Best Breast Pumps For Mums In Singapore

Express Yourself With A Breast Pump That Fits Your Lifestyle!

Best Breast Pumps For Mums In Singapore

Breastfeeding can be a daunting journey for both new mums and even second-time or third-time mums. Busy working schedules, stressful lifestyles and latching difficulties make breast pumps an essential for every breastfeeding mum. However, with the myraid of pump options available out in the market, how do you know which breast pump is suitable? The answer lies in trying, testing, and falling back on recommendations. After all, there is no such thing as a “one-pump-fits-all”. If you are looking for a breast pump to help you conquer the nursing phase, here are some of our top picks in Singapore!

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Medela Freestyle Flex

    MEDELA FREESTYLE FLEX: Lightweight Double Electric Breast Pump

    Medela is an established brand and their breast pumps have consistently received raving reviews. The Medela Freestyle Flex double electric breast pump is no different! The Medela Freestyle Flex is lightweight and proven to be quieter compared to other breast pumps. It also offers a hands-free option. The Medela Freestyle Flex is not only compact, it also has rechargeable batteries, making it extremly convenient for you to bring aroudn and pump on the go. This highly-raved breast pump also comes with speed and suction adjustments that are supported by a memory button, allowing you to save your favourite settings for subsequent pumping sessions.

    How much: SG$649

    Where to get it: Medela, www.

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Elvie Wearable Breast Pump

    ELVIE WEARABLE BREAST PUMP: Wearable, Lightweight & Silent

    Breastfeeding mums that are constantly on the go will definitely love Elvie’s wearable breast pump! This hands-free electric breast pump is designed to fit snugly in your bra, enabling you to go about your daily routine without a hassle. The pump can also be connected to a free app for additional features, such as starting your pumping session. Smart features of the Elvie pump include stopping when the bottle is full and revolutionary technology that eliminates noise so that you can pump in peace - anytime, anywhere!

    How much: SG$799

    Where to get it: Hatchery,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Pigeon Electric Breast Pump


    This Pigeon portable electric pump is both compact and comfortable, boosting a Comfort ProperFit Soft Silicone Cushion that provides a more comfortable seal for efficient pumping. It comes with a no backflow feature which prevents the milk from flowing back into the funnel, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean. One plus point is the pumps come with a bottle stand to secure the bottle and prevent spillage.

    How much: SG$149

    Where to get it: Pigeon,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Mama's Choice Singlre & Handy Electric Breast Pump


    Mama’s Choice Electric Breast Pump is hands-down the most affordable and compact electric breast pump in the market. Small, compact, and easy to use, this Mama’s Choice breast pump offers two expression modes as well as up to 9 adjustable suction levels based on your preferred milk expression. With easy-to-clean and leak-proof parts, Mama’s Choice Electric Breast Pump promises a hygienic and efficient pumping session every time.

    How much: SG$39.90

    Where to get it: Mama’s Choice,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Imani i2 Handsfree Electric Breast Pump


    The Imani i2 Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump is a cheaper alternative to the Elvie Wearable Breast Pump. Despite the lower price tag, this wearable electric breast pump does not compromise on quality. With soft silicone breast flanges and tip cap, this hands-free electric pump promises comfort and no leakages when worn under your bra during pumping sessions. It even offers a history save function so that you can automatically save your pre-set settings!

    How much: SG$199

    Where to get it: Pupsik Studio,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Nuk Double Electric Breast Pump

    NUK DOUBLE ELECTRIC PUMPS: Maximum Comfort & Customizable Multi-Phase Settings

    The NUK Double Electric Pumps is designed to make breastfeeding easier. With 32 pump settings available, you can easily toggle the settings based on your comfort level. It even comes with a memory function so that you do not have to readjust the settings each time you are expressing milk. Another plus point is that the bundle set comes with a bottle warmer as well, ensuring that the expressed milk is at the ideal temperature for your little one.

    How much: SG$399

    Where to get it: Shopee,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump

    HEGEN DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMPS: Efficiency, Comfort & Portable

    Hegen is a home-grown Singaporean brand and its products for the bump club are highly raved by mothers for its efficiency and comfort. What makes their electric breast pumps stand out from the rest is the kneading massage feature to stimulate circulation and help ease soreness after expressing or engorgement. This lightweight and contact pump fits nicely into any mum’s bag, making it extremely portable for mums with busy schedules!

    How much: SG$450

    Where to get it: Hegen,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Spectre S1+ Double Electric Breast Pump

    SPECTRA S1+ DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP: Rechargeable Battery, Practical & Lightweight

    The Spectra S1+ double electric breast pump has consistently received high ratings for being the most efficient, most practical as well as super lightweight and ultra-compact. Features include an auto-timer to track the duration of your pumping sessions, a backlight to help you see the settings and timer in the dark, and even the ability to check the total number of hours that you have pumped. The Spectra S1+ boosts a rechargeable battery which allows you to easily pump at work or while travelling outside.

    How much: SG$398

    Where to get it: Spectra Singapore,

  • Best Breast Pumps In Singapore Baby Express Be Mine Dual Electric Breast Pump


    Baby Express Be Mine Dual Breast Pump is a handy, compact and ergonomic electric breast pump with an affordable price tag. One of its most notable features is that it allows you to adjust different settings for each breast, which is helpful if you find that your breasts each express differently. The Be Mine breast pump also has a nipple correction node to help correct inverted or flat nipple. This pump also doubles up as a nasal aspirator to clear up those nasty boogers for your little one.

    How much: SG$179.90

    Where to get it: Baby Express,

  • CIMILRE S6+ DOUBLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP: Rechargeable, Quiet & Hands-Free

    The Cimilre S6+ is a rechargeable double electric breast pump that is exceptionally quiet, tailored for easy mobility and lightweight, making it ideal for working mums. Its ultra-quiet hum allows you to pump discreetly at work or at home without waking your little one. It is also specially designed with Cimilre’s newly developed Free-T breast shields, so that you can enjoy a hands-free pumping experience. The Cimilre S6+ pump also offers the option for you to pump directly into disposable milk storage bags, making it extremely convenient if you intend to store your milk supply in the freezer.

    How much: SG$229

    Where to get it: Cimilre,

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