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Top Places To Buy Deepavali Clothes For Kids And Adults In Singapore

Womenswear, Menswear & Kidswear

Deepavali Clothing In Singapore

For a vibrant and stylish Deepavali celebration in Singapore, we’ve compiled a list of top shops to find your perfect festive attire. From traditional to contemporary, these stores offer an array of choices for the whole family.

Jinder’s on Selegie Road provides a wide selection of fashionable apparel for men and women, including beautiful saree designs and accessories. At Ruma’s Collection in Thomson Plaza, you can explore their “Festive Wear” and evening wear sections. The Curve Cult at Far East Plaza specializes in plus-size apparel, with a collection of vibrant and stylish Deepavali outfits.

Online store Nimbu offers options for kids and adults, including baby clothes and accessories. Melange on Orchard Road features a vast selection of Indian ethnic wear. Little Muffet offers modern matching outfits for parents and kids. Purple Tulsi, another online store, has outfits for the whole family, including combo options. Pinklay provides organic cotton clothing for women and kids with vibrant patterns. Pottu Kara Maami offers a wide selection of categorized outfits online. Jaypore delivers elegant Deepavali outfits, jewelry, and accessories for the entire family.

Check out the table below for more details:

Shop Name Outfits Available Address
JINDER’S Apparel for Men & Women 153 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188316
RUMA’S COLLECTION Festive Wear and Formal Wear #01-78 Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408
THE CURVE CULT Apparel for Curvier Silhouettes #05-126, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, 228213
NIMBU Deepavali Outfits for the Whole Family www.nimbu.sg
MELANGE Large Variety of Outfit Options 250 Design Orchard #0201, Level 2, Singapore 238905
LITTLE MUFFET Matching Parent and Kids Outfits www.littlemuffet.com
PURPLE TULSI Outfits for the Entire Family www.purpletulsi.com
PINKLAY Women’s & Kidswear www.pinklay.com
POTTU KARA MAAMI Large Selection of Outfits 121A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218026, www.thepkm.co
JAYPORE Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories www.jaypore.com
  • JINDER'S: Selegie Road *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Apparel For Men & Women

    Jinder's has a wide selection of apparel available for both men and women, and they're all very fashionable. They have a saree section with a large variety of different saree designs, and all of them are beautiful and vibrant. There are also lots of accessories like earrings and bracelets that you can pair with your chosen Deepavali outfit. If you're having any Deepavali parties or doing house visiting during the festive season, Jinder's even has Deepavali gift sets that you can purchase and give to your family, friends and hosts or guests.

    Jinder's, 153 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188316, www.jinders.com.sg

  • RUMA'S COLLECTION: Thomson Plaza *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Festive Wear And Formal Wear

    Ruma's Collection has a wonderful range of clothing for any festive occasion. They've even got a special selection titled "Festive Wear", where you can shop for your Deepavali outfit. There's also a section of co-ords for women who are looking to purchase a two-piece set for the Diwali holiday. If your family or friends are planning more formal celebrations, the shop also has an evening wear section where you can get more dressy options. All in all, Ruma's Collection has something for everyone.

    Ruma's Collection, #01-78 Thomson Plaza, 301 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574408, www.rumascollection.com.sg

  • THE CURVE CULT: Far East Plaza *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Apparel For Curvier Silhouettes

    The Curve Cult's purpose is not to only provide quality clothes, but also to empower women by breaking barriers and showing the world who they are with confidence and pride. With their brand, they've created plus-size apparel for extra curvy and style-savvy women. Their Deepavali collection is full of vibrant colors and fashionable styles that you're sure to find an amazing outfit for the upcoming celebrations.

    The Curve Cult, #05-126, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, 228213, www.thecurvecult.com

  • NIMBU: Online Store *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Deepavali Outfits For The Whole Family

    Nimbu is an apparel store that has clothes for both kids and adults -  meaning the whole family can get their Deepavali outfits here. There are many beautiful options for both girls and boys, so you'll easily be able to find a Deepavali outfit for your kiddo here. The choices are really vibrant and colorful too, so the young ones are bound to love it. They've also got a section dedicated to baby clothes, meaning you'll be able to dress your tot up for Deepavali as well! Besides apparel for the entire family, the store also stocks accessories like bangles and hairpins, perfect for any kiddo who wants to dress up!

