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Hong Kong and the rest of the world have suffered at the hands of the global pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s important to support your homegrown brands. Explore some of the extraordinary people that provide sustainable clothing, education, legal advice, parent and child health, and yummy food to keep family life happily ticking over. Many have offered a discount to Little Steps readers; check out the unique codes and some of their favorite offerings. Here are the top contenders and a little bit about their fabulousness.

  • Ina L Baby Bloom Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Ina L

    Founder of Belly & Bloom

    Ina L is CIBTAC trained in massage and belly binding techniques in Bali, Indonesia. She’s also a postnatal professional; she’s a Reiki second degree practitioner who uses universal energy to aid relaxation and improve overall well-being. She also provides Jamu postnatal treatments for new moms in their own homes. Ina encourages new moms to embrace the benefits of Jamu so that their bodies can make a complete recovery.

    She’ll make you feel youthful in no time at all. Postpartum care is essential for new moms. The Jamu massage is a traditional therapy that incorporates natural herbal ingredients and essential oils that aid the breakdown of stubborn fat, helps flatten the abdomen and strengthen the spine. Ina also practices traditional Indonesian Jamu binding techniques. She has a beautiful collection of body oils and essential bedside products designed to boost arousal, diminish discomfort, and give pleasure.

    Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

     Jamu postnatal treatment;

     Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Ina has offered a super-generous 15 percent discount on her treatments if you book two months in advance of your baby’s due date.

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  • Casita Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Raissa, Sam, Ryan, Kay, Yayong and Bea

    Founders of Casita Hong Kong

    Casita is a sanctuary for families in Sheung Wan. The re-imagined center allows like-minded families to discover and connect. The founders of Casita believe in creating an environment where children will feel nurtured and thrive. Casita combines music and movement with open-ended sensory play; its classes are the first of their kind in Hong Kong. Children are naturally curious and are eager and determined to understand how the world works. Casita encourages children to initiate play; it supports them in having their own ideas and being in control of their learning.

    The classes offered are a mix of the internationally-acclaimed Zumbini, Play Orientated Discovery Sessions. The music element is an excellent way for children to be exposed to music, rhythm, instruments, singing, and dancing. It allows them the freedom of expression and enhances their creativity.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

     All Casita’s classes,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Casita ia offering 10 percent discount until April 30, 2022. Use the code LITTLESTEPS10 at check out upon booking.

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  • Christine Deschemin Renewed Hope Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Christine Deschemin

    Founder of Renewed Edge

    Christine Deschemin is a certified hypnotherapist and founder of Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre in Hong Kong. In her quest for non-invasive and safe methods for self-improvement, she learned about the increased use of hypnosis and natural language processing. As a former fencing athlete, she understands the importance and power of mindset for optimal health and performance.

    Christine has helped athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals overcome behavioral and emotional challenges and reach success. In April 2020, she released the UpNow hypnosis app bringing the benefits of self-hypnosis to the fingertips of anyone in need. The self-hypnosis downloads can be accessed online and offline, making access to mental health aids affordable. Hypnosis uses techniques designed to enhance concentration, minimize your usual distractions and heighten responsiveness to suggestions. The heightened suggestibility allows you to alter thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or the physiological state.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Hypnotherapy services,

    Online counseling,

    Hypnotherapy Training,

     Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Christine offers Little Steps readers 20 percent off individual hypnotherapy and online counseling sessions. Use the code LITTLESTEPS20. Valid until 30th June 2022.

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  • Emma & Tom Farnen Coco Alexander Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Tom and Emma Farnen

    Founders of Coco Alexander

    Husband and wife duo Tom and Emma founded Coco Alexander after the birth of baby Coco and the realization that Hong Kong was limited in baby changing facilities. Emma knew that she wanted something chic and practical. Creating bespoke baby accessories that complemented her lifestyle was her next step as a fashion designer. Their son Leo was born, so she could adequately test the baby bag idea. Emma also shared the little black diaper bag with some of her new mommy friends, a few tweaks were made here and there, and Coco Alexander was born.

    Emma is very much the creative face of the brand, while Tom runs the business on a day-to-day basis. His expertise lies in manufacturing luggage for well-known Italian brands - a perfect fit. The diaper bag comes with accessories such as a mini external pocket to keep your essentials such as keys, money, and lipstick. You can even choose the color of the bag strap – gold, gunmetal, or silver.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Diaper bag,

    The Mini bag,


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  • Simon and Anna Rayton Little Mario's Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Simon and Anna Rayton

    Founders of Little Mario's

    Little Mario's is a boutique family-run pizza chain founded in Ma Wan in 2016. They serve authentic Italian dishes using quality ingredients and fresh produce to their local community. The Rayton's worked with a Michelin-star chef to establish their delicious menu. Little Mario's high-grade classification pizza flour, whole peeled tomatoes, Pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese are all imported from Italy. Their loyal following grew ten-fold, so they opened three more stores. They plan to open two more locations in Hong Kong soon.

