Guide To Green School Bali For Families Looking For An Outdoor Education

Empowering Global Citizens At The Green School Bali

Most of us find a little time each day to daydream of a life devoid of the everyday mayhem and balancing act that has become our life – work, kids, school, social schedules, exercise – this list goes on. If those daydreams start becoming ever more frequent, then perhaps it’s time to consider a sabbatical to Bali.

Opened in September 2008, the Green School is the brainchild of internationally renowned jewelry designers Cynthia and John Hardy. The school offers a multi-discipline curriculum that includes essential subjects (English, maths, and science), green studies (nature, ecology, environment, and sustainability), creative arts (local crafts, music, drama, and storytelling), and physical education. Nestled within the beautiful environs of the Balinese jungle, students learn through a holistic, hands-on, and experimental approach with the careful guidance of passionate, qualified international teachers.

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    Green School Bali caters to kids ages 3 - to Grade 12!  Early Years Programme, ages 3-5 (Geckos, Starlings, Kindy), Primary Programme, ages 6-10 (Grades 1-5), Middle School Programme, ages 11-13 (Grades 6-8), High School Programme, ages 14-18 (Grades 9-12) *Students must complete Grade 11 & Grade 12 to receive a Green School Bali diploma.

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    Our online application at The Green School Bali is open year-round for students age 6 + and joining the school community in August (Semester 1) or January (Semester 2) of each year. Students ages 3-5 may be admitted for entrance into their early Years Programme on a rolling basis. The Green School costs around 12,000 USD for early years per student and US$24,000 for their High School program.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A unique and high-quality educational experience for kids on the truly magical island of Bali!

Who It's Perfect For:

Adventurous parents and kids who need a break from the craziness, rampant consumerism, and workaholic lifestyles that have become synonymous with Hong Kong and other major commercial centers. Curriculum provided for kids ages 3 to 15.

What Else:​

Outside of the normal curriculum, a host of extra-curricular activities are offered through the Green School such as soccer, basketball, surfing, Balinese martial arts, horseback riding, yoga, marimba, Chinese language classes, and a student newspaper. There are also lots of ways for parents to get involved…

Where To Find It:​

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