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Shea Stanley
Founding Partner & Chief Executive Insider
Shea’s travel and lifestyle media career has taken her around the globe to over 50 countries, from Azerbaijan to Costa Rica. Along the way, Shea developed a knack for being in the know on what to do and where to go. She has not slowed down since arriving in Hong Kong in 2006 where she set up her own company to consult for Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle media. As a mom of two, Shea longed for a resource offering fun insider tips for parents in Asia. Enter Little Steps!
Summer sandals
A frozen margarita
Surround yourself with good and honest people
Stephanie Koh
Resident Editor - Singapore + KL
Being an educator, Stephanie knows every bit about nurturing young minds. As avid divers, she and her husband have explored the tropical dive havens all over Asia. Her love and obsession with all things kiddy (and of course Little Steps) came about with the births of her daughter Eva and son, Seth. ‘Obsession’ is clearly the word to describe her immense passion for sourcing out awesome destinations, family-fun activities, and kid-friendly products.
Jellies like Melissas!
Soy Latte.
Always rest when you can.
Natalie Kenwright
Business Development Guru
Natalie is hugely passionate about life and the exciting places and people she gets to meet on a daily basis, she loves to bring this passion into everything she does with her family, her friends and her work. She has 2 kids and a dog who keep her and her husband pretty busy and well entertained. She feels very privileged to be experiencing the exciting, sometimes challenging, lifestyle here in Hong Kong with her family.
As long as I can dance in them it doesn't matter the style, heel or price tag...
Champagne or towards the end of the month, Prosecco!
Never try to change someone & never date a man who drives a red car!
Su Ann Song
Features Editor, Kuala Lumpur
A former fashion marketer for a leading luxury retail specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Su Ann gave up her jet-setting career for a more sedate role in corporate communications when her little one came along. As a mom of one, she's always on the lookout for family-friendly activities and spends most weekends exploring the many child-friendly cafes, workshops, and attractions that KL city has to offer. Her current obsessions are collecting children's storybooks and joining online contests.
Stylish flats
Alcoholic soda
Make your own money and save for a rainy day!
Bridget Pigott
International Events Manager
As our resident International Event Manager, Bridget has taking over the Little Steps Events world! Having worked her career in hospitality and event planning in both USA and Hong Kong…. she is now our go-to for all LS events! From Bump Club, Playdates and Beyond there is no event too big or small! Since arriving in Hong Kong in 2014 she has made her mark organizing a Chick Flick cocktail book club, planning social & school events as well as birthday parties for her two little boys! With a passion for food, fun and friends there is always a special event to be planned!
Something cute, colorful & comfortable!
Chai Tea Latte
Do what you love, love what you do!! ....And if there’s a celebration to be had, start the day with cake!
Catriona Cornelius
Social Media Master
Catriona is a self-taught social media lover, part time art teacher, occasional cake baker for friends, full time mum & forever on the search for the perfect blend of juniper berries and quinine! She has gained many experiences and adventures (and amazing new friends) whilst living in 4 different countries. With her 2 daughters being born on the same day 2 years apart in Singapore, Asia has been home for the past 12 years. She believes that you can never have enough cushions in your house! Scatter away...
Love boots! Especially after living so long in a hot climate...
Always a G&T
Never date a man who doesn't like dogs! And always kill enemies with kindness, they can't say anything bad about you then...
Belle Biarezky
Editor At Large - Indonesia
An animal lover and a Jakarta native, Belle is a full-time freelancer who does article writing and fashion styling for several publications in Indonesia. She is always passionate about what’s hip and the latest urban lifestyle trend. Ask her for a culinary recommendation in town, she's a food enthusiast who can't resist authentic homemade, especially Javanese and Italian. Belle is auntie of a 6-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl, and a mother of two dogs and a rabbit!
Ballet flats during the day, and classic black pumps at night!
Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha, only served during Christmas :(
Watch out for your mobile phone when taking public transport!
Cristina Wang
Mommy Contributor - Kuala Lumpur
Cristina is a California girl living in Kuala Lumpur with her hubby and two kids, 5 and 7. Looking for new places to eat and photographing anything that catches her expat eye consumes most of her free days. But when she isn't booking her next trip she can be found making handcrafted hair bows for the accessories company she accidentally started.
Havianas and Louboutins
Whisky on the rocks
When your friends and family feel welcome and want to come to your home you are truly blessed.
Pooja Arora
Mommy Contributor - Kuala Lumpur
Pooja is Indian by origin and has a food technology background with 7 years of work experience. Currently settled in Malaysia as a full time mommy of one kid, Pooja hasn’t given up on her food experiments with her kitchen as a lab and hubby and a kid as guinea pigs. She is foodie and loves cooking new recipes, watching movies and spending quality time with her family. Now a days, she is always on a look out of new places to keep her 6 years old busy over the weekends and during holidays.
Flat to medium heels.
Nothing, Just plain water!
“Work hard to succeed”
Preeti Khicha
Mommy Contributor - Singapore
Preeti relocated to Singapore a few months ago, with her husband and one-year old daughter. Prior to motherhood, she worked in the hospitality and media industry for several years. She now enjoys time exploring new finds in the city, with her little one, and blogs about it at She has a passion for meeting people from different cultures, art and music.
Strap sandals and wedges!
Caramel macchiato
Be kind, stay humble and work hard
Tatum & Jace Stanley
Chief Product Testers
Tatum (3.5) and Jace (1.5) have been taking Hong Kong by storm. You might catch them cruising around Soho or exploring the hiking trails in their backyard. Tatum loves massages, cupcake parties, and wearing her new bikini. Jace enjoys getting into everything (including his sister's toys)!
Whatever fits in my mouth
Nothing, I drank every last drop
Milk, it does the body good
Andrew Stanley
Daddy Contributor
A musician, adventure racer, yoga addict, and now a new dad, Andrew is constantly trying to sort through the pink diaper bags and flower dresses in his baby daughter’s closet. He can’t wait to share “dad-friendly” tips and recommendations for Little Steps.
Shoes? I’d rather not wear any but if I must, Rainbow flip flops
Don’t let your daughter start dating until she is at least thirty years old.