    Choose from the traditional tomato, white, or cheese base pizza with a delicious array of toppings, including their signature truffle, Italian sausage, meat lover, cheese trio, and Margherita. There's a small but perfectly formed selection of pasta, delicious salads, and even yummy Indian dishes. Deliveries are available in the Kwun Tong area of the city.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Signature truffle pizza,

    Baked cheese macaroni,

    Caesar salad,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Little Mario's offers Little Steps Asia Readers 15 percent off on a la carte dishes; use the code LITTLESTEPS.

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  • Jermain Chow HOng Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Jermaine Chow

    Founder of Learn Anytime Anywhere

    Learn Anytime Anywhere is a fun e-learning platform for children. Asian children often spend most of their time striving for academic excellence and therefore have very little time or encouragement to discover themselves outside the school curriculum. Learn Anytime Anywhere supports the strength-based 'learn what you love, love what you learn' learning theory. The interactive classes allow children to learn with the platform's highly qualified educators from various countries. The teacher's passion for schooling and diversity gives children a global insight into the world. They will help the children strengthen soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, growth mindset skills, and instil curiosity.

    All of the classes have an element of fun. Younger kids can explore the fascinating world of animal poops and farts, while older children will enjoy discovering drama and theatre, unleashing their inner superhero or villain, and writing a short script.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Funny animal sounds,

    Make a helicopter,


    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Jermaine is offering 12 percent discount for Little Steps readers. Use the code LITTLESTEPS12 upon booking.

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  • Kajal Naina Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Kajal Naina

    Founder of Kajal Naina

    Kajal was born in Nepal. Traditionally, if her family had any extra money, they wouldn’t put it in the bank but buy jewelry. It was a two-fold investment; not only did it possess ornamental beauty, but they could easily convert it back into cash. Each piece in the various collections is full of meaning. Kajal Naina is likened to an alchemist; she transforms jewelry into unique and meaningful pieces. She knows that you become more beautiful when you wear Kajal Naina, which empowers you to redefine your feminine confidence and inner strength.

    Kajal describes her jewelry as an instant heirloom and a progressive, symbolic and wearable narrative. Kajal Naina jewelry has won multiple awards, including the Saul Bell Design Award for outstanding achievements in jewelry design, and recognized by Liv as one of the best mindful jewelry brands in Hong Kong.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    The flying bird necklace

    Tranquility aum bracelet

    Chain of love ring

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Kajal has kindly offered 10 percent discount on your first purchase, use the code LS10OFF at check out.

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  • Linda Morrison Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Linda Morrison

    Founder Of MiliMilu, Hong Kong

    Linda is the energetic and passionate founder of MiliMilu. She wanted to connect her family to nature. MiliMilu is a sustainable, eco-friendly online store in Hong Kong that offers ethically produced and socially responsible clothing for the entire family. The range is relaxed enough for the beach and chic enough for the city.

    The children were involved from the brand's inception; they are responsible for approving the kid's clothing ranges by ensuring that mum uses organic, breathable fabrics. The clothes are comfy and don't compromise on style. Linda loves to teach them about ethical production, how to appreciate the finest craftsmanship. The family loves the ocean, beach, and countryside; the child-approved Ocean and Me collection is perfect for her little adventurers.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Anglerfish tee;

    Dear Sophie jellyfish print dress;

    Indiana dress;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Linda offers Little Steps readers 15 percent discount. Use LITTLESTEPS15 at check out.

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  • Leith Stewart Young Folk Therapy Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Leith Stewart

    Founder of Young Folk Therapy

    Young Folk Therapy is Hong Kong's most trusted and experienced children's therapy team. The team provides personalized and engaging occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and counseling for children, families, and schools. The founder, clinical director, and occupational therapist, Leith Stewart, is one of Hong Kong's most sought-after pediatric occupational therapists. She's built an impressive reputation for empowering children to live, grow and be their best selves.

    For two decades, Leith has helped children with special needs, including developmental delays, autism, sensory processing disorder, and behavioral problems, by developing strategies to help them gain confidence at school, at home, and in the playground.

