Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

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Best Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing Singapore

Wakeboarding was originally called skurfing, a 1980s water sport inspired by water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. The ‘skurfer’ would ride a surfboard behind a boat using a rope and handle. Quickly gaining popularity, enthusiasts formed the World Skiboard Association, and in 1990, the first Skurfer Skiboard World Championships took place on the Wailua River in Hawaii. After many prototypes and adjustments to the overall design, they changed the name to the World Wakeboarding Association.

Early wakeboards were shorter and broader than traditional waterskis, with a boot-like binding system and fins on the underside for better stability and control for newly emerging tricks and styles. Today, wakeboarding is a popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. With the advancement of technology, both boards and boats have become more versatile, allowing riders to push their limits on the water.

Wakesurfing is gaining popularity too! While wakeboarding can be fast and furious, wakesurfing is more relaxed. Instead of holding onto the rope throughout the ride, the rider will let go of the rope and ride the wave created by the boat. It can be likened to a surfer catching a wave on the sea using top and bottom turns, off-the-lips, and snapbacks.

If you have a water-loving, thrill-seeking family who wants to try something new, wakeboarding in Singapore is a fun sport to master with your little ones. Singapore has a beautifully temperate climate so you can wakeboard and wakesurf all year round. The country has become a top water sports destination for international travelers, particularly during the cold winter months.

So pack up that picnic and head to one of Singapore’s wakeboarding or wakesurfing centers. You might have the next world champ in your tribe alongside current pro, Cory Teunissen.

Any child participating in water sports needs to be a proficient swimmer, super-hero confident in the water, and able to follow instructions. You’ll all be wearing lifejackets, and each center practices strict health and safety protocols to ensure you are safe while crisscrossing the water at speed.

  • DreamWake Academy best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    DREAMWAKE ACADEMY: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    You Have The Will; They Have The Way

    Wakeboarding is the DNA at DreamWake Academy, Singapore's fastest-growing wakesurfing school. It accommodates complete beginners to advanced-level riders with some of the best coaches in the industry, state-of-the-art equipment, and finely-tuned boats that give you the best wakes and unlimited potential. The dedicated team strives to position its students for greatness and build long-term relationships to give them the edge, shorten their learning curve, and be the best version of themselves to chase their dreams and continued success. The DreamWake Academy has over three decades of collective coaching experience and has represented Singapore in various international competitions. They have the knowledge and experience to push you beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to get wakesurfing?

    DreamWake Academy, 11 Northshore Drive, Pier, #5 Marina Country Club, Singapore, +65 86123321,,

  • Ryders best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    RYDERS SINGAPORE: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Wakeboard And Have Fun!

    Pioneers of wakeboarding, Ryders Singapore is renowned for its no-pressure coaching style, which is ideal for complete novices. Your coach will provide detailed instructions, all the necessary equipment, life jackets, and an ice box for drinks to keep you hydrated and cool. Most of the instructors speak English, and some also speak Mandarin. Your little ones must be at least six years old and confident in the water to enjoy the thrill of wakeboarding. The team understands water sports are addictive and wakeboarding is a way of life. Chat with one of the instructors and learn more about their fun classes. You can expect to pay SG$150 per hour for a small boat for beginner riders or SG$190 for more experienced wakeboarders. The boats can accommodate up to five passengers.

    Ryders Singapore, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore, +65 9189,

  • Wake Time best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    WAKE TIME: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Learn Tips And Tricks

    Join Jim at Wake Time for some exhilarating wakeboarding or wakeskating lessons. He will confidently help you master the sport, whether it’s new to you or you’ve been practicing like crazy for the last few years. He’ll help you learn about the exciting sport in a safe and fun way or raise your wakeboarding skills to the next level and beyond. Wake Time has a series of the latest Mastercraft wakeboard boats and equipment, including boards, bindings, lifejackets, wakeboards, and wakeskates. Jim is experienced and excellent at explaining various techniques and forms to help you progress quickly.

    Wake Time, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore, +65 8333 7666,,

  • Edge Wakeboarding best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    EDGE WAKEBOARDING: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    For Wakeboarders, By Wakeboarders

    With instructors that can cater to every level of wakeboarder, from your little ones to teens and grownups, Edge Wakeboarding has all the equipment to get you started, including knee pads and wakeboards. Most of the instructors have, at some time in their careers, taken part in international competitions and continue to provide a positive and exhilarating experience. Lessons take place within the Marina Country Club on the shores of the Johor Straight on a stretch of calm water between Sletar Island and Singapore with views of Malaysia. At Edge Wakeboarding, they believe in the 'feel' of the sport rather than teaching the technical elements, which has proved a more efficient way of learning through decades of collective teaching experience. They have a great snacks and drinks outlet when you finish your active day, or you can pop into any of the cafés or restaurants in Marina Country Club.

    Edge Wakeboarding, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670, Tel: +65 6386 6634,,

  • WakePit best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    WAKEPIT: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Go Big Or Go Home

    With an impressive host of awards and titles, Sim Hwee, AKA Frankie, the founder of WakePit, was introduced to the sport by his wife in 1999. He soon fell in love with wakeboarding, which forever changed his world. He quit his full-time job to become a coach and continued improving his wakeboarding skills. His innovative attitude and exposure to many international competitions allowed him to learn various styles and techniques, developing his own style, which he shares with each of his students. He'll train you hard to awaken your wakeboarding and wakesurfing potential. Each lesson is for at least two hours, and all of the equipment is provided, so all you have to do is show up and be ready to learn from the master. Children have to be at least four, measure 1.10 meters, be water-confident and be able to follow instructions.

