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When baby is rested, so are we! We’ve spoken to Deborah Taylor, Infant and Children Sleep Consultant at Infant Sleep Resources to bring you advice from the pros on how everyone in your house can get some well-earned shut-eye! Whether you have a newborn or toddler, Deborah is here to help with tips and products from Singapore’s top retailers.



Sleep, in many respects is a learned skill and whilst there may be variations in terms of environment, parenting style, baby’s personality and so on, babies largely learn from the associations and conditions we give them around sleep. Many of the sleep and settling challenges Deborah is presented with as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant have a common theme, there are difficulties with a baby settling or staying asleep for a certain length of time without specific things happening. Here are some great products that Deborah recommends that can aid in helping babies to learn to settle happily to sleep:

  • Created from the makers of Ergobaby, the safe and snug Ergobaby Swaddler is designed to help keep baby's hips in the correct, ergonomic, "frog-leg" position. It's cocooning effect is comforting and makes babies feel safe and secure, while maintaining the correct body temperature. Deborah’s Tip: Use for all sleeps, so this becomes part of the settling process that your baby starts to recognize as they learn and grow.


  • A baby who is too hot or cold will not settle well and may wake up too soon feeling uncomfortable. The Gro-egg from The Gro Company uses color as a great way to show the room temperature, reminding you at a glance to adjust the thermostat or to change the baby's bedding or clothing. Deborah’s Tip: Place the Gro-egg near your baby’s crib, not elsewhere in the room as temperature often varies, especially when using air conditioning.


  • Putting a high-quality, innovative Grobag Baby Sleepbag on your baby before bed enables her to associate this with settling and being calm and relaxed. It is safer than blankets, and ensures baby remains warm but not hot throughout sleep. No wonder the award-winning Grobag Baby Sleepbag from The Gro Company is the UK's #1 safer sleep brand! Deborah’s Tip: Use the Grobag Baby Sleepbag for all sleeps and make sure it fits well with plenty of leg room.


  • A great way to help maintain your baby’s usual dark sleep environment on the go. Available for stroller, car seat and travel cot, the Snoozeshade has UV protection for sunny days out and about. Deborah’s Tip: Put the Snoozeshade on the stroller as soon as you see your baby’s tired signs, don’t wait until baby is overtired and grumpy.





    Often a time when sleep problems emerge, toddlerhood is all about challenges in one way or another. Many of Deborah's clients come to her with issues such as transitioning from cot to bed; early morning waking; getting out of bed in the night and going into parents room, to name a few. Whilst understanding toddler behavior and turning around sleep and settling difficulties gently but firmly is the best strategy, there are also some sleep and settling products that can assist the process. Here are a few of Deborah's favorites:

  • The stars and the sun on the Gro-clock from The Gro Company help your child to know when its time to get up or stay in bed! Deborah has recommended this clock countless times to clients who are having difficulty with their young children getting up too early in the mornings. Deborah’s Tip: Praise your child for the smallest of improvements in staying in bed longer in the mornings, as an incentive to continue.


  • A comforting night light which young children can turn on by themselves in the night for comfort, or for going to the bathroom. Use the timer function at bedtime, so it turns off at the time you set. Deborah’s Tip: Use at a distance for young toddlers and when your child is older it can be placed next to their bed.


  • An amazing solution for active toddlers, Deboarh often recommends the Gro-to-bed from The Gro Company to her sleep clients. The pillowcase is attached to the bottom sheet, the sheet fixes securely with a strap under the mattress, and the side zips keep bedding in place, preventing your child from falling out of bed. Deborah’s Tip: Use as soon as you transition your toddler from cot to bed, involve your child in choosing which color.


    You can purchase the products that Deborah recommends at these and other leading nursery retailers in Singapore:

    * Ergobaby Swaddler: Takashimaya.

    * Gro-egg: Motherswork, Mothercare, Baby Online.

    * Grobag: Motherswork, Mothercare, Baby Online, Kiddy Palace, Toys R Us.

    * Snoozeshade: Dear Baby, Kiddy Palace, Spring MaternityMotherswork.

    * Gro-Clock: Motherswork, Mothercare, Baby Online.

    * Baby Zoo Nighlight: Moms R Us, Spring Maternity, Mothercare, Motherswork.

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