Where To Find College Admissions Counselling In Singapore?

Expert Advice To Give Your Child The Best Start In Their Career Journey

where to find college admissions counsellors in singapore

Are you ready to start considering college and university applications for your child, but are feeling overwhelmed at starting the process? It’s a big step for your child, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Navigating the various admission application processes, for both local and international institutions can be quite a daunting task. Thankfully, admissions consultancies are armed with the knowledge and experience to guide your child on their way.

Singapore has a variety of admissions counselling service providers to choose from, so that you can find the best fit for your child. Below we’ve shortlisted some of the best admissions counselling options available here in Singapore.

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    Crimson Education: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Lifting Your Application Above The Competition

    Crimson Education (Crimson) is the world's leading US, UK, EU, and Postgrad admissions counsellor, also supporting students in gaining admission into all 8 Ivy League universities. Most of their strategists, tutors, and mentors are former Ivy League graduates themselves. Crimson students are four times more likely to gain an offer from an Ivy League university than the general applicant. They assist students with building a highly competitive application strategy, gaining high standardised test scores, and perfecting every part of a student’s application.

    Crimson Education, 541 Orchard Road, #15-03 Liat Towers, Singapore, +65 6909 2004, singapore@crimsoneducation.org, www.crimsoneducation.org

  2. Prep Zone Academy: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Singapore’s Most Acclaimed Admissions Consultation Centre

    Prep Zone Academy provides admissions consulting services to its clients in Singapore. They assist in profile evaluation, application management, school shortlisting, and interview coaching. They have over 10 years of experience in admissions consulting. Their experienced consultants assist students in securing admission into Ivy League Schools and into top universities in the US, UK, and Singapore. Aspiring candidates can sign up here for a free consultation to get personalised advice from their top consultants.

    Prep Zone Academy, Orchard Campus, 15 Scotts Road, Thong Teck Building, #07-05, Singapore, +65 6812 9999, courses@prep-zone.com, www.college.edu.sg

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    Overseas Academic Link: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Bridging The Gap Between Student And University

    Overseas Academic Link (OAL) has over 30 years experience in admissions consulting services. They focus on students seeking admission into overseas universities. OAL has a 98% success rate with admission acceptance for its students. They offer guidance in the decision-making process and assist in all the steps of your application process. They go further in assisting with the arrangements for visa applications, travel, and accommodation for students accepted into overseas universities. Contact OAL here for a free consultation with one of their experienced consultants.

    Overseas Academic Link, 101 Cecil Street, 18-02 Tong Eng Building (near Lau Pa Sat), Singapore, +65 6224 4775, enquiry@oal.com.sg, www.oal.com.sg

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    Pathways College Consulting: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Personalised Approach To College Applications

    Pathways College Consulting (PCC) is a boutique college consulting agency founded by Mala Swaminathan, a qualified tester from the British Psychological Society. Clients are provided with a full range of ability, aptitude and personality assessments. PCC offers a flexible and personalised approach to college applications through every step of the process. Mala is also part of the global initiative called Second Chance. This initiative helps high achieving low-income students obtain financial aid, and gain access to higher education in good quality English medium institutions worldwide.

    Pathways College Consulting, +65 9782 5120, contact@pathwayscollegeconsulting.com, www.pathwayscollegeconsulting.com

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    Quintessential Consultancy: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Flagship University Admissions Mentoring

    Quintessential Consultancy (QC) is Asia’s premier education consultancy. QC places a big focus on mentoring applicants for college and university admissions. QC has over 100 Oxbridge and Ivy League mentors in its team. They follow a unique approach of assigning each applicant 5 mentors, who assist the applicant with the various stages of the admissions process. QC provides its admissions consulting services for admission to leading US, UK, and Singapore colleges and universities.

    Quintessential Consultancy, 545 Orchard Road, #14-09, Singapore, +65 6100 9338, enquiries@qeducation.sg, www.qconsult.org

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    The Keys Admissions: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Finding The Right University For You

    The Keys Admissions (TKA) is an admissions consultancy providing applicants with one-on-one counselling for admission to US and UK universities. Their team has over a decade of experience helping students across Asia achieve their admissions goals. They guide applicants throughout the whole admissions process. TKA will also advise you on internships, camps, and independent projects to enrol for, in the context of your future admissions decisions. They offer detailed information and assistance to applicants about the different standardised tests for both US and UK applications.

