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Year Of The Wood Dragon

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Phuket 2024 Little Steps Asia

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is significant in Phuket, Thailand, reflecting the Chinese community’s profound influence on the island’s cultural and social landscape. This festival underscores the importance of Chinese heritage in Phuket, where the Chinese diaspora has been instrumental in shaping local traditions, economy, and architecture, particularly evident in the Old Town’s Sino-Portuguese buildings.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Phuket is a vivid celebration of the island’s multicultural identity, bringing together locals and visitors in a vibrant display of customs, festivities, and communal spirit. It marks a time of renewal, family reunions, and homage to ancestors, embodying values deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

The island-wide celebrations are a kaleidoscope of red lanterns, dragon dances, fireworks, and traditional food, transforming Phuket into a bustling hub of activity and joy. These festivities attract tourists from around the globe and foster a sense of unity and cultural exchange among the island’s diverse inhabitants.

Phuket’s history with the Chinese community dates back to the 19th century when Chinese immigrants arrived, contributing significantly to the tin mining industry’s growth. This period began a lasting legacy, intertwining Chinese customs with the local Thai culture.

In the year of the Wood Dragon, a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese mythology, Phuket’s Chinese New Year celebrations take on an even more auspicious significance. The Wood Dragon Year is extraordinary, promising prosperity and harmony for the community and the island.

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    Chinese New Year Celebrations In Phuket

    Year Of The Wood Dragon

    In collaboration with Phuket City, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket office traditionally merges Chinese New Year festivities with the annual Old Phuket Festival. The event features various vibrant performances, including dragon and traditional dances, held in the public park adjacent to the TAT offices on Phuket Road.

    During this period, key streets in Old Phuket Town, including Thalang Road, Krabi Road, Dibuk Road, and Phang Nga Road, are closed to vehicular traffic, allowing three nights of pedestrian-centric celebrations. Visitors to Chinese households will notice living rooms adorned with vases of flowers, platters of tangerines, and trays containing eight varieties of dried fruit. Additionally, the entryways of numerous shops and residences are decorated with red banners and embellishments, symbolizing wishes for luck and happiness in the new year.

    You are advised to arrive at the TAT office by 6 pm to witness a demonstration on preparing local traditional desserts, complete with complimentary samples. Furthermore, the TAT organizes a daily tour of Phuket shrines, which requires advance reservations. This community event is complimentary and open to the public.

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    Culinary Traditions During Chinese New Year In Phuket

    Dumplings, Tangerines And Noodles

    The celebration of Chinese New Year sees a significant increase in food consumption, with a vast array of traditional dishes prepared in honor of family, friends, and ancestors.

    Certain foods, such as dumplings, tangerines, noodles, and glutinous rice cakes, are deemed auspicious and consumed to attract luck for the forthcoming year. Conversely, fresh beancurd or tofu are traditionally avoided during the festivities due to their white color—which symbolizes death.

    A special dinner, a tribute to ancestors' spirits, marks the eve of Chinese New Year. This meal, known as weilu (which translates to 'surround the stove'), is a communal event centered around the family dining table. It serves as a symbol of family unity, bridging the gap between the deceased and the living.

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    Essential Insights on Chinese New Year Celebrations

    Red For Prosperity

    During Chinese New Year, wearing red is expected as it symbolizes prosperity. It is believed that one's appearance and demeanor during this period influence the forthcoming year. Traditionally, children, unmarried friends, and close relatives are gifted red envelopes, known as lai see in Cantonese or ang pao in Hokkien, containing money to usher in good fortune.

    Oranges and tangerines, representing abundant happiness, are considered auspicious gifts when visiting Chinese families throughout the two-week festivities.

    The tradition of setting off loud firecrackers during Chinese New Year in Phuket is aimed at ushering out the old year and welcoming the new. These are typically ignited daily during the festival, often in the mornings. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, it is customary to open every door and window in the home, facilitating the departure of the old year.

