Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

Classes For Both Kids And Adults!

Where To Go For Skateboarding And Rollerblading Lessons Singapore

Searching for a new family activity to do on weekends? Why not pick up either rollerblading or skateboarding together? The kids will surely have the bandwidth and stamina to learn one of these sporty skills, and it’ll be fun for the entire family to conquer a new sport together!

We’ve rounded up a list of the best skateboarding and rollerblading classes in Singapore, so go on, take your pick!

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Best Classes For Active Kids In Singapore

  • United Skates Singapore

    UNITED SKATES: Skateboarding Lessons For Kids In Singapore *Top Skateboarding Lessons In Singapore

    Skateboarding continues to gain popularity with kids in Singapore and this group is dedicated to the sport! Not only do they teach your kids the basics of hitting the ramps and riding in the park, but they also focus on all the extra benefits for your children that come with skateboarding like problem-solving, communication and interaction skills, balance, and resilience. United Skates offers a focused, dynamic coaching program designed to suit all levels of skaters and allow them to reach their peak. They also host periodic two-day skate camps during the holidays for kids to get fully immersed in skateboarding! The United Skates coaching team is led by Nic Ferguson who is certified by SportSG in Skateboard Coaching and works with a team of coaches to provide comprehensive, structured training for all levels of skateboarding. Go on now - book it up!

    United Skates, The Collective Indoor Skatepark and School, 10 Science Centre Road, #01-05, Singapore 609079, +65 9489 0946,, Instagram: @unitedskatessg,  Facebook:

  • EXIS EXTREME INLINE SPORTS: Roller Blading *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Has Their Own Rails And Ramps

    Founded in 2008, Exis Extreme Inline Sports has a lot of experience teaching kids how to skate. They're one of the only companies in Singapore that has their own ramps and rails, making the lessons even more fun for the kiddos! You can even check out the available coaches on their website, giving you a clearer idea of who will be teaching your child this new sport. They provide a variety of classes, including private and group inline skating lessons, with a list of timings available on their website.

    EXIS Extreme Inline Sports,

  • SKATEDRAGONS: Skateboarding *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    More Than Just Skateboarding

    If you're looking for a safe, fun and enriching program for your kid to learn skateboarding, you can give SkateDragons a go! They've got various classes and programs available, and focus not only on skateboarding, but teach kids climbing and parkour as well! It's perfect for children who are active and love being outdoors. The team aims to build kids' self-confidence, motivation and grit, and classes are run at various locations within Singapore, such as Somerset Skate Park and Stadium Skate Park.


  • SKATE WITH US: Roller Blading & Skateboarding *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    For Kids And Adults

    Skate With Us has such a fun variety of different programs! They do private inline skating classes, skateboarding classes, school programs, corporate programs, and even birthday skate parties! With their professional and internationally certified coaches, you can be sure that your whole family is in good hands no matter which skate program you choose! They also have school holiday programs, perfect if your kiddo has time to spare during the upcoming holidays and is itching to learn a new sports skill in an outdoor setting.

    Skate With Us,

  • DOORSTEP SKATING: Roller Blading *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Lessons Right At Your Doorstep

    This might just be the most convenient skate class! Coach Ryan offers roller blading (and cycling) classes right at your doorstep, for family members of all ages! His classes are also divided into different levels, namely Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. His website also has a comprehensive list of what skillsets will be taught at each level, and there's also a price list of the different lesson packages he offers. It's the perfect kind of class for your family if you guys want a more personalized and convenient skate class!

    Doorstep Skating,

  • SKATE XTREME: Roller Blading *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Skating Lessons For Kids

    Skate Xtreme provides inline skating lessons for people of all ages in a safe and enjoyable environment. They aim to incorporate both technical and soft skills into children through inline skating as well. Their lessons take place at various locations around Singapore, including Yishun Park, Punggol Park, Canberra Park and more, each lesson a total of 90 mins. Besides their lesson packages, they also do have trial lessons if your kiddo is afraid and would just like to try it out first. The team also provides private lessons and can run private skating events.

    Skate Xtreme,

  • THE LONGBOARD ACADEMY: Longboarding *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Slightly Different From Skateboarding

    It's not quite like skateboarding, but longboarding can be another amazing skill you guys can pick up together as a family! At The Longboard Academy, they aim to make the skill accessible, achievable, and fun for all. Their instructors also have a wide range of experiences from cruising to even dance and freestyle. The academy caters to students of all ages, from kids as young as six years old, all the way until adults. This means that the whole family can learn long boarding together, and the team also provides private classes if that's something you feel is more suited for you guys.

    The Longboard Academy,

  • ERNSPORTS: Roller Blading & Skateboarding *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Talented Coaches Who Mostly Specialize In More Than One Rollersport

    Founded by Ernest Wong, who has more than 20 years of skating experience, ERNSPORTS provides classes for three different roller sports: Roller Blading, Skateboarding and Longboarding. The team at ERNSPORTS is super zealous and passionate, and you're in good hands when you learn from them. Whether you're choosing to learn roller blading, skateboarding or longboarding, each sport consists of lessons of varying levels, and you can check out their course prices via the company's really cool website. What's amazing is that your whole family can even conquer all three roller sports if you have the stamina and drive to do it!


  • SKATESG: Skateboarding *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    Passionate Skateboarding Coaches

    The team at SkateSG continuously looks for ways to push the boundaries of skateboarding, which means that should you learn the art of skateboarding from them, you'll surely be paired with a coach who's truly passionate about his sport. Their classes focus on educating students on how to skateboard safely and effectively, and their curriculum consists of three different difficulty levels. They've also got individually crafted performance training if you and the family are interested!


  • SKATELINE: Roller Blading *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    For Skaters By Skaters

    Skateline caters to both kids and adults, and provides a wide variety of different programs. They've got an Inline Funstart class for total beginners, so fret not if you've never attempted skating before and are slightly afraid to try out a new sport. They've also got small group lessons, perfect for families looking to pick up roller blading, or you can join the open group lesson, suitable for people who don't have a skating group of their own and don't mind joining on-going skate groups. If your kid totally ends up falling in love with skating, you can send them to Skateline's Holiday Skate Camp, held every March, June, September and December.


  • SKATERS ACADEMY: Roller Blading *Top Skateboarding And Roller-Blading Lessons In Singapore

    More Than 10 Years Of Skating Lessons

    Skaters Academy was founded all the way back in 2006, and have grown to teach more than 5000 students the art of skating! The team of 16 coaches continually strives to build a fun-loving and passionate community of well-mannered skaters, and provide a safe environment for students to learn skating. They've got both group and private lessons available, so you can choose the one that suits your family's needs the most! Prices are available on their website, and they even have a list of locations for group classes, complete with weekly timings.

    Skaters Academy,

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