    The Keys Admissions, Found8 Co-Working Offices, 8th floor, High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Road, Singapore, +65 8858 0434, www.thekeysadmissions.org

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    Sekhon Education Services: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Admissions To Colleges And Universities In Singapore

    Sekhon Education Services (SES) is an education consultancy focusing on local and international students who wish to pursue higher education studies in Singapore. They assist students with the study visa application and will try to secure scholarships for deserving applicants. SES also specialises in assisting students in obtaining internship opportunities that would boost their admission application to their chosen Singapore college or university. SES prides itself on offering admissions counselling services to applicants at affordable prices. Check this info out to read more about their services.

    Sekhon Education Services, 112 Middle Road, Midland House, Singapore, +65 8747 9760, info@sekhoneducationservices.com, www.sekhoneducationservices.com 

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    PrepWorks: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Build A Strong Admissions Profile From Primary Years

    PrepWorks is an expert admissions consultancy assisting families long-term with their child’s admission to the top Ivy League schools and universities in the US and UK. PrepWorks has a successful admissions offer rate of 100% to top universities. In 2019, 2 out of 3 students secured spots at Oxford and Cambridge University. They focus on curating a detailed admissions profile for your child from as young as 5 years old. The PrepWorks Method focuses on three pillars of your child’s profile, being academic, character, and skills development.

    PrepWorks, Level 17, Frasers Tower, 182 Cecil Street, Singapore, +65 8181 0237, info@prep.works, www.prep.works/sg

  9. coaching and consulting for college singapore

    Aureus Consulting: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Distinctive Advantage Through Transformative Coaching

    Aureus Consulting is Singapore’s leading boutique university admissions, career, and scholarships consultant. With over a decade of experience and an impressive track record, they are experts in counselling applicants with admissions to US, UK, Australia, and Singapore colleges and universities. Aureus Consulting, and its affiliate ICON+, offer admissions-related services such as standardised test preparation, university application portfolio building, and career coaching. They offer a holistic personalised coaching program called Renew, focusing on 4 key life elements of body, mind, personality, and education/career.

    Aureus Consulting, 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #05-05, Singapore, +65 6991 6792, guidance@aureusconsulting.com, www.aureusconsulting.com 

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    IvyPrep: College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

    Committed, Bionic, Dynamic And Effective

    IvyPrep is an admissions counselling agency with a consulting framework developed by a former admissions officer and top graduates. University consultants are matched specifically to your needs. A large dynamic team of consultants, strategists, mentors, and editors are at your disposal. IvyPrep understands the financial burden placed on some applicants regarding the admissions process. You can apply to LEAP, their scholarship program, giving you a chance to gain free and unlimited access to IvyPrep’s full suite of university preparation and consulting programs.

    IvyPrep, #07-07, 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore, +65 6822 1229, info@ivyprep.com.sg, www.ivyprep.com.sg

Additional Info:​

Additional Services For College Admissions Counselling In Singapore

  • IDP Education Singapore, The Cathay, #02-6,7,8, 2 Handy Road, Singapore, +65 6819 0560, www.idp.com/singapore
  • Collegewise, 36 Carpenter Street, The Hive, Singapore, +65 8299 5001, info@collegewise.com, www.collegewise.com.sg
  • Overseas Education, Level 7 Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road, Next to 313 Somerset MRT Exit B, Singapore, +65 6100 9800, info@OverseasEducation.sg, www.uniapply.overseaseducation.sg
  • JACK Study Abroad, #08-02 Orchard Gateway @Emerald, 218 Orchard Road, Singapore, +65 6737 6734, info@studyabroad.sg, www.studyabroad.sg
  • AUG Student Services, 7 Maxwell Road, #02-100 Annex B, MND Complex, Singapore, +65 6227 0380, singapore@augstudy.com.sg, www.augstudy.com/singapore
  • AddedEducation, 120 Lower Delta Road, #10-12 Cendex Centre, Singapore, +65 6816 2672, info@addedsport.com, www.addededucation.com
  • AECC Global, 230 Victoria Street, #15-01/08 Bugis Junction Towers Singapore, Singapore, 188024, +65 6360 5580, enquiry.sg@aeccglobal.com, www.aeccglobal.sg
  • BroadMind, 280, #09-36 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Harvest @ Woodlands, Singapore, +65 9112 4668, contact@broadmindgroup.com, www.broadmindgroup.com
  • Magnolia Advisors, Singapore, info@magnoliaadvisors.sg, www.magnoliaadvisors.sg

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