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Where To Buy Sports Equipment For Kids In Singapore

Top Shops In Singapore For Children's Sports Gear + Kits + Shoes + More!

Sports Gear And Equipment For Kids In Singapore

It’s important for kids to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age, and the easiest and most fun way to do this is through sports! Once you sign them up for their first session, the next step is to ensure they’ve got everything they need – from cool attire to safety gear. Here’s our nifty guide on where are the best places to buy sports equipment for kids in Singapore. Let’s get active!


  • SWIMMING GEAR FOR CHILDREN IN SINGAPORE: Goggles, Earplugs, Bathing Suits, More

    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    Swimming is one of the most important skills to impart to the little ones from an early age. Swim classes are inevitable, and your kiddo will be splashing in a pool in no time! While most people would know Arena as a popular swimwear brand for kids to experience their first underwater sport, there are plenty of other options also available. Places such as Decathlon will have goggles and swimming aids to try out before you purchase so that you can ensure a high level of safety for your kiddos. Don’t forget to also shop for kickboards and floats so their transition from land to water will be a quick and seamless process!

    What Swimming Gear Is Required For Kids?

    • KICK BOARDS, FINS, HAND PADDLES - For training only

    Where To Buy Swimming Products In Singapore:

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    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    Kids of all ages love to dance and move their little bodies. Many girls and boys pick up ballet, hip hop, or any other dance from a young age. Not only does dance train dancing skills, but also teaches flexibility, discipline, and endurance. From ballet shoes, jazz shoes, and tutus - check out the top shops below to get the right dancing gear for your kiddo!

    What Dance Gear And Dance Shoes Are Required For Kids?

    • SPECIALIZED SHOES - Ballet, jazz, tap, and more.
    • DANCEWEAR - Ask your teacher for what is required - tutus, tights, legwarmers, etc.

    Where To Buy Dancegear In Singapore?

    • Sonata Dancewear - ballet shoes, tutus, leotards, accessories and more
    • Costumes Connection - tap shoes, ballet shoes, jazz footwear, dance costumes + more
    • OKH Ballet - dancewear, tights, socks, tap shoes, ballet shoes, character shoes and more
    • Carousell - affordable leotards, tutus, ballet shoes

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    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    It’s natural for many kids to start developing a love for football from their dad’s influence at a young age. If your little tot is ready to explore the field and practice their kicks, it’s time to get them dressed for the sport! Start with a new jersey of their favorite soccer player or team to help them get into the game's habit, and for more serious players, shin guards and soccer boots will come in useful for their safety and honing their skills.

    What Football/Soccer Gear Is Required For Kids?

    • CLEATS - Check with your coach on the type required for your child's team.
    • SHIN GUARDS - This will save your child a lot of bruising!
    • FOOTBALL/SOCCER BALL - For training
    • UNIFORMS, SHORTS, SHIRTS, SOCKS - They are typically provided but best to check.

    Where To Buy Football Gear In Singapore:

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    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    If your kiddo is looking to get into Martial Arts, be it Boxing, Muay Thai, or Wrestling, there are fair few sports shops in Singapore that will help them get the ideal gear to start practicing the right way. Put on those gloves because it's time to start learning kicks and punches!

    What Martial Arts Gear Are Required For Kids?

    • GLOVES - club use and general sparring drills
    • FOOTWEAR - stability, grip and comfort
    • PADS & SHIELDS - for developing children's Martial Arts techniques, speed work and coordination
    • PROTECTION - protecting your child's head, shins, groin, mouth and hands
    • CLOTHING - check with the instructor what type of shorts, trousers, or robes they may need

    Where To Buy Martial Arts Equipment In Singapore?

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  • CYCLING GEAR FOR CHILDREN IN SINGAPORE: Helmets + Bells + Lights & More

    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    Just like learning how to swim, cycling is a rite of passage for every kid! Your child growing up also means that a new bike is in order for them to learn, and there are plenty of places in Singapore where you can find a learning bike for beginners. From a 4-wheel bicycle with a basket and handle tassels, to a standard bike for the roads, finding the perfect one for your kid is important. Taking falls and bruises will also be part of the learning journey, so ensure that they are well protected with helmets, elbow guards and knee guards too until they can ride confidently and safely.

    What Cycling Gear Is Required For Kids?

    • HELMET

    Where To Buy Cycling Products In Singapore:

    • - child-friendly bicycles for as young as 3 years old
    • Mr Bicycles - one-stop-shop
    • Hup Leong Co -  houses internationally recognized brands, consultations, bike treatments
    • Decathlon - a variety of bicycle items like baskets and bells
    • Togo Parts - secondhand kids bicycles from as low as $50
    • Treknology - durable, high-quality bikes with training wheels
    • Hello Bicycle - junior bikes with unique colors

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    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    Whether at the neighborhood court or in school, basketball is a sport for both old and young to explore. Kids can even attempt to increase their height with enough practice, jumping, and training. Basketball will require a special kind of shoes too, that are heavier than usual sneakers, and a high ankle cut to protect your feet from the strain. Besides this, you’ll also need a bouncy basketball, of course!

    What Basketball Gear Is Required For Kids?

    • BASKETBALL SHOES - Check with your coach on the type required for your child's team.
    • KNEE PADS - Elastic cloth made to keep the parts of the body that are experiencing movement from being injured.
    • BASKETBALL - For training
    • UNIFORMS, SHORTS, JERSEYS, SOCKS - They are typically provided but best to check.

    Where To Buy Basketball Products In Singapore:

    • Decathlon - jerseys, knee braces, sneakers and so much more
    • Sports Direct - jerseys, shorts, sneakers, balls + more
    • Nike - jerseys, shorts, sneakers, hoodies, and more
    • JD Sports – wide range of basketball jerseys and sneakers
    • Limited Edt – unique shoe drops with free delivery

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  • BADMINTON GEAR FOR KIDS IN HONG KONG: Rackets + Sports Shoes + More

    Where To Buy Kids' Sports Equipment In Singapore?

    Badminton is a fairly simple and easy sport to get into and is great for weekend family time. Parents can bring their kids anywhere from the park to the housing board (HDB) void deck to practice some rounds of this game, without the need for a large space. The back-and-forth of hitting the shuttlecock can seem straightforward, but it will also help work up a sweat! Who knows? It could become your next favorite hobby to do together!

    What Badminton Gear Is Required For Kids?


    Where To Buy Badminton Gear In Singapore:


    More Top Sport Shops Across Singapore:

    Hockey Gear For Kids

    Baseball And Softball Gear For Kids

    Sailing And Sea Sports Essentials

    Skating Gear For Kids

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