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Swimming Shopping For Goggles, Snorkels, And Armbands In Hong Kong

Swimming Pool Fun For Kids

Goggles, Snorkels, And Armbands In Hong Kong

Making sure your kids have the right equipment for the pool and sea is vitally important. Their safety is your number one priority. With armbands for floating, goggles for seeing and snorkels for underwater exploration, there’s a huge selection of apparel to choose from. Here are some of our favorite stores in Hong Kong, that will ensure you all have plenty of water fun.

  • Full Face Snorkeling Masks From Decathlon Hong Kong

    Decathlon: Everything Swimming

    Snorkles, masks, goggles, swim rings, arm bands, wet suits - they have it all! Decathalon is a one-stop-shop for all things fitness and their swimming section does not disappoint. For those heading off on holiday with little ones, be sure to grab a easybreath snorkle mask for the kids - it makes underwater breathing a lot easier! Order online or head to one of their stores.


    Decathlon Hong Kong, www.decathlon.com.hk

  • Goggles From Picked By Poppins Hong Kong

    Picked By Poppins: Toddler Goggles And Swim Gear

    Picked By Poppins is a one-stop-shop for online shopping for baby and toddler swim gear. They offer the popular Vorgee Sports Goggles for kids aged 18 months - 6 years. Their shop also stocks Puddle Jumper, Trunki dive sticks, swim nappies, and kid-friendly swimming nose clips.  It's an easy website to shop and awesome delivery service too...get going!


    Picked By Poppinshttps://www.pickedbypoppins.com/shop/play/outdoor-play/swimming-toys-towels

  • Happy Child Swimming

    Seed: Stylish Goggles

    Seed is a beautiful store that stocks lots of lovely things for your kids. We love the sparkly goggles. If your little princess wants to look glam by the pool this summer, then these are for her. They also have some fab swimsuits too. There are plenty of accessories to compliment the swimwear, like beach bags, hats, and headbands!


    Seed, www.seedheritage.com.hk/

  • Boys Playing In The Pool

    Escapade: Professional Goggles And Swim Gear

    If your little ones like to swim, these pro goggles are the perfect accessory for their swim career. Used by professional athletes all over the world, Zoggs have an excellent reputation for being reliable and comfortable. As well as goggles and swimwear, Zoggs have a comprehensive selection of swimming caps, nose clips, ear plugs, fins and more.  Escapade stocks a variety of basic to competitive swim gear for kids and adults too.  Popular swimming brands at their store aside from Zoggs include Blueseventy, Speedo, and NeilPryde.


    Escapade, locations in Causeway Bay, Repulse Bay, Central, www.escapade.com.hk/zoggs-swimming.html

  • Goggles From Toys R Us Hong Kong

    Toys R Us: Goggles, Arm Bands, More

    Toys "R" Us has a huge selection of swimming gear. We love the arm bands from Intex. They have Disney designs, and under the sea too making them easy to convince your little fish to wear them. Their snorkels can be found in froggy designs or more professional looking with fins. Why not buy a beach ball and some games while you’re there to make sure you have plenty of fun in the sun this summer.


    Toys R Us, www.toysrus.com.hk/pool-water-toys/

  • Child Swimming

    Aquasport: Goggles And Swim Gear

    Aquasport stock everything you need for pool fun. They have a wide selection of Zoggs goggles for kids of all ages. If you want swimwear, they have that too. They also hold sessions on water safety which is very important for little ones and parents. If you need extra equipment like floats, they have that too!


    Aquasport, www.aquasport.com.hk/

  • Little Playing On The Beach

    Amazon: Everything Swimming

    For everything water-related, Amazon has it all. Whether it’s for the sea or the swimming pool, they have a huge selection.  They have hundreds of snorkels too. If you’re a seasoned pro or just a beginner, they have styles and sizes for everyone.  They deliver to Hong Kong but extra fees apply for shipping.


    Amazon, www.amazon.com

  • Baby Wearing Floatie From Swimava Hong Kong

    Swimava: Baby Floats

    Swimava has a wonderful selection of products for babies learning to swim. Their products include, accessories, body rings, pools, and starter rings. The Swimava starter ring supports your little one’s head above the water. If gives them the confidence to spend more time in the pool.


    Swimava, https://swimava.hk/

  • Happy Kids On The Beach

    Speedo: Professional Goggles

    Speedo is a brand we’ve all grown up with. Trusted and reliable, they have been looking after swimmers for years. They have competitive swimwear, regular swimwear, accessories and goggles. If your little one wears glasses, they do prescription goggles so they can see underwater. All goggles are fog free, making swimming and exploring easy.


    Speedo, www.speedo.com.hk/eng/c_goggles.html

  • Prodive Hong Kong

    Prodive: Diving Equipment And Snorkles

    As the name would suggest, this is a professional shop for divers and snorkelers. They have an extensive range of dive equipment. They have snorkeling sets, fins, shoes & sandals, vests & floats. They stock over 100 brands that specialize in snorkeling and swimming. If your little fish wants to go pro, this is the place to go.


    Prodive, www.prodive.com.hk/

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