Top 10 Health Food Stores in Singapore: Your Guide to Organic Delight

Where To Shop For Healthy And Organic Produce In Singapore

where to buy health foods in singapore

Whether you’re a devoted health nut, have specific dietary needs, or have simply decided it’s time to follow a healthier eating regime, you’ll need to stock up on fresh, nutritious, and organic produce to support your lifestyle. Thankfully, Singapore has aligned its food market perfectly with current health food trends, offering a wide range of top-quality health food stores to cater to all your dietary needs. From fresh greens and organic produce to wholesome snacks, vitamins, supplements, and superfoods, these stores have got you covered. If you’re new to shopping for healthy food products in Singapore and you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated a list of the best health food stores across the city to guide you on your health-conscious journey. Shop at these stores to stay on track, fuel your body, and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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    LITTLE FARMS: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Grocery, Organic, and Ethically Sourced Food In Singapore

    Neighborhood Market For Fresh And Organic Produce

    Little Farms is Singapore's go-to neighborhood market to shop for the freshest organic produce around. They’re renowned for their commitment to providing customers with quality, all-natural, and organic products. They offer a wide range of meticulously selected groceries from fresh and organic produce, to seafood, dairy, gourmet goods, and sustainable meats. They also offer an array of gluten-free, vegan, and keto diet products. We love that Little Farms prioritizes ethical sourcing, working directly with independent farmers and suppliers worldwide. Buy all your groceries online here or shop at one of their fab stores located all across Singapore. With a “Freshness Guaranteed” promise, Little Farms is a must-visit store for health-conscious consumers in Singapore.

    Little Farms, Various store locations in Singapore including at Katong Point and Valley Point Shopping Centre, +65 6241 2487,,

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    SCOOP WHOLEFOODS: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Health Food, Organic Food, Zero-Waste In Singapore

    Pay-By-Weight On Affordable, Sustainable Australian Produce

    If you’re in the market for affordable top quality health food products, then head to Scoop Wholefoods. This thriving health food provider offers a wide range of directly-sourced Australian organic products, including cold-pressed oils, grains, juices, nut butters, sauces, spices, teas, and more. With a commitment to a zero-waste mentality, they promote pay-by-weight bulk shopping, allowing you to buy only what you need. If you only need a cup of rice, you only pay for a cup of rice. Scoop Wholefoods’ “no single-use plastics” policy promotes the creation of a refillable household pantry and sustainable lifestyle, helping to minimize environmental impact. Shop online here or in-store at one of their multiple stores across Singapore.

    Scoop Wholefoods, Various store locations in Singapore including at Great World City and Paya Lebar Quarter, +65 6513 1811,,

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    BROWN RICE PARADISE: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Natural And Organic Products In Singapore

    Specialty Retailer Of Natural And Organic Food Items

    Brown Rice Paradise first opened its doors in 1994 and has grown a loyal customer-base over the years of consumers shopping for quality health food products. They have earned the reputation as one of Singapore’s premier specialty retailers of natural and organic products. You’re not going to find fresh produce here, but you will find an extensive range of natural organic goods like grains, gluten-free items, low-sugar snacks, nuts, and superfoods. You’ll even find health-conscious household and personal care products here to compliment your healthy lifestyle. You can trust the “Certified Organic” labels found on their products. Browse their product catalog here to shop online, or visit their physical store at Tanglin Mall.

    Brown Rice Paradise, Tanglin Mall, B1 - 118, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore, +65 6738 1121,,

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    ZENXIN ORGANIC: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Bulk Food Organic Shopping In Singapore

    Wide Variety Of Fresh And Dried Organic Foods For Bulk Shopping

    If you love bulk shopping to save time and money, check out Zenxin Organic. They promote eco-friendly wholesale purchasing by customers, while still providing exceptional quality products. Zenxin Organic's journey began when its founder, Mr. Tai Kok Kong, discovered the exceptional taste of organic produce, leading to the establishment of this trusted wholesaler of certified organic products. Zenxin Organic is a haven for organic food enthusiasts in Singapore, offering an extensive and diverse range of products, including baby noodles, beverages, confectionary goods, cooking oils, frozen foods, gluten-free pastas, grains, herbs, legumes, organic fresh produce, spices, teas, and more. And we love their fresh fruit and veg organic boxes! Purchase their products online here or visit their wholesale store in Pasir Panjang.

    Zenxin Organic, Block 14, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, No.01-25, Singapore, +65 6778 7369,,

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    RYAN’S GROCERY: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Allergen-Free Shopping Option, Organic, Free-Range Food In Singapore

    Boutique Grocer And Butcher Store With Allergen-Friendly Foods

    Do you have specific dietary requirements for your health or lifestyle? Ryan's Grocery caters to discerning foodies and those with dietary restrictions as a premium allergen-friendly, gluten-free, gourmet, preservative-free, and certified organic foods boutique store in Singapore. Lovingly named after the founders' son, who has dietary intolerances, the specialty retailer offers a wide range of alternative food options sourced from within Singapore, America, Australia, and Europe. They prioritize quality and health, with a strong focus on organic and free-range produce. Ryan's Butchery, a highlight of the store, offers organic, dry-aged meats prepared in-house. They’re committed to sourcing from free-range farms. They have 2 outlets at Binjai Park and Great World City, plus provide online shopping options for customers.

