy microsite called Rock And Roll Edu. All kids should learn a little something about The Rolling Stones, early Hip Hop bands, and The Beatles. Explore music education at it's finest with tunes, stories, and more. Grammy Museum At Home is a new initiative that features fun ideas such as drawing to music, interviews (including the late Kenny Rogers), and inspiring chats with folks such as Kool And The Gang. Boom!

    Rock And Roll Hall Of

    Grammy Museum At


    One investment that will pay plenty of educational dividends is a pair of VR viewers. You can buy the viewer online, put your smartphone into the viewer and download the relevant app and then unleash the power of VR in interactive field trip videos and learning all over the world. Top videos to explore via VR include videos by Conservation International,

    VR Films To Watch With Kids:

    Conservation International, Amazon, Oceans, More

    360 Youtube VR For Kids, lots of amazing videos here

    Google Earth VR - Innovative and educational

    Discovery VR - Animals and more

    Virtual Field Trips With Boeing - Super cool kids trips!

    Hong Kong VR Viewer:

    Toys R Us

    Singapore VR Viewer:


    Kuala Lumpur VR Viewer:



    Tour the best zoos in the world, say hello to a Panda live on webcam, chillax while viewing Belluga whales at an aquarium, and visit the top landmarks in the world all on your computer. Want to skip the zoo and head to Africa - they have webcams there too. With the closures of top tourist destinations around the world comes many innovations for virtual tours and live viewings - enjoy! Want to see animals in your house? Get ready for hours of fun with this unique roll-out by Google! All you have to do is google your favorite animal into your Google Search on your mobile device. Click on the View In 3D button under the animal search information (usually the top listing). Follow the instructions and watch your animal come alive in AI on your phone in your living room. Holy moly, it's a lot of fun and be prepared to take a lot of photos of the bears, crocs, and lions hanging out in your house.

    Google Animals

    Visit A Virtual Zoo And More Animals:

    San Diego

    Atlanta Zoo Panda Camclick here

    Smithsonian’s National

    Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs Rhenen, Netherlandclick here


    Tembe Elephant

    Bald Eagle Live

    Live Puppy

    Click here for a handy zoo visit sheet for the kids!

  • VISIT A MUSEUM: Tour The World's Leading Museums

    There are lots of innovations in the area of virtual field trips! Google Arts and Culture have partnered with over 2,500 of the world's leading museums and offering online virtual tours and online displays of their exhibitions and key masterpieces. Visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Uffizi Gallery of Florence, and the Guggenheim Museum in New York and plenty more all from the comfort of your home.

    Google Arts And CultureClick here 

    More Virtual Museum Tours For Kids And Families:


    Michigan Science Centerclick here

    Van Gogh Museumclick here

    The Vaticanclick here

    The Best Of Art Murals In NYCclick here

    Hermatageclick here

  • EXPLORE AUSTRALIA NOW: New Virtual Trips Galore

    Tourism Australia has taken virtual field trips very seriously with a slew of online offerings including - live stream of baby koalas, cooking experiences with Australia's top chefs, music from some of the country's most loved singers and bands, or 360-degree tours from some of Australia's most iconic natural and cultural destinations, Australia's top attractions and artists are rising to the challenge and keeping people entertained at home.

    Sydney’s Taronga Zooclick here

    Australian Reptile Parkclick here

    Australian Balley Morning Dance Classesclick here

    Yulunga Traditional Indigenous Gamesclick here

    Koala Camsclick here

    Sydney Harbour Sunsetclick here

    Snorkel The Great Barrier Reefclick here

    Visit Rottnest Islandclick here

    Virtual Wine Tasting With Ben Eanclick here


    Want to learn all about what animals live at different depths in the ocean? This handy site teaches your kids in a fun and easy to navigate way. Want more? The best and biggest aquariums from all over the world are offering loads of virtual fun including live tours, webcams, and more. Learn about sea life from the experts!

    Deep Sea Diving,

    Visit An Aquarium Live:

    Georgia /beluga-whale-webcam

    Loggerhead Marine

    Monterey Bay Aquarium,


  • VISIT THE WORLD'S FAMOUS LANDMARKS: Virtual Tours All Over The Globe

    Landmarks, landmarks, landmarks! For parents looking to combine a bit of educational learning from home, these handy tours online and webcam set-ups give you just what you need. Kids can tour Buckingham Palace, Easter Island, The White House, and the Great Wall Of China from their sofa!  Cool - we sure think so!



    Galapagos Islandwatch here

    Taj Mahal,

    Great Barrier

    Great Wall Of

    Son Doong Caveclick here

    View The Best Parks In USAclick here

    Tour The White


    Carlsbad Cavernsclick here

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