How To Wear & Shop The Barbiecore Trend In Hong Kong

From Outfit Inspiration To Shops In Hong Kong With Barbie Capsule Collections!

Barbie is officially out in Hong Kong! With all the hype from this much-awaited movie, it is impossible not to get excited. A booming trend surrounding the Barbie hype is to dress up in your best Barbiecore outfit, to the theatres, or for a cute photoshoot. Margot Robbie, who plays the main Barbie, has rocked many Barbiecore outfits, and many other celebrities have hopped onto this trend too. The Barbie theme is definitely big this summer of 2023! Whether you are looking for some last-minute inspo with regards to outfits and even makeup, or want to shop the Barbiecore trend here in Hong Kong (even some Barbie back-to-school essentials!), we are here to give you all the details so you can create the ideal Barbiecore outfit.

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party!


    Key Colors To Wear

    Barbie has an extensive wardrobe, but this trend is centered around the hot pink tones, so anything PINK is a sure way to go! Here are some color combinations you may want to try out as well:

    • Pink x Pink - Monochromatic!
    • Pink x White - Of course, it's difficult to have all pieces in pink, so you can substitute with white instead
    • Pink x Black - Lighter colors are preferable, but black is a great go-to and makes the outfit more chic
    • Accentuate With Green - This helps to neutralize the pink-dominated theme and add a pop of color!

    What Combinations Can You Choose?

    As long as you have pink in the outfit, the rest is pretty much a free-for-all! The combinations and layering are all up to you, so get creative—there are no strict rules as to what your outfit should look like. Aside from solid colors, you can also pick patterns such as hearts and checkers. Some styles you may consider are:

    • Crop Top + Jeans / Mini Skirt
    • Corset + Pleated Skirt
    • Layer with a button-down shirt, blazer, cardigan, or cropped puffer jacket (though the last option may be less practical for the summer heat)
    • Any pink dress!

    What Shoes Should You Wear?

    Pink shoes may not already be in your wardrobe—in that case, feel free to pair your outfit with whatever feels best! This trend is what you make of it, so unless you really want to, there is no pressure to buy things, especially if you will splurge on one-time wear.

    Shoes to wear really depends on what matches best with your outfit, think:

    • High heels - regular, platform, sandals
    • Boots - cowboy boots for the cowboy hat or knee-high for short skirts
    • Sneakers or Nike Air Forces - a great staple!

    What Accessories Should You Wear?

    Once you have the base outfit set, bring it to life with cute accessories! There are no limits when it comes to additions to your outfit, and you can choose to make your look casual or bold. Use any textures you want: metallic, sequins, feathers, and fuzz are all welcome!

    • Sunglasses - Heart-shaped or pink-rimmed
    • Hat - Pink cowboy hats, baseball caps, and bucket hats
    • Bags - Mini purses and handbags
    • Hair - clips, headbands, bandanas, or bows! You can also tie the banana loosely around your neck.
    • And of course, any earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that fit the vibe

    What Makeup Look Should You Go For?

    For younger teens especially, makeup is not a must because it all comes down to what you already have. With an outfit and accessories, you have already nailed the trend! But if you want another finishing touch, here are some ideas!

    • A monochromatic pink look - bright or baby pink blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick
    • To go all out, add pearls and glitter!

    Here is an example from @olivia__makeup on Instagram!

    Click here for where to buy makeup in Hong Kong, online and in-store!

    Have fun putting together your iconic look and rock your inner Barbie!

  • how to wear the barbiecore trend in hong kong

    Where To Shop Barbiecore-Inspired Outfits In Hong Kong For The Whole Family!

    Great Stores Around Hong Kong For All Your Barbie Outfit Needs

    Shops all over are jumping (quickly) onto the Barbiecore trend! We love this Barbie capsule collection from Zara - they have stuff for women, men, kids and even the home! Love Bonito has plenty of crop tops that would look great for your Barbie-inspired looks, as well as some cute pink dresses.

    For accessories, Charles and Keith have a very cute Barbiec0re capsule collection right now, filled with shoes and bags, check it out here now!

    For all your back-to-school needs, Cotton On has some very cute Barbie journals, pouches, water bottles and other accessories!

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