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    Chinese Shrines

    Cultural And Spiritual Landmarks

    Chinese shrines in Phuket serve as significant cultural and spiritual landmarks, reflecting the island's rich Chinese heritage. These shrines, often characterized by their intricate architecture and vibrant colors, are central to the practice of traditional Chinese religions and the celebration of festivals such as the Chinese New Year. Among them is the Jui Tui Shrine, a prominent site in Phuket Town. Its historical significance and active participation in community rituals attract devotees and visitors alike. These shrines offer a space for worship and contemplation and act as custodians of the island's Chinese customs and traditions, playing a crucial role in preserving and transmitting cultural identity to future generations.

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    Wat Chalong Fair

    Festival Time

    The Wat Chalong Fair is one of Phuket's most significant and anticipated events, held annually at the Wat Chalong temple, one of the island's most important Buddhist sites. This week-long festival attracts thousands of visitors, both locals and tourists, who come to pay respects, enjoy the vibrant fairground atmosphere, and participate in the myriad of activities available. The fair features a variety of stalls selling traditional Thai food, handicrafts, and souvenirs alongside cultural performances, live music, and fireworks displays. It is a time of joyous celebration, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and communal spirit of Phuket.

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    The Thai Hua Museum

    Chinese History

    The Thai Hua Museum, located in Phuket Town, is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the local Chinese community. Housed in a beautifully preserved Sino-Portuguese building, the museum offers visitors an insightful look into Chinese immigrants' history, traditions, and contributions to Phuket. Through its well-curated exhibits, which include photographs, artifacts, and interactive displays, the museum narrates the story of Chinese settlements on the island, their integration into Thai society, and their significant impact on Phuket's economic development and cultural landscape. The Thai Hua Museum serves as an educational resource and a cultural landmark, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between Phuket's Chinese and Thai communities.

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    Chinese New Year Celebrations

    Traditional Chinese Cuisine

    Numerous resorts and dining establishments throughout Phuket are set to celebrate Chinese New Year with special events, often featuring buffet dinners that showcase an array of traditional Chinese cuisine, including suckling pig, duck, dim sum, and other festive dishes. Phuket's beach clubs will also partake in the celebrations, organizing gala dinners and parties to mark the occasion. These events allow locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the festive spirit, enjoying the culinary delights and vibrant atmosphere characteristic of Chinese New Year celebrations on the island.

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    Duration of Chinese New Year Celebrations

    Auspicious Dates

    The Chinese New Year festivities traditionally extend for two weeks, commencing on Chinese New Year's Eve on 9 February and concluding with the Lantern Festival on 24 February. While New Year's Day falls on 10 January, Phuket's annual Chinese New Year Festival is celebrated a few days later.

    Key Dates for Chinese New Year in Phuket

    In Thailand, the Chinese diaspora primarily observes three crucial days from 8 to 10 February, each with its own significance:

    8 February

    Preparation Day - This day is dedicated to preparing for the New Year's celebrations. Individuals frequent markets and malls to purchase food, fruits, and offerings for the deities before the onset of the holiday period. It's also a time when families clean their homes and discard old items to make way for new ones in anticipation of the New Year.

    9 February

    New Year’s Eve (Day of Worship) - New Year’s Eve is pivotal for family reunions and the commencement of ceremonies to honor deities and ancestors, culminating in a substantial family dinner. Offerings made in the early morning typically include various meats, tea, whiskey, and symbolic items like silver and gold papers to attract wealth. Later in the morning, families pay homage to their ancestors with their favorite dishes and the ritual burning of paper money and clothes. The day is also marked by the distribution of red envelopes (Ang Pao), symbolizing fortune and prosperity, followed by lighting firecrackers at midnight to ward off misfortune and welcome the New Year with open doors and windows.

    10 February

    New Year’s Day (Day of Celebrations) - Symbolizing fresh starts, family members present oranges to elders as a sign of respect and in hope of blessings. The day is observed with new clothes and outings, emphasizing positive actions and avoiding negative behaviors to ensure a year filled with good fortune.

    These observances reflect the deep cultural traditions and practices associated with Chinese New Year in Phuket, emphasizing family unity, respect for ancestors, and welcoming prosperity and good luck.

