How To Beat The Heat In Hong Kong This Summer

Tip & Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer, Plus An Array Of Activities To Choose From

Summertime usually spells spending time outdoors, beach days and ice-creams! However, Hong Kong is also known for its balmy sunny days, typhoons and high humidity – when all you want to do is escape indoors. Read on for our ultimate guide to surviving summer in Hong Kong – we’ve included loads of fun activities, treats and more for the whole family!

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  • portable fan in hong kong

    Portable Fans And A/Cs

    Where To Get Portable Fans All Over Hong Kong

    One of Hong Kong's best kept secrets.... the portable fan! These amazing little fans (that come in different sizes and colors) help to keep us from dripping in sweat while walking around during the day. It is also perfect for babies in prams and kiddos too.

    For families looking to invest in an air-conditioner but would like to go on the cheaper side or if you have issues installing one in your flat, you can get yourselves a portable A/C as well.

    Here are some suggestions on some places where you can buy portable fans and A/Cs:

  • Mister Softee HK

    Indulge In Cold Goodies: Ice-Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato And Milkshakes

    Our Guide To The Best Frozen Treats Hong Kong Has To Offer

    If you spot the magical Mister Softee ice-cream truck parked around parks or by the harbor, you won't regret it! Hong Kongers are always seen queueing up for a taste and it is so affordable - we won't blame you if you purchase 2 cones for yourself.

    Or, if you're also keen to try on the best ice-cream flavors in the city check out our list of the Best Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt And Gelato.

    AND... Let's not forget where to get The Best Milkshakes In Hong Kong.

  • Lohas Rink at Lohas Park Hong Kong


    Our Guide To The Best Ice Rinks In The City

    An excellent place where you get to enjoy nice A/C and get some exercise at the same time. Hong Kong is fortunate to have amazing ice-skating venues in major shopping malls. If you're on HK Island, check out Cityplaza at Tai Koo, and for those living at Kowloon, there's one at Elements.

    Check out a list of Where To Go Ice-Skating In Hong Kong. You can also sign yourself or your little ones up for lessons, too!

  • Long Ke Wan With The Farm - Hong Kong - Little Steps Asia

    Hit The Beaches

    The Best Beaches In Hong Kong For Families

    Hitting the beach is an absolute winner when staying cool for the entire family. And even a busy city such as Hong Kong has beautiful family-friendly beaches.

    Want to know more? Check out The Best Beaches In Hong Kong For Families.

  • Pool At Rosewood Hong Kong

    Hotel Pools And Public Swimming Pools In Hong Kong

    Make A Splash This Summer!

    If going to a beach is a bit of a mission, look no further - there are pools, both public AND exclusive hotel pools available. Yay!

    For families and individuals who don't mind splurging or spoiling themselves with a luxurious pool day at a hotel, you can book yourself a Hong Kong Hotel Swimming Pool Day Pass.

    Public pools are affordable and available to kids from different age groups. There are 14 public pools to choose from and there might just be one close to your district. Read on for the Top 14 Public Swimming Pools To Visit.

  • Junk Boat Rental

    Junk Boat Fun

    How To Keep Cool In Hong Kong

    Summer in Hong Kong isn't complete without a junk boat day. And it's not just for the adults but for the whole family too! Spend a fun, splashy day in the sun with our guide to the Best Junk Boat Rentals For Families. In the guide you will also find some great junk catering companies to make your day complete!

  • Visit Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

    Indoor & Outdoor Slides

    Spend the ultimate summer day of fun at Ocean Park's Water World Theme Park! From fun slides, indoor wave pools, and beautiful chalets for some downtime, this is the perfect place to beat the heat for the entire family.

    Read on for more details on what to expect when you Visit Water World Ocean Park With The Kids.

  • Genie Juice

    Sip On Some Fresh Juice Or Some Rehydration Drinks

    Where To Buy Juices, PRIME Hydration & Rehydration Salts In Hong Kong

    Healthy and fresh! A local favorite is by drinking sugar cane juice which is accessible and a very Hong Kong way to keep cool during blazing hot days. You can find it at stalls found on corners all over the city.

    If you're looking for more juice options, especially for those on a detox or a cleanse, we've got the Best Juice Cleanse And Detox compilation for you. We've also just released a guide on where to buy PRIME Hydration drinks, as well as rehydration drinks and salts to keep your thirst quenched! Check it out here!

  • Best movie theaters and cinemas in Hong Kong

    Watch A Movie

    How To Keep Cool In Hong Kong

    Believe it or not, Hong Kong cinemas are usually FREEZING. And summer is the perfect time when major blockbuster films are out for the entire family. Also, it's a great excuse to eat popcorn!

    Look no further, here are the Best Cinemas in town perfect for the whole family as well as the best new and upcoming movie releases for summer here!

  • restaurants and cafes with playrooms and playgrounds in hong kong

    Indoor Playgrounds And Playrooms

    Guide To More Than 40 Playrooms Across Hong Kong

    Got kids and the outdoor playground is just too hot for them? Hong Kong has a brilliant list of indoor playrooms for different age ranges and in different locations across the city!

    Click on for 40 of The Best Indoor Playgrounds And Playrooms. So many to choose from!

  • Summer Camp Guidepost Hong Kong

    Wear The Right Summer Outfits

    Swimwear, Shorts & Light Clothing To Beat The Hong Kong Heat

    Think airy, loose, linen... these are the best clothing materials you should be wearing for the summer.

    Keep yourselves updated with the latest summer trends, totes, athletic gear and more with our Ultimate Summer Shopping Guide.

  • Munch On Greens And Fruit

    Salads, Watermelon & More

    Salads with the right amount of greens contains a lot of water that keep our bodies healthy and cool from this blazing heat.

    If you're looking to keep cool the green way read on for The Best Salads For Takeaway And Dining In Hong Kong.

    Watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries and peaches are great examples of water-rich fruits that will definitely keep you hydrated!

  • Hong Kong Museum Of Art

    Visit A Museum

    Our Guide To The Top Museums In Hong Kong For Families

    Museums are found in different parts of the city and they will keep you and your family entertained, educated and cool!

    Find out where you can find the city's Top 10 Museums For Kids And Families.

  • Hi Tee Indoor Golf HK

    Indoor Golf Simulators And Ranges

    How To Keep Cool In Hong Kong

    Care for some light exercise under the cool A/C where you don't have to stay out in the sun? Why not try indoor golf!

    You can book a session at one of Hong Kong's Indoor Golf Simulators And Ranges.

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