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Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

Must-Try Dishes For The Family!

Chinese New Year Traditional Food

Chinese New Year is like Christmas in the West, a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family to enjoy some traditional food in Hong Kong. Check out Little Steps’ guide to know what you and your kids should try during the festive season.  Here is the Little Steps guide to Chinese New Year food in Hong Kong.

  • Poon Choi For Chinese New Year

    POON CHOI: Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

    Also known as Pun Choi, it is a Cantonese dish served in a giant basin, traditionally eaten by a whole village together during special occasions as a communal feast. It is a hodgepodge of abalone, dried mushroom, prawns, chicken, and many other local dishes, symbolizing auspiciousness, prosperity and family harmony. The dish can be found anywhere during Chinese New Year - from fast-food chains to Chinese restaurants. Takeout options are also available.

    Where To Find It?

    Eating Out:

    • Ping Shan Traditional Poon Choi, G/F, 36 Tong Fong Chuen, Yuen Long, +852 2617 8000

    Eating In Takeout Options:

  • Sweet Dumplings For Chinese New Year

    SWEET DUMPLINGS: Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

    Sweet dumplings are glutinous rice balls filled with peanut, sesame, or red bean. It is a common tradition among Chinese families to eat Tong Yuen during the New Year, as they symbolize reunion and togetherness. Follow Little Steps' recipe to make peanut butter-filled Tong Yuen during this festive season!

    Where To Find It?

    • Packages of sweet dumplings can be easily found at all supermarkets in the frozen section.
    • Want to DIY? Try out our super easy recipe!
  • Turnip Cake For Chinese New Year

    TURNIP CAKE: Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

    While its name can be misleading, Turnip Cake is actually a savory Dim Sum dish made of shredded radish, Chinese bacon, and Chinese sausages. It can be found all year round in Chinese Dim Sum restaurants but is most commonly eaten during the New Year, especially in Hong Kong. It can be served steamed or stir-fried with Chinese chili sauce.

    Where To Find It?

  • Sticky Rice Pudding For Chinese New Year

    RICE CAKES: Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

    Sticky rice pudding, aka Neen Go and Nian Gao, is a sweet snack made from glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. As Neen Go has the same pronunciation as "year" and "high", it signifies greater success for adults and growth and height for children in the coming year. It is best served pan-fried coated with an egg batter. It will be crunchy and crispy on the outside, with a soft and chewy center - yum!

    Where To Find It?

  • Candy Box For Chinese New Year

    THE CANDY BOX: Chinese New Year Food In Hong Kong

    This is a CNY staple for all Chinese families and the very reason why kids love this festival! The Candy Box is filled with all kinds of treats, from traditional snacks like deep-fried sesame balls and dried candied fruit to nuts and seeds as well as chocolate and candies. It's supposed to bring you good luck and keep your new year sweet and full of joy... we're in!

    Where To Find Traditional Candy Boxes?

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