Glamping In The Wild At Singapore Zoo

Refreshed Program Featuring Behind-The-Scenes Tours

Glamping in the Wild at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo’s Glamping in the Wild program returns from 1 April 2023 with a refreshed programme featuring behind-the-scenes tours to thrill the heart of any animal lover looking for a meaningful respite amidst nature.

Kickstart your adventure by getting acquainted with our enigmatic herd of Asian Elephants during a special feeding and chit-chat session with their carers. Find out the personality quirks of each of our five female pachyderms and see which one you most closely relate to.

Then, embark on an insightful peep into animal healthcare. This backstage pass allows you to discover the inner workings of our Wildlife Nutrition Centre which caters to the nutritional needs of some 15,000 animals that call Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders home. Learn how the dedicated nutrition team works hand in hand with their animal care counterparts to plan diets that closely replicate what the animals would eat in the wild. Continue your journey at our Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre and turn your attention to the clinical world of our veterinary experts as they keep our wild residents in the pinkest of health. If you’re lucky, you might catch our vets tending to a patient or two.

Your private guide will then transport you to Wild Africa for an introduction to our charismatic carnivores. Round off the afternoon with priority seats at the Splash Safari presentation and soak in the aquatic acrobatics of our captivating Californian Sea Lion while learning how to better care for our seas and planet.

After a hearty dinner, breathe in the evening smells of the rainforest with a relaxing stroll as the park winds down for the day – keep your eyes peeled and listen with a keen ear and you might chance upon native wildlife such as the Spotted Wood Owls or Sunda Colugos that reside in our parks as they start their twilight rituals. As night falls, retreat to the cosy comfort of your dome tent and let the soothing sounds of the Upper Seletar Reservoir rock you to sleep.

Wrap up your glamp with their signature Breakfast in the Wild, which features a tantalising array of local and international flavours thoughtfully created with ingredients friendly to wildlife and the planet. The highlight of your morning will surely be the encounters with our animal ambassadors including enigmatic Orangutans, an inquisitive Tamandua, boisterous Coatimundis and vibrant Macaws*.

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*Appearances subject to weather and animal conditions

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A staycay experience like no other in the outdoors and close encounters with wildlife!

Who It's Perfect For:

Families and those who love to bask in nature.

What Else:​

If you prefer getting up close with aquatic animals, River Wonders’ ever-popular Glamping with the Manatees is also available from April through August this year. You can look forward to drifting to sleep while watching the mesmerizing manatees, exclusive behind-the-scenes sessions, and meeting the charming capybaras at the Once Upon a River presentation.

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Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Main Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

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