Fun Chinese New Year Crafts For Kids

Chinese New Year Crafts To Create At Home

2024 is the year of the Dragon. Turn your living room into a fun DIY space this Chinese New Year with some fun-filled crafts you can do with your little ones. From bunnies to the traditional Chinese lantern – here are some of our Chinese New Year DIY craft picks you can do at home. It’s a great way to get the little ones involved in Chinese New Year traditions from a young age, as well as the history surrounding this important celebration.

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More Chinese New Year Guides For Families In 2024

  • Bunny Craft CNY

    Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

    Fun Kids Chinese New Year 2024 Crafts

    What do you need?

    • Toilet paper rolls
    • Plain white paper
    • Small googly eyes
    • Pipe cleaners (any color)
    • Small pom poms (any color)
    • Cardstock (white + a variety of other colors)
    • White glue
    • Sharpies


    1. Cover the toilet roll with white paper, if you have time you can also use white acrylic paint.
    2. Make the bunny ears by on white cardstock. Then make another set of ears, slightly smaller on colored cardstock and glue it on top of the white cardstock.
    3. Glue two small googly eyes on the toilet paper roll.
    4. Twist three of the pipe cleaners and spread it out so it looks like a set of whiskers.
    5. Glue a small pom pom on the middle of the whiskers, then glue the entire part on the toilet paper roll.
    6. Glue the ears, followed by drawing a tiny mouth using your sharpie.
  • Dragon Craft Chinese New Year

    Dragon Cupcake Liner

    Fun Kids Chinese New Year 2024 Crafts

    What do you need?

    • Black, gold and white cardstock
    • Mini cupcake liners (try to use different colors to make it look more fun!)
    • Googly eyes
    • Red yarn
    • Orange and yellow tissue paper
    • Red marker
    • Scissors
    • Glue


    1. Cut about eight mini cupcake liners in half. Glue one of the liner halves onto your black cardstock, towards the top with the round curve pointed at the left of the page. This is the start of your dragon body. Continue gluing and layering the cupcake liners halves down to form the body.
    2. Next, for the dragon head - you’ll need two cupcake liners. Cut one of them in half (discard the other half) and fold the other liner in half. Cut the sides off of both of these pieces. Glue the two pieces together to make a dragon head making sure the folded section opens and closes at the bottom of the face.
    3. Glue your dragon head onto the front of your dragon body. Cut horns from your gold cardstock and glue them onto your dragon.
    4. Cut out white teeth and glue them on the inside of the mouth.
    5. Cut out a few small pieces of orange and yellow tissue paper and glue them onto the inside of your dragon mouth. Crinkle the ends of the tissue a little to look like fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth.
    6. Finish off by drawing nostrils on your dragon with a red marker and then glue two short strands of red yarn coming off of the dragon face.


  • Toilet Roll Firecrackers Hong Kong

    Toilet Paper Roll Firecrackers

    Fun Kids Chinese New Year 2024 Crafts

    What do you need?

    • 8-12 pcs toilet paper rolls (depending how long you want it to look like)
    • Red paint
    • Paintbrushes
    • Gold shiny paper
    • Thick string, rope or ribbon
    • Stapler or twisty wires
    • Newspaper or old cloth for the the toilet paper rolls to dry on
    • Scissors


    1. Paint all of the toilet rolls red, might need up to 2 coats depending on the type of paint you use.
    2. Cut small strips from shiny gold paper and use it to cover the top and bottom of each firecracker.
    3. As soon as everything is dry, (this is the part where you can experiment and see which works for you!)
      1. If you have thick ribbon, this is perfect for using a stapler to attach the toilet rolls to it
      2. If you have string that is a bit thin, that is ok! Try poking holes through the ends of the toilet paper roll and use twisty wires to safely attach the rolls to the string.
    4. Cut more strips of shiny gold paper and curl it using the ends of your scissors and attach it to the bottom of the string, rope or ribbon.
  • Cherry Blossom Craft

    Soda Cherry Blossoms

    Fun Kids Chinese New Year 2024 Crafts

    What you need:

    • Empty soda bottles
    • White Cardstock (thick)
    • Black or brown paint
    • Small Paper plate
    • Pink paint
    • Paintbrush


    1. Paint a few tree branches on your white cardstock. (You can use black or brown paint). Let it dry for a few minutes.
    2. Use some pink paint and pour some on a paper plate and use the bottom of your soda bottle to dip it on the paint. Press the bottle on the cardstock and lift. Repeat and make as many as you want.
  • Red Packet Lantern Craft Hong Kong

    Red Packet Lantern

    Fun Kids Chinese New Year 2024 Crafts

    What you need:

    • Long, rectangular, red packets
    • Scissors
    • Glue or double-sided tape


    1. Cut and remove the flap from the red packet.
    2. Fold the red packet into half, length wise.
    3. Cut a one-centimeter thick strip from the width of the folded packet. (This is to be used as the lantern’s handle later.)
    4. Create slits along the red packet, roughly one centimeter apart, leaving a one centimeter border on the edge. (Don't cut it all the way to the end!)
    5. Unfold and form a cylinder, sealing the two widths with glue or tape.
    6. Glue or tape the handle and your mini red packet lantern is ready.

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