    Based in Mong Kok, the clinic is a calm, beautiful space where children always leave feeling happier and more confident. Leith advocates for creating safe spaces for children; she's also passionate about working with parents, caregivers, and teachers to provide children with plans beyond the therapy room.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Fun with Pete the cat,

    Let's move,

    Social stars,

    Social Media,

  • Jadis Blurton Hong Kong rockstar Little Steps Asia

    Jadis Blurton

    Founder of Jadis Blurton Family Development Center

    Dr. Jadis Blurton founded Jadis Blurton Family Development Center in 1996. She’s an expert in psychology and child development. It’s her vision and commitment to providing quality mental health support, educational services, and resources to the children of Hong Kong. The family development center has a positive and practical approach to individual development. The team has the compassion and expertise to ensure that individuals and families are equipped with the tools to live happy and productive lives.

    Jadis and her team encourage everyone to believe in their ability to reach their full potential. The center has various offerings, including counseling and therapy, assessments, and speech and language therapy. They have hour-long talks designed to educate, support, and offer helpful resources to listeners. Through psychoeducational assessments, counseling, and innovative developmental intervention, you’ll find fulfilment and a sense of community for those who face social, emotional, and learning challenges.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Counseling and therapy,

    Speech and language therapy,

    Psychoeducational Assessment,

    Social Media

  • Myriam and Lucie Mimi et Lulu Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Myriam and Lucie

    Founders of Mimi et Lulu

    Myriam and Lucie, or Mimi et Lulu, were two French girls from a previous life. They now have their own families. Mimi et Lulu's values reflect family; happiness, love, tradition, and a home full of children's laughter. Their store is full of magic and surprises with personalized baby gifts wrapped in pretty suitcases. The gifts are hand-made with a touch of France from eco-friendly materials to protect the environment and your baby. All of the products are in an adorable color palette of organic cotton.

    You can choose the baby suitcase and fill it with delightful gifts, and as your baby grows, you can use the suitcase to store precious memories, milestones, toiletries, and toys.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Personalised cuddle bunny;

    Carry me pacifier holder;

    Muslin swaddle;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Mimi and Lulu have offered a generous 15 percent discount on any order, use the code LITTLESTEP at check out. The discount is valid on and does not apply to value sets, pacifiers, and gift cards. Other T&Cs may apply.

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  • Graham Oldham Oldham, Li& Nie Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Gordon Oldham

    Founder of Oldham, Li & Nie

    OLN was established in 1987 by Gordon Oldham to provide quality legal advice and practical solutions to individuals and the business community. The firm offers both local and oversea clients professional and practical services to resolve their business problems with a results-oriented approach. The firm has over 40 lawyers in various jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, China, and Japan. OLN has many awards and is highly recognized and recommended.

    Their clients are varied and include individuals, private companies, developers, and government bodies. Their lawyers specialize in banking and financial services, international trade, private equity, energy, hospitality, consumer products, media, and information technology.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Family law,

    Notarial services,

    Private client estate planning,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    OLN will prepare a simple will for those who contribute HK$2,900 to Helping Hand, a local charity that helps the elderly. They hope this gives you the incentive to put a will in place, give your family peace of mind and help a charitable cause.

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  • Petina Chan TinyBitz Hong Kong rcokstars Little Steps Asia

    Petina Chan

    Founder of TinyBitz

    The birth of Petina Chan’s niece was the sole inspiration behind the TinyBitz concept. She soon realized that buying special gifts for newborn babies was a challenge. The ‘growing kit’ refreshingly includes three different-sized baby grows that babies can wear as they get bigger throughout the year. This unique bundle afforded TinyBits the coveted Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Award.

    Petina has listened carefully to her moms and gifters. She’s slowly grown the company to include customized embroidery items such as the personalized blanket, which is perfect for newborn babies, gifts, and birthday presents. TinyBitz also has fun, personalized blankets for your furry friends. The collection also has a range of knitted products in 100 percent soft and comfy cotton. You can shop for personalized gifts such as bibs, crayons, and Jellycat bunnies.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love 

    Personalized knitted blankets

    Personalized knitted cushions,

    Personalized embroidered onesies,

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  • The Den TM Chan Hong Kong Rockstars Little Steps Asia

    TM Chan

    Founder of The Den

    The Den is a family-run hidden gem in the heart of Sai Ying Pun. Chan grew up in Australia, where good wagyu is the norm. The Den was conceptualized with a mission to bring prime wagyu to Hong Kong. Its distinctive umami flavor and buttery tenderness have achieved them quite a following.