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    Observing Chinese New Year in Phuket

    Merit-Making Ceremonies

    Annually, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket office and Phuket City amalgamate the Chinese New Year celebrations with the Old Phuket Festival. This year, the festivities are scheduled to span three days, from 15 to 17 February, commencing five days post-Chinese New Year's Day.

    For an authentic festival experience, visitors are encouraged to visit the vicinity of the Golden Dragon Monument adjacent to the TAT Phuket office on Thalang Road. Attendees can anticipate various performances, culinary stalls, and a parade, all part of this complimentary community event. A notable feature, the Dragon Procession parade and traditional dances, typically on the festival's second day, stands as the event's centerpiece.

    In addition to the parade, the festival offers forums on Phuket’s distinctive architecture and the preservation of Phuket Old Town. For those keen to immerse themselves in local celebrations, the following locations are recommended:

    Chinese Shrines in Phuket Town

    Ideal for observing merit-making ceremonies, including offerings and prayers for a prosperous year at Kuan Im Teng Shrine, Jui Tui Shrine, and Samkong Shrine.

    Sapan Hin Park

    Notable for its stunning red lantern decorations.

    Phuket Old Town

    Encompassing Thalang Road, Dibuk Road, and Phang Nga Road.

    Wat Chalong

    Though not a Chinese temple, it hosts a significant festival during Chinese New Year.

    Phuket Thai Hua Museum

    Offers insights into the Chinese heritage and history of Phuket, tracing back to the early Chinese migration in the 1800s.

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    Traditions and Cultural Practices

    The Dos And Dont's

    During the Chinese New Year, certain practices are observed to ensure a year of good fortune. These include avoiding the use of the number '4' due to its phonetic proximity to the word for 'death' in Chinese and maintaining a positive outlook for the year ahead. Other traditions include:

    Avoiding Negative Speech

    Focus on positive discussions, steering clear of past adversities.

    Dress Code

    Wearing red or bright colors symbolizes joy and a fresh start, whereas white and black are avoided due to their association with mourning and misfortune.

    Behavioral Beliefs

    Actions and mood on New Year’s Day are thought to influence luck for the year. Red envelopes containing money are given to children, single individuals, and close relatives as tokens of good fortune.

    House Visits

    Entering someone else's bedroom is deemed inauspicious. It is customary for hosts to greet guests in the living room dressed in new attire.


    The use of sharp objects is discouraged to prevent cutting through good luck. Certain foods, such as dumplings, oranges, noodles, and rice cakes, are considered auspicious, while tofu and beancurd are avoided.

    These practices and locations offer a glimpse into the rich history of Chinese New Year celebrations in Phuket, embodying the occasion's cultural heritage and communal spirit.

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    Chinese New Year Celebrations in Phuket

    Party In Style

    These events offer a variety of ways to celebrate Chinese New Year across Phuket and nearby regions, from lavish buffet dinners to themed parties and cultural festivities.

    Chinese New Year at Kata Rocks

    Date: 9 February

    Location: Kata Rocks, Phuket

    Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner 2024

    Date: 10 February

    Location: Amantara, 484 Moo 8, Sakdidej Road, T. Vichit, Muang, Phuket

    Chinese New Year’s Buffet - The Dragon Night

    Date: 9 February

    Location: Meliá Phuket Mai Khao, Phuket

    Chinese New Year Celebration

    Date: 9 February

    Location: Krabi International School, Krabi

    Sunset Party

    Date: 10 February

    Location: The Hidden Gem Krabi, Krabi

    Chinese New Year Celebration

    Date: 10 February

    Location: Yona Beach, Office Royal Phuket Marina unit MC1-5, 63/102, Koh Kaew, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket

    Chinese New Year’s Dinner - The Dragon Week

    Date: 10 February

    Location: Meliá Phuket Mai Khao, Phuket

    Chinese New Year Gala Dinner

    Date: 9 February

    Location: Pullman Phuket Karon Beach Resort, Phuket

    Lunar New Year Celebration

    Date: 9 February

    Location: Silk Restaurant & Bar, 15 Moo 6, Layi Naka Lay Road, Kamala Beach, Phuket

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