DreamWorks KouKou Cafe just opened in Singapore to offer you the most irresistible merchandise the world has ever seen – DreamWorks' legendary characters in the form of dumplings, buns and other delicious bites. This themed cafe is the first of its kind in the world, so you won't be able to enjoy little mouthfuls of King Fu Panda, Shrek or the other guys anywhere else. DreamWorks characters are featured equally playfully on the walls around you and on the plate in front of you. Their dishes are classic Asian comfort food with a unique twist, so they will satisfy both the child and the gourmand in you! The dishes are also packed with healthy ingredients, which makes DreamWorks KouKou Cafe a perfect place for a date with your kiddo (if the very idea and its colorful execution weren't enough)!

You can feast your eyes on a part of DreamWorks KouKou Cafe's wide range of dishes here (there are seven main, six side dishes and five desserts altogether) before your belly decides on one and takes you out to eat (just remember to make a reservation). Characters from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon and Trolls are waiting for you – on the menu and in the form of non-edible adorable merchandise unique to the place.