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Best Food And Restaurant Delivery Services In Kuala Lumpur

Top Restaurants And Food Delivery Services

We’ve all been there, hitting the snooze alarm a little too many times and you’ve already missed breakfast and soon-to-be lunch. Or the thought of shopping at the supermarket irks you, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Whatever your reason, having meals delivered to your doorstep definitely saves you the time and hassle of cooking or eating out. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite delivery options around town. Plus, we’ve also included restaurants that are offering delivery services. Bon Appetit!

  • GRAB FOOD: GrabPay Option Available In Kuala Lumpur

    Earn Credits As You Spend

    The leading Southeast Asia's food delivery service serves customers delightful meals from street food to restaurant dining. Whatever you’re craving, just Grab it, wherever you are. Be it from your local kopitiam, mamak or italian restaurant, GrabFood satisfies your every craving with the food you love, delivered hot and fresh to your doorstep.

  • FOODPANDA: Widespread Restaurant Coverage In Kuala Lumpur

    Grocery Delivery Available!

    With a firm objective to ensure that food ordering should be a fast and fun experience for all, Foodpanda has made food delivery just a click away. Using their smartphone app or the website, you can find most, if not all, of your favorite restaurants in the city and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

  • FAST FOOD: From Local To International Chains In Kuala Lumpur

    Kid-Friendly Options!

    Strapped for time and fancy some comfort food like McDonald’s for its world-famous fries or some crispy and tender chicken pieces from Texas Chicken? We’ve got you covered! With an array of exciting fast-food delivery options in Malaysia, you’ll now be able to treat yourself to freshly prepared food that is swiftly delivered to your doorstep! From the humble fried chicken to more substantial offerings, here are some popular fast food options for you to consider.


    Texas Chicken via Grab Food



    Burger King via Foodpanda

    HALE via Foodpanda

    Pastabox KL via Grab Food

    Subway via Foodpanda

    Pezzo via Grab Food

    Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks via Grab Food

    Wingstop via Grab Food

  • SHOGUN2U: Japanese + Fusion Meals In Kuala Lumpur

    Ramen, Sashimi And More!

    Konnichiwa! When flying to Japan is a distant reality, the next best thing is to get your food fix from Japanese restaurants. Prepared by trained chefs, Shogun2u delivers scrumptious Japanese as well as fusion dishes to places within Klang Valley. Shogun2u also offers irresistible deals such as Buy 1 Free 1 promos. Whether you want a hearty bowl of ramen or some luxurious sashimi, Shogun2u to the rescue!

  • POP MEALS: Subscription Plans Available In Kuala Lumpur

    Previously Branded As DahMakan

    Previously known as Dah Makan, Pop Meals is designed to offer you popular meals at even more popular prices! Delivering everywhere in Klang Valley. Expect exciting, locally trending meals to satisfy your taste buds. The team even launched their first offline store concept that includes dine-in and takeaway options. Ordering food has never been this easy!

    Pop Meals,

  • Beepit Food Delivery In Kuala Lumpur

    BEEP: Deliveries From Renowned Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur

    Variety Of Cuisines Available

    With a variety of delicious food to order from renowned restaurants serving Indian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Malay cuisines, and more - Beep does not disappoint! Beep is currently available in states and areas in Malaysia including but not limited to - Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, and East Malaysia.


  • JEREMY’S CHICKS: Delicious Chicken Rice In Kuala Lumpur

    Ingredients Sourced From Halal Supplier Only

    If you have an insatiable hunger for delicious chicken rice at the comfort of your home, Jeremy’s Chickens will satisfy your cravings, for sure. Jeremy’s chicken rice is made with only fresh ingredients and is so good that even the fussiest eaters would approve. You can also opt to pair it with some greens like baby kailan and warming soups.


  • EAT CAKE TODAY: Cakes From Bakers In Kuala Lumpur

    Same-Day Delivery Available

    Got a last-minute birthday party to throw? Have a sudden desire to wallow in a deliciously decadent cake? Few things can sweeten the day but receiving freshly-baked cakes is sure a great start. With Eat Cake Today, you can receive your order within 4 hours. Need some ideas on cakes for your next special occasion? Eat Cake Today has got you covered with over 400 cake options.

    Eat Cake

  • NERO NERO: Authentic Italian Dishes In Kuala Lumpur

    Best Tiramisu In Town!

    With a wide selection of authentic Italian dishes prepared by Chef Giuseppe Lioce, Nero Nero now offers delivery and takeaway options. You and your family are definitely in for a treat with a wholesome spread consisting of starters, salad, pasta dishes, pizza, and dessert! Enjoy their all-time favorites like focaccia bread, beef lasagna, homemade orecchiette with slow-cooked rags and end it with their famous tiramisu. Buon appetito!

    Nero Nero,

  • BOTANICA+CO: Takeaways And Delivery In Kuala Lumpur

    Restaurant Delivery In Singapore

    Enjoy Botanica+Co’s famous Australian-inspired bistro favorites, including fish and chips, pizzas, and sandwiches made in good portions that everybody from a grown-up to a child can enjoy at the comfort of your own home. If you are down for some Asian food, their Hainanese Chicken Rice, The Botanica Laksa, and Crispy Big Chicken Nasi Lemak don’t disappoint either.


  • EPIC FOOD HALL: Halal Food Delivery In Kuala Lumpur

    First Halal-Certified Chain Of Online Food Halls in Malaysia

    Taking inspiration from healthy Australian cuisine, EPiC Food Hall is the first and only halal-certified chain of online food halls in Malaysia. They currently house four brands of online restaurants namely, Epic Fit Meals Co., Pak Adam’s Nasi Lemak, New York’s Patty & Toast and Warong Panda. All food deliveries are delivered on-demand within 45 minutes from order by their own team of professionally-trained delivery crews.

    EPiC Food

  • WANT MORE? Restaurants That Deliver In KL

    RATA SUBANG, Whatsapp to order at +6012 4241 194

    THE SOCIAL, Call to order at +6016 387 9367 (Mont Kiara) or +6016 639 3235 (DesaPark City)

    FREDIANI’S MARKET AND DELI, Whatsapp to order at +6012 5666 135 or +6012 5666 705


    ROSSO PIZZA AND WINE BAR, Call to order at +6016 744 1382

    W1, Call to order at +6016 2216 512

    SKILLET @ 163, Whatsapp to order at +6019 2121 240

    MARMALADE, Call to order at +6017 2403 440

    SOUTHERN ROCK SEAFOOD, Call to order at +6012 2096 484

    AALIYAA, Call to order at +6012 444 1310

    SHOBANA’S KERALA KITCHEN, Call to order at +6011 23262 763

    KAYRA AUTHENTIC KERALA CUISINE, Call to order at +6017 2157 382

    SAO NAM (VIETNAMESE FINE CUISINE), Call to order at +6012 2189743

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