Top Places To Avoid Crowds In Kuala Lumpur

Alternative Activities You Can Do With The Family

As the Covid-19 outbreak shows no sign of slowing down across the world just yet, it sure seems like a wise idea to avoid large gatherings and crowds where you can. While staying away from places like movie theaters, shopping malls, and amusement parks, for the time being, is probably a smart move, kids sure can use some alternatives to use up all that pent up energy. We’ve looked around the Klang Valley for some interesting ideas and activities that you can do as a whole family while staying safe during this challenging period.


    There is no better time like the present to introduce indoor games to kids. If they're usually glued to the screen, here's your chance to get them excited about board games, card games and puzzles. From Scrabble to Monopoly to Uno and Pictionary, these classic games are perfect to create fun memories and get everyone together for some special family bonding time. While you're at it, challenge the kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle or teach them your favorite chess moves. To get your hand on some games, find them at your nearest toy store or bookstore.

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    As most will want to stay away from malls currently, no need to worry about running out of supplies as online shopping in Malaysia is quite robust with most items available easily thanks to a number of shopping sites and mobile apps. For groceries, some of the popular online service are Tesco, Redtick, Potboy or Happy Fresh who will pick up items from your preferred supermarket near you. Should your kids need new reading material, turn to sites like BookXcess Online, MPH Online, Popular or Kinokuniya for the latest best-seller, and let them choose their own books. For other bibs and bobs for the home, try sites like MR D.I.Y., Lazada and Shopee to find just about everything you need.

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  • Best outdoor parks in KL


    Spending time in your local park is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh, clean air that we tend to take for granted as you go on a nature walk, cycle, scoot or hone your photography skills. Even better, pack a picnic basket and take that along for a fun day with the family. From the KL Forest Eco Park to the KLCC Park or TTDI Recreation Park, there are plenty of parks to choose from.

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  • Bagan Lalang Beach in KL


    Visit A Nearby Beach - Morib Beach, Bagan Lalang, More

    KL city dwellers are lucky enough to be able to access beaches around Malaysia, all you need is a set of wheels and a trusty navigational app. Most beaches are about an hour or two away from the Klang Valley, so a day trip to the beach can easily be done if you feel like getting some sun and sea. Closest to the city is the Morib Beach in Banting, a seaside promenade with food stalls, playgrounds, and Bagan Lalang in Sepang. Both do not have white sandy beaches but are more suited for picnics or kite flying instead of swimming. To dip your toes into the water while the little ones build sandcastles, try Port Dickson, about an hour and a half drive south of Kuala Lumpur. There are several recommended beaches here like Teluk Kemang, Saujana Beach, and Blue Lagoon.

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  • fishing KL


    Fishing is usually a solitary activity that requires plenty of patience, but we reckon that kids will get a kick out of it. Fishing ponds can be found scattered around the outskirts of Klang Valley, so be prepared to take a drive, set your Waze to the right address, and off you go. Before you head out, pack some sunscreen, and dress appropriately as fishing can be messy business. Some of the fishing ponds you can try are Fish Valley @ Semenyih, Fishing Buddies in Sepang, Hulu Langat Fishing Resort, or alternatively, try catching some prawns at Ebi Fishing in Petaling Jaya.


    If you've not heard of Marie Kondo, well, where have you been? The founder of the KonMari Method whose name is now practically a verb took the world by storm when she introduced the concept of decluttering and simplifying one's life by getting rid of stuff that no longer sparks joy. Rope in the whole family and get them to organize their rooms and closets by removing items that they no longer use or need. Donate items that are still in good shape to online groups like Beli Nothing Project (BNP), or consider selling them on Facebook Marketplace or Carousell!


    A fitness trend from Switzerland that's slowly gaining momentum here in Kuala Lumpur is plogging, a combination of jogging and picking litter. Thanks to social movements in Kuala Lumpur encouraging this positive habit, more and more residents are pitching in to pick up trash that clog up drains, parks or beaches as they go on a walk or hike. Here's your chance to introduce this beneficial activity to your family where everyone can burn off some calories and keep the environment clean simultaneously. Just remember to wear gloves, and bring trash bags for this activity. Where to do this? Your surrounding neighborhood is always a good place to start, and eventually make your way to the closest park or beach to do your bit for Mother Nature. To find a group of like-minded individuals, check out Trash Hero Kuala Lumpur or Beach Cleanup.


    Moms and dads, even kiddos can pick up a new skill thanks to the wonders of technology in this digital age. Just search on YouTube or find a podcast that suits your needs, and there's no stopping you! Learn Origamimake crochet dollsbakejugglelearn magic tricks, or even a new language, the sky's the limit! What's great is you can pick up this new skill as a family.


    For parents who prefer to keep their kids at home and opt for homeschool during this critical period, we've compiled a list of resources you can explore including videos, ideas and more to make homeschooling fun. Check out our Pinterest for useful tips, educational activities and projects to do at home so your juniors can put their time to good use!

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