    The Den offers affordability which has allowed a broader audience to fall in love with their steaks. Chan works closely with her Aussie supplier and ensures that their wagyu is in tip-top condition and farmed with care. Each cut of steak is precision hand-cut to one and a half inches of melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Choose from the lean wagyu sirloin M5, T-bone, or tomahawk, which is just made for sharing. The Den was awarded The Best of the Best Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant for its steaks.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Wagyu T-bone,

    Four-course lunch,

    Mac n Cheese,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Buy a wagyu steak, and Chan will give you two side dishes. Make your reservation by WhatsApp +852 (0) 5496 9406 and mention Wagyu2022.

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  • Sarah Yang REACH Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Sara Yang

    Founder of REACH Behavioral Learning Services

    Sara Yang is a highly qualified and board-certified behavior analyst providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) intervention services to children from 18-months to pre-teens with neurodevelopmental delays and conduct disorders. Her treatments can help children with speech delay, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, social communication disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder. Sara personalizes her programs to cater to each child's unique profile. She prioritizes engagement and ongoing evaluation of the child's interests and works closely with their families.

    Sara understands the importance of children being able to thrive in their school environment. It's full of opportunities for them to learn, discover new surroundings and develop meaningful relationships. REACH strives to encourage behaviors so that each child can thrive with confidence and no longer demonstrate disruptive behavior. REACH reminds families that their children can reach their full potential when given the right tools.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    ABA therapy,

    School support,

    Speech and language,

  • Samantha Fong

    Founder of Nestology Studio

    The founder of Nestology Studio, Samantha Fong, believes in capturing authentic and unforgettable moments that you and your family will celebrate for a lifetime. Her supportive family lifestyle photography studio ensures that families look and feel relaxed together and in their own skin. Samantha provides an experience akin to being comfortable at home, happy, at ease, in love, and even crazy. She knows that natural settings are where imperfectly perfect moments happen.

    Samantha has various packages in her studio, from pampering mommy one-on-one sessions, maternity shoots, family, and even location photoshoots. Her packages are adorably named after birds. One of the most extensive packages is the Hummingbird. This package is ideal for families wanting to document their baby’s first year and includes various photoshoots in her studio or your favorite location.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Tailorbird session;

    Weaver session;

    Stork package;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Samantha has offered a generous 5 percent discount on her single packages until 30 April, 2022. Use the code LITTLESTEPS5 at check out.

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  • Sean Oliver Seany Mac Hong Kong Rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Sean Oliver

    Founder of SeanyMac Studios

    Sean Oliver founded SeanyMac Studios in 2017 after seeing a real need for professional vocal coaching in Hong Kong. Sean began teaching his six-step method, a refreshing approach to healthy, enjoyable coaching classes. The studio works with beginner and professional vocalists to improve their vocal strength for any performance. Sean’s method of teaching is modern and easy to understand. Students will feel confident under his tuition and see immediate positive results without feeling overwhelmed.

    First-time singers will notice instant improvement, while professional vocalists will benefit from better strength, ease of sound, and longevity for any performance. Sean’s inspiring approach keeps students returning to the studio with the motivation to improve.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Private voice lessons;

    Online lessons;

    Vocal coaching;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Sean has kindly offered 10 percent discount on your first purchase of a four-lesson package. Just mention upon booking you saw SeanyMac Studios in Little Steps Asia.

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  • Gaby Simmons Tim Tim Tom Hong Kong Rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Gaby Simmons

    Founder of Tim Tim Tom

    Tim Tim Tom is a haven for bilingual parenting. Gaby Simmons was born and raised in Peru to multi-lingual parents; she knew that her children would grow up speaking Spanish, German, and English. Her children refused to speak Spanish when they reached school age. The only way that Gaby could encourage her children to continue learning the language was through her personalized books. Tim Tim Tom was launched. Currently, there are three books – Swan Lake, Football Story, and Underwater Adventure. Each book is personalized with your child's name and visual character so that your children can see themselves as part of the story, which makes bedtime stories magical.

    Each e-book is free of charge, or you can purchase a hardback book. You can order the book in Dutch, US and UK English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and simplified or traditional Chinese. For bilingual books, you can choose two languages.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Swan Lake,

    Football Story,

    Underwater Adventure,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    E-books are currently free using the code Free2022.

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  • TM's by The Den Hong Kong Rockstars Little Steps Asia

    TM Chan

    Founder of TM's byThe Den

    The Latin-inspired restaurant bursts with Peruvian flair. Chan, the founder of TM's by the Den, offers a fusion of exquisite Latin American and Peruvian flavors while maintaining her signature of Australian wagyu beef at affordable prices. Chan's cuisine is playful;  she creates delicious bar bites like the sliders and empanadas or hearty meals like the chicken anticucho and tuna tataki. The restaurant shares a home with Pete's Place, Chan's father.

