With soccer being the most important unimportant thing in the world and rugby on the rise in America and Asia, one of the two sports may be on your list of something your kiddo could use to channel their energy into, so let us help you out a little! First of all, soccer is what everyone except the Americans, call football. What Americans call football is what the everyone else calls American football, which is similar to rugby, while rugby is a sport that originated in England. There are variations on these ball sports that range from Touch rugby, a version that uses touching instead of tackling, to Gaelic football, an Irish version of the game played with all limbs. As rugby gains a wider audience, there are also age-appropriate versions. Now that we got the semantics out of the way, these clubs understand and aim to impact your kid in the best way possible. Here's our top picks of the all-inclusive and professional football and rugby classes that'll groom your boys and girls from tots to young adults!