    Nimbu, www.nimbu.sg

  • MELANGE: Orchard Road *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Large Variety Of Outfit Options Here

    Melange is an Indian ethnic wear store that stocks an incredible amount of different designs for men, women and kids. There are endless options available, and you'll be in awe as you scroll through them via their online store! You may even be able to set a color theme for the family and find your themed outfits at this one store itself. They've even categorized some of the outfits so that it's easier to filter and shop, and you can even filter via designer if you have any favourite brands or designers that you usually like to buy from!

    Melange, 250 Design Orchard #0201, Level 2, Singapore 238905, www.melangesingapore.com

  • LITTLE MUFFET: Online Store *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Matching Parent And Kids Outfits

    Little Muffet is another amazing site to shop for your kids' Deepavali clothes. They have a relatively big selections of Indian Ethnic Wear available that's vibrant and fashionable, and you and the kiddos are definitely going to have fun choosing an outfit from their website. What's even better is that many of the designs come in both kids and adult sizes, meaning that kids can easily wear matching outfits with their parents! Many of their pieces are also pretty modern, and will make the entire family look really stylish during the upcoming festive season!

    Little Muffet, www.littlemuffet.com

  • PURPLE TULSI: Online Store *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Outfits For The Entire Family

    Purple Tulsi is a one-stop shop for the whole family. Here, they stock Deepavali outfits for men, women and kids, and the selection is so huge that you'll be spoilt for choice. Besides individual outfits for each member of the family, the store also stocks combo outfits if anyone from the family wants to turn up in matchy-matchy apparel. They've got couple outfits in matching themes and colors for both mom and dad, as well as father-son and mother-daughter combos if any of your little ones want to match outfits with their parents. There's also a jewelry section for you to complete your Deepavali look!

    Purple Tulsi, www.purpletulsi.com

  • PINKLAY: Online Store *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Womenswear & Kidswear

    Pinklay offers organic cotton clothing for both women and kids. Their apparel is vibrant and mostly filled with pretty patterns. It's perfect if you're looking for a more modern outfit, and for kids, they even list which ages each outfit is suitable for on the product page this makes shopping much easier and more convenient! Certain prints come in both adult and kids designs, and you can find them all grouped together under the "Twinning Sets" category. You can either have your kids be matchy-matchy with you in the same print or simply just have only the little ones twin with each other.

    Pinklay, www.pinklay.com

  • POTTU KARA MAAMI: Serangoon Road *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Large Selection Of Outfits That's Sorted Via Categories

    Pottu Kara Maami is a wonderful place to shop for your Deepavali outfits. They have a wide selection of festive-worthy apparel available on their webstore, so you can sift through the selection and take your time finding your favorite pick. The best part is that they've even segmented and curated certain items based on categories like prints or design so that it's easier for customers to find designs they might like. For example, they have a Tulle edit and Paisley edit where you can find outfits that fall under those categories - this makes it much more convenient instead if you already sort of know what designs you want to wear for the upcoming festivities.

    Pottu Kara Maami, 121A Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218026, www.thepkm.co

  • JAYPORE: Online Store *Where To Buy Outfits For Deepavali in Singapore

    Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories

    Jaypore is a wondrous online store where you can get elegant Deepavali outfits delivered right to your doorstep. They've got something for everyone from the family - from womenswear and menswear to even kids wear. For the little ones, their clothes are catered to kids of varying ages, so it doesn't matter whether your tot is 1 year old or your tween is 14 years old, there's definitely something from the site that'll suit them and fit them. The store even stocks jewelry - perfect if you're planning on dolling up for the festivities. They've even got accessories like bags and clutches which can help make your outfit look more complete.

    Jaypore, www.jaypore.com

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