    Located in an old auto repair shop, TM's has rustic appeal with exposed concrete walls, a colorful collection of number plates, and other relics throughout, making this a fun restaurant. TM's by the Den and Pete's Place are revisited frequently by the same faces; it has a great community vibe and brings people together to eat and drink.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    $100 Pizza Sunday,

    $248 Roasted Chicken with two side dishes,

    Takeaway Combo,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Little Steps Asia diners will receive a free Peroni or Leffe dark beer when they dine in  TM's by the Den. Use the redemption code TM2022.

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  • Victoria Chuard Just Peachy Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Victoria Chuard

    Founder of Just Peachy

    Victoria Chuard, originally from Toronto, Canada, embarked on her diapering empire after the birth of her son. Chuard created Just Peachy Diapers to avoid the harsh chemicals in disposable nappies and reduce the amount of waste her family added to landfill. She founded the company a mere two years ago in 2020, after six years of researching and testing various diaper options from around the globe. The reusable cloth diapers are made from sustainable fibers so that every mom can become a conscious citizen.

    Just Peachy makes life easy for parents and helps them face the challenges of adapting to reusable diapers. It's the first cloth diaper that enables parents to change between pocket-style or the all-n-two systems. Just Peachy Cloth Diapers are made using certified skin-safe materials providing maximum absorbency and leak guards without harmful chemicals.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Three pack diapers;

    Personalized baby gifts;

    Gifts for eco-friendly moms;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Victoria offers 10 percent on all products until 30 April 2022. Use LITTLESTEPS10 at check out.

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  • Grower Choices Hong Kong Rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Grower Choices

    Online Organic Store

    Grower Choices is an innovative online store that offers fresh, organic produce and delivers directly to your front door every day of the week. They deliver delicious leafy greens, fruit, beans and melons, root veggies, mushrooms and herbs. Grower Choices receive chilled produce from local certified organic suppliers and the world's finest growers for year-round freshness.

    The website is easy to use and clearly shows if the products are local or freshly flown, so it's easy to navigate if you want to be even more conscious of your carbon footprint. Grower Choices have vegetable boxes that are one off’s, or you can choose a 12-month subscription. They also have a grocery section including organic honey, herbals teas and other family favourites.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Vegetable  box;

    Heirloom tomatoes;

    Baby carrots;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Grower Choices has kindly offered 10 percent when you spend HK$458. Use the code LSA10PRO at check out.

    Social Media

  • Victoria Chuard Petit Tippi Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Victoria Chuard

    Founder of Petit Tippi

    Victoria Chuard became self-confessed obsessed with baby clothes when she was expecting her first child. She strived to provide sustainable clothing that wasn’t full of chemicals and pollutants that were harmful to her new baby’s skin, lungs and tummy. She searched the globe for the best, most cost-effective, natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. Victoria wanted to be able to offer her children a sustainable future. Petit Tippi brings a trusted premium range of baby products to your front door with the one-stop-online shop.

    They are not your typical baby superstore; they have specially curated premium products in beautifully formed baby hampers. You can choose one off the shelf or give them your budget, big or small, and Victoria’s helpers will create something magical for you, your friends, or your family to enjoy.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Petit Tippi first meal gift set;

    Petit Tippi’s personalized hamper;

    Eco-friendly cloth nappy trial pack;

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

    Victoria has kindly offered 10 percent off all products until 30 April 2022. Use the code LITTLESTEPS10 at check out.

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  • Harbour Wills & Estate Planning Hong Kong rockstars Little Steps Asia

    Harbour Wills & Estate Planning

    Legal Consultancy

    Harbour Wills is a legal consultancy providing expert advice on estate planning, tax, will-writing, and estate administration to families, business owners, and financial advisors across the APAC region. It’s essential that you commission a prudent will-writer who guides you through the various legal and taxation landscapes ensuring your beneficiaries receive their entire inheritance. A will is an important document that dictates your wishes so that your family can settle matters efficiently.

    Harbour Wills prides itself on offering plain English explanations, allowing you to understand the decisions you need to take. They’ll complete and translate any perplexing language and caveats that are a legal necessity for your final documents. They will also help with multi-jurisdictional wills, appointing a guardian, trusts, and inheritance tax planning.

    Top Three Products Little Steps Asia Readers Will Love

    Multi-jurisdictional wills and estate planning,

    Appointing temporary guardians for children,

    Estate planning for relocation,

    Exclusive Discount For Little Steps Asia Subscribers

     Harbour Wills and Estate Planning offers Little Steps Asia Readers 10 percent off all their list prices using the code LSA2022.

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