    Ryan’s Grocery, Binjai Park Store: 29 Binjai Park, Singapore, +65 6463 3933; Great World City Store: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, No.B1-144/145, Singapore, +65 6767 3393;,

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    OPENTASTE: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Home Delivery For Fresh Produce In Singapore

    Online Store With Farm Fresh Produce Delivered To Your Door

    Online shopping with a home-delivery option has become increasingly popular due to the benefits and convenience of it all. It makes total sense then to be able to shop for all your fresh produce and health foods online too. OpenTaste is a pioneering online grocery service in Singapore, committed to delivering the freshest ingredients to households. They successfully collaborate with over 200 producers worldwide, ensuring that produce never spends more than 12 hours in their warehouse to minimize waste. OpenTaste offers a diverse range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, and snacks, with bulk options. They offer flexible delivery options to suit your needs. Shop online on their website or download their easy-to-use OpenTaste online shopping app.

    OpenTaste, Online store only, +65 9220 8227,,

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    UNPACKT: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Zero-Waste, Bulk Food Shopping In Singapore

    Zero-Waste Food Store To Get Health Food Refills

    Unpackt, a home-grown social enterprise founded by Jeff and Florence, is dedicated to promoting a zero-waste lifestyle to their local community. They offer package-free bulk food and daily necessities. Find cooking ingredients, fresh produce, pantry items, and more at Unpackt. Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable containers along when shopping in-store and to purchase only what they need, to reduce waste. As the first zero-waste bulk store in Singapore, Unpackt has been a pioneer in the movement towards a more eco, mindful, and sustainable Singapore. Unpackt has now relocated its store to Mandai Wildlife West where you can still grab your product refills. They’ll also be focusing on deliveries through their online shop.

    Unpackt, Mandai Wildlife West, No.02-09, Bird Paradise, 20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, +65 8508 9190,,

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    POMEFRESH: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Organic Food Delivery In Singapore

    Organic Juices, Teas, And Top-Quality Superfoods

    PomeFresh, derived from "Pour Me Fresh", is a Singaporean organic food retailer with a strong belief in the importance of nutrition and health. They focus on providing "Good Food" that’s close to nature, sourced from non-polluted, organic sources without pesticides or herbicides. PomeFresh offers an exciting range of globally-sourced organic products, including juices, teas, kombucha, and superfoods like flax seeds and chia seeds. Their 100% pure organic juices are incredible! They’re dedicated to delivering the best quality organic food to their customers, emphasizing the importance of wholesome, natural ingredients in a healthy diet. While their warehouse isn't attended every day, they offer convenient online shopping with delivery within 3 working days. If you’d like to pop past their physical warehouse to shop, give them a call to arrange.

    PomeFresh, 10 UBI Crescent, No.04-39 A/B, UBI Techpark, Lobby C, Singapore, +65 8800 1119,,

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    NATURE’S GLORY: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Superfoods, Health Supplements In Singapore

    Pioneers Of The Certified Organic Food Movement In Singapore

    Nature's Glory is a Singaporean store dedicated to promoting health and well-being through organic and macrobiotic foods, superfoods, health supplements, and holistic lifestyle products. Founded by Peter Lim in 1991, the store is driven by the belief that food can be medicine. They source directly from farms to ensure quality and affordability, aiming to make organic and chemical-free products accessible to all. Nature's Glory has received 100% organic quality assurance through certifications like NASAA Organic. They adhere to stringent testing requirements, ensuring the highest quality organic products for their customers. Nature’s Glory prioritizes health and sustainability, making them a trusted name in organic products. Shop online on their website or visit their product showroom during office hours.

    Nature’s Glory, Mapex Building, No.08-16, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore, +65 6227 1318,,

  • EDEN HEALTH FOODS & NATURAL REMEDIES: Health Food Stores In Singapore *Holistic Health Foods In Singapore

    Holistic Health Food Products, Vitamins, And Supplements

    Eden Health Foods & Natural Remedies is a family-owned startup with a rich history in the health food industry. They provide holistic health food products to customers, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for overall well-being. You’ll find a wide range of health foods in-store, including bee products, biochemic tissue salts, diet products, dried herbs, homeopathic remedies, oils, sports nutrition products, vitamins, and supplements. Eden Health Foods & Natural Remedies is committed to serving its customers with quality health products and holistic wellness goods. Pop past their friendly store at Peninsula Shopping Centre or shop their products online here.

    Eden Health Foods & Natural Remedies, Peninsula Shopping Centre, No.02-01, 3 Coleman Street, Singapore, +65 9657 7467,,

Additional Info:​

Additional Health Food Stores In Singapore​

  • Balanced Living, 779 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, +65 6762 8029,,
  • Nature’s Superfoods, Wholesale Store: LTC Building B, No.03-09, 12 Arumugam Road, Singapore; Also at various grocers and pharmacies in Singapore; +65 6841 5476,,
  • Straits Market, Online shopping only, +65 9643 5358,,
  • That Health Shop, Arcade Store: Unit 03-05, The Arcade, 11 Collyer Quay, Singapore, +65 9733 1850; Roxy Store: Unit 01-112, Roxy Square 2 (Next to Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel), 50 East Coast Road, Singapore, +65 8518 7188;,
  • Two Sisters Pantry, Roxy Square. No.01-43, 50 East Coast Road, Singapore, +65 9655 8875,,

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