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Your Daughter’s First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

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Your daughter’s first period can be somewhat foreign and intimidating for her, but with your support and guidance, she may be able to feel more reassured and navigate it better. Since it can be a little awkward talking a teen through puberty issues, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of period essentials that may be able to help make it easier.

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  • SIGNS YOUR DAUGHTER'S PERIOD IS ABOUT TO START *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    It Can Vary From Person To Person

    Girls usually get their first periods around age 10 to 15 years old. It's usually a different age for each girl, so sometimes it can come unexpectedly without them even noticing any signs. However, you can roughly gauge when your daughter is beginning to show signs that she's reached a puberty stage where her first period is almost arriving:

    • Mood changes (definitely a bit more sass than usual)
    • Increased stress levels
    • Acne breakouts
    • Developing breasts
    • Discharge in undies
    • Bloating
    • Pain in the abdomen and lower back area
  • PADS, TAMPONS AND MENSTRUAL CUPS *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    Which To Use?

    Before your daughter gets her period, you can chat with her about the different essentials she can use. There are pads, tampons, menstrual cups and period undies - and she can even mix and match depending on her personal preference.

    Pads are an easy-to-use option that's suitable for young ladies going through their first period. There are many different types to choose from, from winged pads, super pads, maxi pads and even pantyliners. Explaining the benefits and uses of each type before your girl has her first period might make her feel less nervous, and she can choose which ones she'd feel most comfortable using when her period is here.

    Tampons are a little more complicating, and most girls might be a little afraid of using it so early in their period journey. However, if for any reason they find it the most suitable option for their lifestyle, you can ease your daughter into using tampons by teaching her how it works and assuring her that the they won't get lost inside.

    Menstrual cups can also be an intimidating option for girls during their first period, but it is a sustainable choice and safe for girls to use. You can accompany them while watching product and educational videos about menstrual cups and instructions on how to use them if your daughter is interested in using menstrual cups for her first period.

  • USING PERIOD UNDIES INSTEAD *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    A Good Option For First Periods

    Period undies are another suitable option you might want to consider for your daughter's first period. These products are absorbent and able to catch and soak up period blood. They're also absolutely comfortable since they feel just like normal underwear.

    For girls who are anticipating their first periods and are afraid that they'll be caught off guard and stain their bottoms, they can wear period undies on the daily to give them a peace of mind as they wait for their first menstrual cycle to arrive.

    Stores also do sell disposable period undies, and these are perfect for night wear if your girl is afraid of staining her bedsheets at night due to heavy menstrual flow.

  • BEST BOOKS FOR GIRLS BEFORE THEIR FIRST PERIOD *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    Helps Them Prepare For Their First Period

    If your daughter might feel a little too awkward to have lengthy conversations about her first period, or if you want to gift her something she can use to slowly absorb information about getting her period, then why not get a book about period for tweens?

    These easy-to-read yet informative titles can help ease your little girl into her upcoming first period and make it less scary. Titles like "I'm A Girl, My Changing Body" is suitable for kids as young as ages 8 or 9, and books like "Mya Learns About Menstruation" helps answer questions tweens and younger girls may have about periods.

  • WHAT CAN HELP PERIOD CRAMPS? *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    The Best Teas And Hot Water Bottles

    So your daughter's first period is finally here - and she's getting painful cramps. Sometimes, these cramps can feel unbearable, making your already flustered daughter feel even worse. Luckily, there are things that can help ease the painful effects of period cramps.

    Hot chamomile tea is one of the things that can soothe cramps, and can easily be bought from supermarkets. When your young lady is starting to experience period cramps, simply brew a batch of chamomile tea and let her drink it to warm her tummy. This dials the period pains down a notch, and leaves her feeling a little bit less uncomfortable.

    Hot water bottles are also perfect for soothing period cramps. Simply boil a batch of water to fill up the hot water bottle. Then, get your daughter all comfortable on the sofa and hand her the filled hot water bottle. By placing it on her tummy, she'll be able to soothe her period cramps for a prolonged period of time.

  • WHERE TO GET PERIOD SWIMWEAR *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    For Girls Who Love Swimming Or The Beach

    Getting a period won't disrupt your daughter's hobbies even if she enjoys visiting the beach or adores swimming. There are period swimwear out there that prevents leaks from happening even after getting in and out of the water. They also look like regular swimwear, so your no one will even know that your girl is on her period and she doesn't have to worry about feeling embarrassed at all.

    Since there's a wide variety of period swimwear out there, she can even choose between one-piece swimsuits or bikini briefs. Two stores you can consider getting period swimwear from are The Period Co. and Love Luna.

  • WHAT ARE PERIOD KITS AND WHERE TO BUY THEM *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    They Can Ease First Period Nerves

    Instead of buying all your daughter's period essentials separately, you can also get a period kit instead. There are many brands out there, like Lola and Blume, that sell period kits, and these kits contain items like pads, teas, dark chocolate and more - all meant to soothe the tough time women go through during their menstrual cycle.

    It's sort of like a period survival kit, and might make your child feel less afraid of dealing with their first period. Most of these kits are also packaged really nicely, so your daughter might even have fun unboxing her period kit and again make her feel less anxious about her upcoming first period.

  • FEMALE HEALTH CLINICS FOR GIRLS DURING PUBERTY *Your Daughter's First Period: Guide On Where To Get Support In Singapore

    Female Medical Services For Tweens

    There are many female clinics in Singapore that you and your daughter can visit should you require any consultations regarding puberty and menstruation, and here are a few:

    Kinder Clinic Pte Ltd

    If you need a consultation related to the changes your child is going through during puberty, Kinder Clinic provides services such as examining and assessing the degree of maturity and extent of your daughter's pubertal development.

    Singapore Medical Group

    SMG provides a long list of medical services, and for adolescents, you can make an appointment or book a consultation should your daughter run into any issues during puberty (such as abnormal menstruation). They can also help with menstrual disorders, such as heavy, painful, or irregular periods, and even the absence of bleeding.

    Health & Fertility

    Health & Fertility provides adolescent gynaecology services, and can help with body changes during puberty, and as well as any issues young girls run into during puberty or menstruation.

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