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Top Events For Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong 2022

Top Family-Friendly CNY Events In Hong Kong!

2022 Jan 01 - 2022 Feb 15

Chinese New Year With Kids In Hong Kong

The much anticipated Chinese Year of the Tiger starts on February 1, 2022! Little Steps digs into what exactly we are celebrating and where the fun is happening this CNY in Hong Kong. New decorations, traditional food, red packets, holiday fun activities for little ones… bring on the Year of Tiger!

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Chinese New Year – Things To Do:
  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN HONG KONG - What Are We Celebrating?

    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    According to an ancient legend, people were once tormented by a beast called a Nian (Year), a ferocious creature with an extremely large mouth capable of swallowing several people in a single bite. Relief from the Nian came only when an old man tricked the beast into disappearing. In reality, Chinese New Year festivities are more of a desire to celebrate the end of winter and the fertility and rebirth that come with the spring. Today, New Year is about family reunions and wishing everyone good fortune in the coming year.


    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    Prior to New Year's Day, Chinese families decorate their living rooms with beautiful flowers, platters of oranges and tangerines, and a candy tray with different kinds of dried sweet fruit. There are also the traditional feasts! Whole fish, which represents togetherness and abundance, and a chicken, which represents prosperity, are prepared for family and friends. Also, note that a lot of restaurants and shops will be closed during the New Year, so call ahead.

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  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN HONG KONG - Chinese Dress And Cheongsams

    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    It's on! Tis' the season to dress to impress for Chinese New Year events, school celebrations, family gatherings, and more. Little Steps has shopped the markets, designers, and boutiques to give you the scoop on where to buy the perfect outfits for your little ones.

    Guide On Where To Buy Cheongsams + Chinese Dress, Click here

  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN HONG KONG - Lai See And Red Packets

    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    During Chinese New Year, there is also a tradition of offering lai see or ya sui qian (red packets filled with money) to bring good fortune and to ensure that kids and single people can begin the new year with some cash in their pocket. The envelopes often have Chinese characters that translate to “good fortune” or “good in business” printed on them, and are sometimes accompanied by Chinese paper cuts.

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  • CHINESE NEW YEAR IN HONG KONG - Traditional Food To Try

    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    Chinese New Year is like Christmas in the West, a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family to enjoy some traditional food. Check out Little Steps' guide to know what you and your kids should try during the festive season!

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  • CHINESE NEW YEAR EVENTS: Top Events For Kids And Families

    Celebrating Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    CNY Family Camp

    Get adventurous as a family this Chinese New Year with EdStart. They are offering amazing outdoor activities such as ziplining, hiking, and more!


    Amazing CNY Pop-Up Parket

    Support local businesses during this difficult period and head to this awesome market in Causeway Bay, to get all your shopping done in one go! The market also organized loads of fun CNY family activities!


    Junior Explorer CNY Party Playgroup

    Little Nature Wanderlust is organizing a lovely playgroup for the little ones to celebrate the Year of The Tiger!

    Silent Disco Yoga on the Waterfront

    An immersive combination of music and yoga on the waterfront. Music and teacher instructions will be heard through wireless illuminated disco headsets.


    Last Minute Family-Friendly Chinese New Year Staycation Hotel Deals In Hong Kong 2022

    It’s the year of the Tiger and Hong Kong’s finest hotels are rolling out Chinese New Year and Winter/Spring staycation offers focused on family adventures and carefree quality time.


    Chinese New Year Camps In Hong Kong - Top Picks For Kids For 2022!

    From creative crafts to Mandarin fun, and from multi-sport play to jazzy musicals, here is our cherry-picked selection of Hong Kong’s best Chinese New Year camp offerings for kids!


    Chinese New Year Dining And Takeaways In Hong Kong 2022

    Many excellent Hong Kong restaurants have prepared fantastic menus to celebrate Chinese New Year in style. Whether you wish to eat out or take in, check out our

Additional Info:​

Editor’s Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many large-scale events, like the CNY parade, CNY fireworks, and flower markets have unfortunately been canceled. Please check the governmental websites for more information.

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