Where To Buy Board Games For Kids In Singapore?

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Where to buy board games in Singapore

We all know and love traditional board games like Monopoly, Connect 4, Scrabble and Checkers. As technology advances, these games have taken a backseat to the point where creators of the games have to introduce themed game sets based on current animated characters from Disney and the like, just so that kiddos might be more inclined to buy and play them! All being said, such board games are priceless as they provide valuable opportunities for fun, laughter and bonding between you and your little ones… Little Steps has rounded up the stores that you can purchase both traditional as well and newly created board games just for you. Now it’s time for technology to take a step back!  Here are the shops to buy all your favorite board games in Singapore!

  • Buy Board Game from My First Board Game, Singapore

    MY FIRST GAMES: Educational Board Games In Singapore

    Intrigued by how beneficial board games can be for both the young and old, a mum of 3 started out My First Games, which is now an importer, distributor and retailer of premium quality Euro-style board games and educational products. The range of board games featured is impressive and is organized into categories like Math, Strategy, IQ Games and even those specifically for pre-schoolers on their website. Take time to browse through their products – worth it!


    Where to find it: www.myfirstgames.sg/

  • Buy the first board game from World of Board Games

    WORLD OF BOARD GAMES: Wide Range Of Board Games For All Ages In Singapore

    The name of this store says it all and they pride themselves in stocking only award-winning games that have been favorites for the longest time. Their featured games are suitable from 5 years onwards and there are quite a number of sale offers periodically so do check their website. Prices range from SG$15.90 to SG$139.90 and there’s no GST for now!


    Where to find it: www.world-of-board-games.com.sg/

  • Buy Board Games from Boards Game Lifestyle, SG

    BOARD GAME LIFESTYLE: Wide Range Of Board Games For All Ages In Singapore

    Stocking about 1000 board games, this online store has one of the widest range of games for the older kiddos. They also have a membership program where you can enjoy cash benefits as well as be informed on pre-orders of upcoming games and exclusive invites to future game demos. Other than a flat SG$5 courier delivery, you can choose to pick up your items at selected MRT stations. Visit their website for more information.


    Where to find it: www.boardgamelifestyle.com/

  • TOYS ‘R’ US: Variety Of Board Games In Singapore - All The Classics

    For more classic games like Monopoly, LIFE and more, Toys ‘R’ Us is your best bet. You can choose to shop online or visit any one of their stores island-wide for a better selection.


    Toys "R" Us Singaporehttps://www.toysrus.com.sg

  • Buy Board Game from SMART ALLEY, SINGAPORE

    SMART ALLEY: Board Games For Young Kids In Singapore

    Smart Alley is a good place to sourcing for board games for the younger ones. Games like Pizza Math, The Memory Palace, 7 Habits of Happy Kids are great games to teach little ones life skills and introduce them to the benefits of cooperative play as well.


    Where to find it: www.smartalley.com.sg/collections/board-games

  • Buy Board Game from Toytag, Singapore

    TOYTAG: One-Stop-Shop For Board Games In Singapore

    Essentially, Toytag is one-stop shop for the latest gadgetry, toys, educational games and also tactical board games. The selections are mainly for older kids, but occasionally, you can find some, like Ranglin’ Rabbits or Ticket to Ride: First Journey, suitable for 6 year olds.


    Where to find it: www.toytag.com/

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