    WakePit, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore, +65 8820 6335,,

  • Absolute Beach Boys best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    ABSOLUTE BEACH BOYS: Punggol & Admiralty *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Instilling Passion

    Join the Absolute Beach Boys for a memorable adventure and dive head-first into the world of wakeboarding. They guarantee an unforgettable experience for those curious about the sport. The team is highly experienced and skilled and is passionate about sharing their expertise with all levels of riders. They will guide you and the kids every step of the way to unlock your full potential while ensuring safety at all times. With state-of-the-art equipment, from boards and bindings to safety essentials, they have it all to hand to ensure an exhilarating ride. They have scouted picturesque spots along the Singapore coastline for the best wakeboarding for action-packed adventures. Absolute Beach Boys offers customized lessons to accommodate your abilities and goals and ensures that each rider receives personalized attention to maximize your time on the water. Their medium-sized boats can accommodate five people, and their larger boats six. Wakesurfing and wake-foiling are also available.

    Absolute Beach Boys, Marina Country Club, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore and  SAF Yacht Club, 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore, +65 8591 8108,,

  • Wake Pirates best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    WAKE PIRATES: Admiralty *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    In Deep Waters

    The team of dedicated and experienced instructors at Wake Pirates will tailor each training session for you and the kids according to your individual needs, regardless of ability. Whether it's your first time on a wakeboard or you are considering entering a competition, they are there to help hone your wakeboarding skills. The instructors will guide you through the basics, such as your first deep water start, spin, and invert. Wake Pirates has all the latest equipment, including boards, bindings, and life jackets. They also have a fleet of well-maintained MasterCraft X5 towboats from world-class wakeboarding boat makers. Bring sunscreen and cool board shorts, and you'll have an exciting day!

    Wake Pirates, 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore, +65 9845 7452,,

  • Maxout Hydrosports best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    MAXOUT HYDROSPORTS: Tuas *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Get It Till You Got It!

    In 1997, a group of friends formed Maxout Hydrosports to introduce wakeboarding to Singapore and provide a lifestyle alternative for like-minded individuals. They created somewhere people could escape the hustle and bustle of the city and urban living and get back to nature and the great outdoors. The friendly team is experienced and wants to ensure that all their guests have a great time and become as passionate about the sport as they are. Join their head coach Ryan who will guide you through your wakeboarding journey by providing proper instruction and guidance while you are out on the water. Each personalized class lasts at least two hours on a boat or at the cable park. You'll soon take your riding to another level. They have DUP wakeboarding gear, Slingshot boards, and various wakeboarding, water skiing, and wakesurfing boats for sale, which you can try before you buy!

    Maxout Hydrosports, 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore, +65 9737 7577,,

  • Suter WakePro best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SUTER WAKEPRO: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Training For The Country

    Suter is a local wakeboarding legend in Singapore. His father taught him how to waterski when he was only seven. He later went on to become the Silver Medal holder at the SEA Games in 1997. In 1995 he started wakeboarding and competed at international levels at the Asian X Games and the Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour. He's instructed athletes for the Red Bull, Billabong, and the SEA Games. He now focuses on developing the next generation of riders. With four decades of experience, he knows how to train your little ones effectively. Whether you want a chilled lesson or two in the waters just off Seletar Island or to be trained to your very best level, Suter is the man! Contact him to arrange a customized program.

    Suter WakePro, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore, +659742 7201,,

  • SurfnWake best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SURFNWAKE: Punggol *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Mind, Body, And The Surf

    Join Yen, a self-confessed wake surfer addict who will teach you and the kiddos how to wakesurf. SurfnWake operates a Super Air Nautique 210 WakeSurf team edition boat loaded with the latest integrated surf system that provides the most suitable waves for beginners and advanced riders. ¥en offers personalized coaching sessions all year round, so you and the little ones can head out to the sea whenever you like to hone these skills. She's been providing her guests with world-class service for over a decade. Wakesurfing is an easy, safe, and fun way for the family, and no experience is necessary; she'll have you standing up on the board in no time. The sport is a great way to train your mind; it juggles coordination between your mind and body. Her team is dedicated to providing you with a thrilling experience, and who knows, perhaps your kids will be competing on the local and international wake surfing circuits before you know it.

    SurfnWake, Marina Country Club, 11 North Shore Drive, Singapore, +65 9855 6623,,

  • Singapore Wake Park best wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Singapore Little Steps Asia

    SINGAPORE WAKE PARK: East Coast *Top Kid-Friendly Places To Wakeboard and Wakesurf In Singapore

    Cable-Ski Wakeboarding

    The only cable-ski park in the city, Singapore Wake Park, is built in the lagoon at East Coast Park. The still waters ensure a safe environment for beginners and more experienced riders seeking an adrenaline fix. The park offers three cable systems, including two straight-line systems for novices and intermediate riders as young as six. There's also a full-sized cable for more experience wakeboarders. Once the kids have perfected their ride, they can develop their skills with various obstacles such as romper stomper, stax and balls, and kingpin. Look no further for a fun day with the kids – the high-energy playground is the ultimate lifestyle destination. Stay all day and watch the little ones having fun or try chilled-out sports, catch some rays by the sunkissed lagoon, have a wander or run, skate or cycle through the park, a family picnic or dine in Coastal Rhythum, a café and bar serving international and local cuisine. The Singapore Wake Park is also open at night with full floodlighting!

    Singapore Wake Park, 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore, +65 6636 4266,,

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