Looking for an affordable spot to take your kids so they can get some physical activity and have bundles of fun? Espace Ekocheras Entertainment Park is the place for you! Located just 15 minutes from downtown in EkoCheras Mall, Espace is comprised of two main components:

eBOUNCE: This is the perfect place for little ones to jump off some energy (how do they always have so much?) and for older kids/adults to get some fun exercise and blow off steam. eBOUNCE, of course, consists of plenty of trampolines, but it also includes a small rock climbing wall above a foam pit that you can fall or bounce into, a basketball hoop where you can practice those dunking skills, and, the most unique element, the Sticky Wall, which is made completely of velcro. Here, you slip on a velcro suit, take a couple bounces on the nearest trampoline and throw yourself at the wall where you will, well, stick. This is the stuff dreams are made of!

eSNOW: All the snow without the cold! This area is filled with artificial snow that isn't cold so you can play all day long without breaking to warm up your fingers and toes. Kids can make snowballs or snowmen, play at the snow tables, climb on the 'igloo', or sled down a sledding hill! There's even some Christmas trees in the corner for a festive touch.

In addition to eBOUNCE and eSNOW, Espace has event rooms that would be perfect for hosting a birthday party as well as a Fruit Tea Cafe that offers small snacks for kids and a variety of fruit teas.

Currently, during MCO, only eBOUNCE is open.